The One Thing Every Man Needs His Woman To Say (It's Not What You Think)

The One Thing Every Man Needs His Woman To Say (It’s Not What You Think)

What is the one thing that every man wants to hear from the woman he likes or even loves?

It’s not what you think because it’s not related to sex, or ego, or vanity. The one thing that he needs to hear from you is directly related to the special connection you have with each other.

If you say it, it’s the kind of thing that will keep a man for life.

If you don’t say it, or don’t say it enough, it’s the kind of thing that could destroy an otherwise good relationship.

OK, no more teasing. Here’s the one thing!


“I Believe In You”

Although the statement doesn’t have to be so literal, and you can adapt it to your own life, the sentiment remains true. A man needs to be admired, trusted, respected, and supported by their mate because this directly strengthens the bond between you two.

Men get a bad rap for being overly logical, too harsh, or “rough” when it comes to sharing their feelings. But most men have a soft spot underneath their hard outer shell. They act tough to look strong, to protect the people they love, and to keep strangers at a distance.

But the softer side of a man’s heart is very sensitive and needs to be reassured every so often.

After all, how can you expect a man to feel passion and love for you if you don’t give him the same energy back? Love is always a two-way street. We want to stay with a partner that loves us deeply, just as we love that person.

The sad fact is that in many relationships, and even in many marriages, you only have two people that “like each other.” They get together because of sexual attraction and maybe lifestyle compatibility. But past that? Nothing. There’s no mutual admiration. These two people might despise each other and yet go through the motions of a marriage.

You can’t have real love without a deep respect for each other. Even if you like him, or think you love him, if you don’t actually respect him, how can it work?


What is Respect?

And you might say to yourself, “I do respect him.” But at the same time, you wonder what does respect mean anyway? We know Tina Turner once sang about respect. We know that rude or bad people don’t show “respect” to others.

But what does it mean in a relationship? Do you show respect by always following orders, as if your husband was a commander in an army or something? Of course not.

Respect is felt, it’s not really “expressed” when it comes to intimacy. You don’t show respect with a superficial greeting.

Rather, you feel a deep respect for your boyfriend/husband. Not because he’s a man and “deserves respect” just because of that. But because you love him and admire his best qualities.

You don’t have to fake anything. You respect him for what he is. His intelligence, maturity, patience, strength, loyalty, positive personality – all these traits are respectable traits. So it’s easy to respect a man who embodies all these good things.


What Does it Mean to Believe in Your Man?

Now here’s the tricky party. How do you SHOW respect? Since respect involves emotions and not an outward expression of allegiance, is there a special way to tell a man that you believe in him?

Besides, just saying, “I believe in you!” which sounds kind of hammy?

Yes. The saying “I believe in you” is not a one size fits all phrase. It’s the principle of the saying that counts. When you “believe” in someone you are loyal to them. You have faith in their abilities and their skills.

You trust him in most things not because he expects it, but because you know him. You know what he’s capable of doing.

So the question is, since you have deep respect for him, how do you show it? By expressing your support, your confidence, and your trust him him in little things and big things.

Be careful about second-guessing his abilities. Be careful about taking the side of his friends, or your friends, or anyone that doesn’t know him as well as you do. Believe in him and be supportive of his goals, dreams, and career path.

You’re supportive of him BECAUSE you know him and believe he can do whatever he sets his mind to do. You have confidence in him and you show it with your facial expressions, your encouraging comments, and the emotional support you offer him.


But What If…?

Of course, it might be natural for some people to be critical or at least cautious when it comes to some situations. Does showing respect or belief in someone require you to stifle all criticism?

No. But if you have questions then you talk about them privately. In public, you show support. When he’s expressing his doubts, your natural instinct should be to give him comfort – to encourage him to keep on following his dreams. To keep being the same wonderful person that he is.

If any of that feels too alien, or you can’t imagine doing that because of your boyfriend or crush’s personality, then ask yourself: do you really love him?

Because when you love someone, respect is automatic. If you don’t love someone, you’re not inclined to admire, respect, or believe in them. It’s that simple.

On the other hand, when you love a man through and though, 100% with all your heart, you want him to succeed. You believe in him because you know he doesn’t bite off more than he can chew. You have confidence in his abilities, his intelligence, and his drive to make things happen.

When you really love a man you would never think about saying something in public that would embarrass him or question his character. The very thought would hurt you as much as it would hurt him. You’re a team, you’re a united family!

That’s the dynamic that he loves. So “I believe in you” in the one thing you can say to get him to love you. It’s just how you say it that matters the most.

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