How to Dress Sexy (Do These 7 Things)

Has a friend ever accused you of dressing like another decade, or appearing too “homey” or cute? Don’t men want smoldering, sexy and “dressed to kill” these days?

Actually, what men want is for you to wear something that you feel comfortable in, that follows the general rules of fashion, and an outfit that accentuates your best features. Clothes don’t make the woman…your personality and the way you communicate define you. But yes, it’s fair to say that what you choose to wear does make an impression.

So let’s talk about some basics of fashion, or at least in grooming since I’m not exactly Anna Wintour here. We’re going to focus on what guys like to see in a woman’s wardrobe and appearance – the kind of looks that make a good first impression. After reading these tips, you can start to put together your own wardrobe based on these suggestions, which of course, allow plenty of creative freedom.

1. Go sexy, casual.

The key to not looking too slutty or easy is to balance sexy and casual. Wearing only sexy clothes, every last piece revealing skin, may be too much. Wearing one sexy item and balancing the rest with casual and comfy is the safer way to go. For example, showing off your legs with a low cut skirt would work if you wear a modest top. Showing some cleavage in a low cut shirt works if you wear a longer skirt or jeans. How do you know which one works?

2. When in doubt showcase your best physical features.

Show off your shape by wearing flattering clothing. If you have curves avoid baggy clothes and wear something form fitting and flattering—but not too tight that it’s uncomfortable or makes you self conscious. Deemphasize what you don’t like and brag about what you do like, whether it’s highlights your arms with a sleeveless dress, or showing an open back, or with shorter skirts to accentuate long legs. Loose skirts tend to hide curves as so do other baggy clothes like t-shirts and thick sweaters.

3. Dressing smart and sexy is about leaving more to the imagination.

Going for smart casual and balance basically means you don’t “try too hard” to be sexy. Subtle is usually better and it also helps to embrace what’s naturally sexy about your body. Not sure? Ask a friend or an ex or even a salesperson. Choose clothes that you instinctively know will get more attention. Your first thought should be comfort, balanced by sexy. You don’t have to always wear dresses if you feel more relaxed in jeans and a flowing top. Wear what makes you confident in the presence of others.

Obviously, you want to avoid revealing too much skin, and not leaving enough to the imagination, but you also want to avoid wearing any clothing that’s too tight or too loose. It may be in fashion (though hopefully not!) but it’s not form flattering. You’re drawing attention where it shouldn’t be drawn.

4. If you’ve never thought of yourself as sexy, throw out your non-sexy collection.

If you’ve never felt attractive or been known for being a good dresser, there’s no sense holding onto what didn’t work. Throw out clothes that are boring, old and “geeky”—anything that makes you feel shy and insecure. Replace them with clothes that are a nice balance between comfortable and sexy. Don’t keep wearing clothes that are familiar if there’s a better option that help you put your best “face” forward.

5. When it comes to colors, pay attention to some laws of fashion.

There are no right or wrong colors in fashion—only what does or doesn’t look good on you. Figuring out what colors work is a matter of figuring out your best colors according to your body town. When analyzing your form, be sure you’re in a well lit room. You will notice that your wrist veins, eyes, and fingertips tend to exude a very subtle color. The colors you notice end to be high impact colors in fashion. In addition, black always looks good, as does red. Red has actually been studied by researchers as a very magnetic color in women, given red’s association with seduction.

Remember clashing colors are “over the top” and may compromise a nice visual. If there are clashing colors or styles, such as in hair or dress, get rid of it. Wearing one
color for your entire body is not balanced. Neutral colors should be paired with impacting colors.

6. Keep up with fashion magazines for subtle variations.

Culture rapidly changes so the only way to stay “in” is to keep reading news and commentaries from fashion experts. For example, did you know that women over 50 tend to look better in warm pink, teal, and soft white? Black is actually discouraged after the age of 50 because it’s too strong. Charcoal grey tends to look better.

Colors also change according to your teens, 20s, 30s and 40s. Fashion experts advice against “strong” colors too close to the face, as you age. Colors and skin tones tend to become muted or soft over the years as bright colors can be overwhelming.

7. When it comes to hair and makeup, think balance and subtle.

Balancing sexy and casual also applies with hair Balance a casual look with a sexier hairdo, like bouncy curls. If you’re going with a sexy mini-skirt, think about balancing with a half ponytail or a hair bun.

The “casual” balance in makeup means lighter shades, so a nude or soft lip gloss to compliment eyeliner. If you want casual eye makeup, give your lips a louder shade of red.

Lastly, take the time to look in the mirror and accept yourself. If you’ve always been insecure about your body you must learn to embrace who you are and accept whatever imperfection you think you have. Reaffirm your confidence and sexuality by admiring yourself in a mirror, nude, in casual clothes, and in a dress. Focus on the aspects of your body that you like and then highlight them for the world.

Feeling good inside is what gives you confidence and that’s what turns heads. If you wear something that doesn’t feel natural you appear awkward. You don’t just “own” something out in public—you let it become you and you’re happy about it. That’s what dressing sexy is all about, getting in touch with yourself and letting the world admire you!

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