THIS Gets Him Addicted to You Forever.

THIS Gets Him Addicted to You Forever

“If only there was a “Love Potion #9” in real life where you could make a man fall in love with you forever with no chance of him ever leaving!”

Well…first of all, that’s not really ethical, oldies songs notwithstanding. Besides, why would you ever want a man to be forced to stay with you because of a gypsy’s curse? Shouldn’t love be voluntary? Isn’t loving you by choice the better option?

Well what if I were to tell you that there is a real life “Love Potion 9” that can get guys addicted to you? It really works. And better yet, the man is NOT fooled, tricked, seduced, hypnotized, or magically forced to love you in any way. It’s all by choice.

Yes there is a way to win his heart and be the best he’s ever had. He will be addicted to you—addicted to your love! Good deal, right?

This love potion all about the art of being feminine, being powerful and giving him what he really wants…which is, ironically, what you already are.

Let’s discuss a few strategies that will make your crush addicted to you and completely uninterested in everyone else.

1. Be interested in what he does and what he says.

I know that seems like Captain Obvious, but it’s a lesson that bears repeating. Most single people on dates wait to talk. They may nod, or remember main points here and there. But they rarely ask the other person to elaborate. A woman might pick and choose the “interesting parts” of a conversation and then focus on how it affects HER specifically. This is just what happens on dates, right?

Believe it or not, it’s far more effective if you take an interest in what the man says, and actually stop to consider how:

• Interesting his viewpoints are
• Impressive his knowledge is
• Admirable his passion is
• Amazing his life has been
• What questions he might like you to ask to further the conversation
• How your past experiences and viewpoints relate to what he’s said

Does that sound corny? It shouldn’t…this is just how a person who has deep respect for another person acts naturally. We want to hear more. We want to share experiences we’ve had and discuss our views on life, our hobbies, passions, memories and so on. This is what really good conversation feels like—mutual admiration and mutual sharing.

Too many people today are one-sided, narcissist and only concerned with the peripherals. You can really make a man feel comfortable in your presence if you listen to what he says and take a personal interest in the things that matter to him.

2. Don’t try to change him. Encourage him to be the same man he always has been.

A man will often break up with a woman who tries to change him. No, he doesn’t have to be a wild rock star and sing “Freebird”. EVERY man resents a woman who wants to change him, even if he’s a geek, even if he’s the nicest guy in the world. Men may go through changes in life but that’s because they’re evolving at their own natural pace. A woman who tries to influence a man to change is questioning EVERYTHING about him. She’s molding him into a man that she could love…but not actually loving him for his mind, his life and his character

A man doesn’t want a woman who is in love with his potential. That’s everybody. A man is really impressed with a woman who loves him for who he is. Don’t try to change him. Don’t train him, don’t constantly belittle his decisions or try to offer helpful advice that you know is contrary to what he wants.

Part of a man’s self-esteem is determined by him following his heart and becoming successful on his own terms. A feminine woman who respects her partner will encourage him to stay true to himself. She will be attracted to the person he is, rather than feel the need to “tame him” and turn him into a pet project.

3. Get him to share deep, dark secrets…shocking statements…TOTAL HONESTY!

Believe it or not, a man spends most of his life controlling himself. He has to be professional at work. He has to speak just so around his parents and neighbors. Even when he’s spending time his guy friends, he’s holding back. He can’t tell them how he really feels—the boys would laugh at him! This is why you, as his main squeeze, should be trying to create an environment where he can speak his mind freely.

Get him to open up on a much deeper level. Tell him secrets. Let him feel that he can tell you his secrets. Let him feel as if he can tell you anything without judgment.

For the best results, don’t rush him into confiding. Let him get used to his “safe place” where he can talk about whatever he wants to talk about (not you directing the conversation). He may want to start “light” – his job, people he knows, views on the world, and so on. But over time he will learn to trust you and learn to feel comfortable opening his inner mind to you.

4. Learn to mirror him – in how he feels, how he acts, and what he wants to do.

This is a bit of a “tricky” maneuver, but since you’re giving him exactly what he wants, he’s not going to be inclined to complain! Instead of clashing with him because of different energy levels, MIRROR him. Start subtly following his moods and letting him lead the conversation in a way that gives him control. This means if he’s happy and peppy, you’re excited along with him. If he’s in a cranky mood, don’t push him and push him, expecting him to get cheerful.

Simply put, he doesn’t want you to dictate his behavior or his mood. He wants to simple express himself and the way he feels at any given time. You have the ability to adapt to him, essentially being an emotional chameleon. This sends him the clear message: I understand. I’m there with you. I feel what you feel.

He’s going to love that!

5. Be a happy and ravishing person!

Don’t ever underestimate positivity—in both emotional happiness (yes, he loves a woman who smiles, who laughs and who lives life!) and sexual fulfillment (“she loves sex, she loves to orgasm, I’ve hit the jackpot!”). Men are attracted to positive women. They don’t want a project to “fix”. As much as possible, you want positive interactions and thought associations when he thinks of your name.

Even the saddest, most depressed poet in the world wants a happy woman. She is his muse. His inspiration. His light at the end of the tunnel.

Even better…let him provide for you emotionally. He wants you to be happy, you want to be happy. So let him feel better about himself by warming up whenever he tries to make you smile. It’s a powerful relationship.

Before you know it, your man is going to be addicted to you because you’re the only woman who makes him genuinely happy. Everyone else is just a pretty face but YOU’RE the one who knows his heart.

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  1. What should I do if the man I love I give to him my virginity to him and leave me without commitment and after that he block me in the Facebook and I try to talk to him and he doesn’t care about me and I’m going crazy thinking about what he done to, one day I decided to end my life but I realized if I commit it…no one can solve my problem…until now my heart is still angry with him, if I see him everyday I want to kill him, I want to see he is suffering, but now I know everything about him and his hidden story about her mother and I cry in this morning because I’m late to know his feeling and I don’t know what to do because he doesn’t want to talk to me

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