10 Good Night Messages for Friends

Sometimes figuring out what to say before the phrase, “Good Night”, is the hard part. Good night is easy…and it’s actually a great expression, since it conveys wonderful feelings of care, protection, well wishes and genuine human concern.

Unfortunately everyone uses this old expression and it’s lost a lot of its emotional impact. People on social media say it, talk show hosts say it, and even my old dorm room friend back in college Bubba used to say it to me before he went to bed. And when Bubba said it, it was far from romantic!

So while the “good night” is the peak of the message and the thing that makes him smile…the words you use before that is what matters the most. What can you say to a man that’s interesting, impacting, and memorable?

It depends on who he is and what you actually want from him. That’s why for this article we’re going to consider 10 different good night messages for three levels of male friendship:

• Platonic (as in your buddy, a big brother type or gay pal that you have no romantic interest in at all)
• Possibly romantic (as in a handsome stranger you’d like to get to know), or
• Friend-zoned guy (meaning you really don’t want a relationship with him, and it’s better you stay friends or even acquaintances)

Here we go…

For BF Material

1. Don’t look back on what you’ve lost. Appreciate what you have now. You can’t get the past back…but the future is always yours. Good night.
2. I will always believe in you and have confidence in you to make the right decision. That’s what I like about you, your character. Good night.
3. You are fun, like sunshine in the morning. Then all dark and mysterious at night. I am always intrigued by you. Good night.
4. You are always popping into my mind, sometimes in the day but most often at night. You’re just too interesting to ignore. Good night.
5. You are sweeter than chocolate. And just as addictive. Good night, my treat.
6. Your eyes are so soulful and deep. But they’re tired. Give yourself a good rest. Have sweet lovely dreams. The
7. Good night. And I hope all of your dreams come true…in sleep and in the real world.
8. You’re a hero to your friends and family. And a hero to me. Don’t ever change, (NAME). Have a Good night.
9. I think about you a lot. But I suspect you think about me too. It’s good though…it’s hard to find a real friend that you trust these days. Good night.
10. I wish you could see yourself through the eyes of the people who love and respect you. I know I for one think you’re amazing! Good night…and be kind to yourself.

For Your Friend-Zoned Guy Buddy (Sorry, dude!)

1. Good night. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
2. Be excited about tomorrow. It’s a new opportunity to learn or do something you’ve never done before! Tell me all about it. Good night, (NAME).
3. Good night to a lovely person.
4. You could serenade a woman to sleep. You have a lovely voice. It relaxes me just listening to you. Good night.
5. Good night. I hope you have a good day tomorrow. Get some sleep. It refreshes you and helps you think.
6. Good night. Have a productive day at work. I wish you good luck! I know you’re going to do great things.
7. Good night. Smile tomorrow. You’ll feel better. And you’ll notice everyone around you responds better!
8. Good night. I hope things work out for you. Stay off of Facebook and get some work done. (Smile)
9. Well I have to get up early tomorrow. Good night. And thanks for the chat.
10. I appreciate your insight. I think it helped me work some things out. I appreciate it. Good night and talk to you later.

For Your Platonic Friend

1. Good night. Sweet dreams. Tomorrow I wish you happiness, success and discovery!
2. I am casting a healing spell, to take away your anxiety and help you get a good night sleep. Good night…think of pretty things.
3. You know when I say goodnight it means several things. Have a good sleep, have good dreams, be refreshed. And kick ass tomorrow.
4. We’re going to be friends forever, like it or not! Good night.
5. The best currency in the world is friendship. It never ends. And we’ll always be friends. Good night.
6. I never lose hope. Because whenever it seems as if hope is lost, my friends always give me strength. And you are one of my best friends! Good night.
7. Dream big and be specific. I know your dreams will come true…because I know you can achieve them. Goodnight.
8. I always think of sleep as a language. A way to visualize our dreams and improve our motivations.
9. You’re like the brother I never had. I appreciate you…you’re always there for me when I need a listening ear.
10. You have helped me bring balance to my life and I will always appreciate it. You have been a great friend and a calming presence even when times were grim. Good night, my most reliable friend.

As we’ve discussed, sometimes the kind of relationship you have or WANT, will dictate what kind of messages you send the man in question. Do you want to turn this friendship into something more? Or do you want to remind him kindly that you’re not romantically interested in him?

Last but not least, don’t forget to send sweet and caring messages to your platonic friends too. Platonic friendship is a marvelous thing. These are the friendships that can truly last a lifetime, the ones that are safe from the burn of bad romance and disappointment. Like any other type of relationship, they need some TLC too. So let your friends know how much you appreciate them!

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