How to Keep a Man from Cheating

It’s a terrible feeling when you can feel a man slipping away from your grasp. He may be in love with you. He may still be crazy about you, even after all these months or even years.

But this isn’t about love. This is about sex. Maybe he’s infatuated with someone else. Or maybe he’s just horn-dogging every girl he meets or is having secret porn parties alone every night. Cheating is on your man’s mind, that’s obvious. And right about now you feel powerless to stop him. How can you stop an out of control locomotive that is a man’s libido? How can love overpower the desire for naughty sex?

Maybe that’s the problem…trying to separate love and sex, rather than simply giving both to your man in just the way he wants it. Here are some foolproof ways to make sure your man never cheats…because after he learns how kinky and amazing you really are, he won’t WANT to cheat with any lesser woman.

1. Initiate sex more.

Sadly, the most common reason why men do cheat in relationships is because of sex drought. A man may take the initiative early on in the relationship, and be okay with “leading her on to sex.” Sure, it’s fun and sexy to be the seducer, right?

The problem is that over time, a woman becomes accustomed to the man being dominant and sexual. If this pattern keeps up, she will learn to “deactivate” whenever a man stops taking the lead. She will figure that he isn’t interested in sex, even though, it’s very likely he’s busting internally from frustration.

The easy solution is to become the aggressor and initiate sex more often.

All men love it when a woman comes onto them. It appeals to the innocent “boy” living inside that man’s body. Men like it when a woman guides them into sex, so that all they have to do is just follow her lead, no questions or hinting around asked. She knows what she wants and she tells him just what to do. Very sexy and precisely what a tired and “bored” man wants from a sexy mistress. So BE that mistress and be the “demon in the sack” he’s afraid to ask for but deep down wants more than anything.

2. Don’t try to control him—free him!

What’s the unsexiest thing you can do for a horny guy to destroy his appetite? Well, besides talking about his mother, of course…

Simple: the worst thing you can do is to try and act like a mother figure and start controlling him, limiting his behavior and trying to help him be a better guy.

Wrong, wrong and wrong! This is the beginning of the end right here, when a woman decides that her man has potential and needs to be “guided” to be a little bit better. She can help him do that, right? She can get rid of those extramarital cravings with a little bit of criticism. She can win him over by keeping tabs on him and talking problems out.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again!

If anything, what a man really wants is for a woman to have no interest in changing him or trying to control him. A man’s libido is closely tied up with his independence, strength and ability to follow his heart. Why in the world would a good wife / girlfriend try to suppress these natural instincts? Don’t try to change him. Don’t try to smother him or force him to spend more time with you, as if he’s in time out at school.

Punishing a man, limiting a man or trying to make a man better is just pushing him away—and usually into the arms of a mistress who will encourage him to be uninhibited.

So give him what he wants. Let him have time to himself. Let him figure things out on his own. Let him feel free to be horny and to share his sexual urges and thoughts with you—without self-censoring. This will help him realize that you want him to be independent and to pursue the things he really wants without any entanglements. Once he senses that you bring out the best in him, he won’t have the desire to leave you behind…it would be like abandoning a part of himself!

3. Be open to experimentation.

What if your guy is just bored of the same old sexual routine? Is he doomed to cheat? No, not if YOU are just as exciting as any old mistress he’s bound to meet at the local tavern. If you start becoming more experimental in your sex life, as he desires to be, then you can both meet somewhere in the middle and take steps to reboot your sex life, with more added kinks than ever before.

It’s also a good idea to start talking about sex more often—and especially if you’ve both fallen into a pattern of avoiding the subject lately. Sometimes the best way to experiment with someone is to talk fantasies out first and realize just how far you’re willing to go – or not. You may be surprised to learn that a lot of guys don’t want to go as far off as you think they do. They just want a more kinky partner who’s more willing to consider new sexual games and techniques. It’s all about being a “team player” and finding new things you can both be happy with.

Lastly, remember that preventing a man from cheating does NOT mean that you completely surrender and give him everything he wants—including the right to sleep with as many girls as possible! The minute you stop standing up for yourself and instead let him decide your boundaries, that’s the same the minute he realizes he can exploit your gullibility and make you do ANYTHING. He won’t respect you and he probably won’t even stay with you.

Instead, be experimental BUT also be honest with your feelings. Don’t try to over-accommodate him. Always maintain a strong sense of identity and inner confidence when you deal with him.

You want his respect and fidelity? Then project these qualities and become his ultimate fantasy in addition to his faithful spouse. You deserve his full attention and loyalty and with just a few tweaks you can STOP him from cheating well before he’s ever in the “wrong side of town.”

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