How to Get a Guy to Message You.

How to Get a Guy to Message You

One of the most effective ways of nurturing a relationship is by communicating frequently. If you’ve been wondering what you can do to get a guy to message you, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Should You Wait for a Guy to Text First?

Once you’ve learned how to start a conversation with your crush over text, it’s easy to get carried away. While some ladies don’t see a problem with texting a man frequently, others are concerned about appearing desperate. Either way, once you see how he responds, it can be easy to know how he feels.

Understanding How Guys Message

Guys often engage in conversations differently than women.

They Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Men will often speak directly instead of going on at length to make their point. However, this rarely applies when it comes to feelings. So, keep in mind that a guy can be interested in you even if his messages don’t seem to indicate this.

They Don’t Like Fast Texting

Many guys live life slowly and reply to texts the same way. It is uncommon to find a guy who will want to chat constantly through text all day. So, just because he doesn’t reply to your messages instantly isn’t an indication he’s not into you. When a man takes his time to read and respond to your messages, it is usually an indication of interest.

They Analyze What They Text

Many men take time to read what you’ve texted, then think carefully about the best way to respond. What a guy texts can also depend on how he feels about you and how far you are in the relationship. For example, he will have fewer filters if you know each other well and he cares deeply about you. This fact is also important to remember when you’re figuring out how to thank a guy for a date.

How to Get a Guy to Message You

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want a guy to message you.

Make Yourself Unavailable

A little mystery can go a long way. Remember to focus on your life and try going silent for a day or two. People are often attracted to others who take their lives seriously and are engaged with the world around them. By not texting constantly, you’re giving him the opportunity to miss you.

Give Him a Reason to Text

Apart from missing you, there are other things that can make a man want to message you. Consider posting something online to prompt him to text you.

Identify if He Likes to Text and to What Degree

Some guys prefer a phone call to texting because they find texting to be too much work. Some don’t like speaking on the phone unless it’s absolutely necessary. Knowing which way your guy leans can help you determine how your crush feels about you and how to engage him going forward.

If he likes texting, he still might be less likely to initiate the conversation. If that’s the case, it can help if you can remind him to text you when he’s free.

Spend Quality Time With Him

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your guy, your focus should be on having quality time that will give him something to think about. He’s more likely to message you if you meet and have a fantastic time. Make him miss you when you leave, and he’ll likely text you first.

Everyone wants attention, and one of the ways people feel they are loved is by receiving a message from someone they care about. It’s crucial to remember that everybody is different, and you need to understand your man before you jump to conclusions. Just because he doesn’t message you often doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t have feelings for you. It can help to ask why he doesn’t initiate conversations and even let him know you’d like a message occasionally.

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