How to Keep a Man’s Attention

Isn’t keeping a man’s attention next to impossible?

Think about all the “temptations” that exist today that might “distract” a man from pursuing a woman he likes.

Webcam girls, internet porn, dating sites, social media pages, and of course, the other women at the gym wearing yoga pants!

Isn’t keeping a man satisfied and attentive to you just a never-ending game of constantly stimulating him, appealing to his ADHD, and remaining evil and mysterious like Maleficent?

Absolutely not! And really, you have to feel sorry for those girls who bend over backward just to keep their man interested in them. It’s a losing battle, quite frankly, because there is no way to continually “bribe” your man to stay interested.

Instead, the best way to keep his attention during dating and through a long-term relationship is to focus on these five essentials:

1. Be interested in what he has to say.

Rather than fighting against the current by trying to constantly distract him, spend more time actually following where his mind is going. This way, you’re not competing against his mind, you’re just joining him. Let him decide what appeals to him. Take an interest in his hobbies and his growing perspective on life.

Don’t humor him or show fake interest. Make it genuine. If you don’t understand his world get him to explain it to you so that your interest is real. Remember the facts he shares and ask for more detail, whenever you’re in doubt. In time, you will start to see things from his perspective and will be able to converse at length about his favorite topics.

2. Get him to talk about important things, from his past, present, and future.

Men are usually determined to talk about you, especially in the beginning. The best thing to do is to be mysterious and give him just enough information to answer the question. But don’t reveal too much of yourself if he’s not yet asking for this information.

Instead, your goal should be to draw him out and get him to talk about important things, such as his family, his childhood memories, his career and other life pursuits. It might surprise you to know how many women avoid these topics, figuring that if he wants to, he’ll bring it up. Otherwise, why discuss it? Or, maybe they’re only interested in his career and status.

But this is a mistake because most men are really dying to discuss these things! What they really crave is a strong emotional connection and a partner with whom they can have total honesty.

You will always have his attention when it’s actually YOU who is drawing him out and getting him in touch with his real self.

3. Be vulnerable in his presence and reveal personal things.

While you don’t want to do this too early, your long-term goal should be to SLOWLY reveal things about who you are, just as you’ve already encouraged him to share things about his life.

Keep things mysterious at first. However, as he invests more time and effort in getting to know you, he will deserve a little more honesty. At some point, when you’ve established mutual trust you can share some personal things about your own life, family, memories, and ambitions. This creates a strong bond between you, a shared intimacy that will very quickly ignite into sexual compatibility.

In fact, a study by American Sociological Association revealed that “bestowing secrets upon a certain someone straightforwardly implies trust and a willingness to strike up a relationship.” On the other hand, holding back information over a long period of time will only frustrate your partner.

4. Be successful and project the fact that you LOVE yourself.

The happier and more independent you are on your own, the more attractive you will be to your man. Happy people are naturally fun to be around. They’re not boring because they live active lives. They do things that are interesting and talk about interesting things. Spend more time pleasing yourself by becoming a more interesting person who has wisdom and experiences to share with others.

Likewise, become more independent so that your man will always sense that you’re attractive, successful and not in “need” of any saving or dependency. This shows him that you’re in control of your own life and can manage a relationship without any drama.

5. Stimulate his interest AND his emotions in positive ways.

Pity the drama queens out there…they got the right idea, which is to stimulate his emotions. But they’re going about it all the wrong way. Men DO love it when a relationship brings them excitement, including adrenaline pumping activities. But they want these emotional responses to be positive, which makes them crave more.

This explains why suggesting more “interesting” dates can be a good move, since a roller coaster, haunted house, or any sport/activity that gets the blood pumping, can make a man associate your dating personality with adrenaline, high emotion, intensity and a much higher level of attraction. In fact, some studies show that people can actually misattribute feelings of adrenaline with a higher level of attraction.

The same lesson is true about sex and naturally, keeping a man’s interest for the long-term requires some sexual stamina. But in the same respect, work on associating yourself with positive emotional experiences in sex.

Rather than try to keep your man constantly guessing, focus more on:

• Enjoying sex and getting him excited to pleasure you
• Being really good at it—learning what he likes and giving him more of it
• Trying something new if you both have a mutual interest in it
• Making each sexual experience one of positive emotion and rewards—no stress
• Be willing to listen to him without judgment, since fantasy sharing is more important than just fulfillment
• Don’t feel threatened by other women. Accept his attraction, trusting him to be faithful
• Embrace his high libido and help him to feel fulfilled in this relationship
• Don’t forget to make this a two-way street: it’s not all about his sexual needs, it’s about what you want to. Let him please you 50 percent of the time.

Sex, like any other high adrenaline dating activity, is something that should always be kept positive in spirit. Bringing negativity and manipulation into a relationship is the minute it starts to go sour.

In the end, keeping a man’s attention for the long term is about making all of your experiences together positive. He won’t become bored of a relationship he likes, where all his needs are fulfilled and his fantasies explored.

He will become comfortable with it. He will become used to it and dependent on it for his happiness in life.

The answer is going WITH the current, not against. Make his happiness your happiness and your happiness his happiness. This attitude will make sure there are no boring times…just times of relaxation and love!

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