How to Be a Feminine Woman

We’ve discussed female magnetism on this blog and while the general attitude is self-explanatory (High confidence!  Independence!) some readers are still confused about how to “act like a lady” and become more feminine.

Maybe your instincts are naturally masculine.  Or maybe you consider yourself ambiguous or even gender neutral at time.  Or maybe you just consider yourself a tomboy and don’t really understand how feminine women are supposed to act.  You know it when you see it, of course, but you can’t figure out how to do it.

Relax…it’s not that hard.  And contrary to popular belief, it’s not about memorizing a bunch of super “feminine” ticks and mannerisms.  It’s not about using the right voice. You don’t have to “act” just to be a more feminine woman. In this article, we’re going to discuss three simple ways you can start projecting female magnetism without seeming too obvious about it.  

Because let’s face it, guys know when you’re acting.  Or shall we say trying too hard. But when you’re TRULY feminine they can’t resist you!

1. Don’t just know what you’re worth – learn what you’re worth.  Become the person you want to be and let your confidence beam.

When you’re feminine, you know what you’re worth.  Your feeling of security comes from a strong belief in yourself.  A strong love for yourself!

I know some people that might say, “I can’t fake it.  I don’t think I’m worth that much!”

And therein lies the problem.  Not that you simply have low self confidence, but the fact that you don’t feel special.  You don’t feel like you’re living the life you want to live. You’re not doing what you want to do.  You’re not reaching out in ways that make you feel good about yourself. That’s what needs to change.  

Fear motivates you to keep your man at all costs, to manipulate him, guilt him or control him.  Believing in your high value (having a good self-image and sense of personal identity) is what will give you back that feeling of security.  

If you’re unhappy with the way your life is going right now, make changes.  Work on self-improvement. Uproot your life completely, if that’s what it takes to make a major change.    

Yes, habits are hard to break.  Lifestyles are difficult to change.  Break the pattern of doing what’s comfortable all the time by putting yourself in new circumstances.  Force a change however you can, so you can start growing and becoming that person you want to be. That person that deserves love that person that deserves respect.

Usually I tell people, “You ARE a wonderful person.  You deserve respect and attention right now, just as you are.”

And guess what?  They don’t believe me!  They don’t take the compliment!

That’s why I’ve started saying, “Well if you’re not happy with yourself, improve yourself.”

Figure out what WOULD make you happy, what WOULD give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.  And become that person. No excuses, no backtracking, no denials. Once you accomplish your set goals you owe yourself SELF-RESPECT.  Not just a little, a lot. You deserve the attention and you deserve whatever man you want because you earned it.  It’s time to be feminine.  It’s time to be proud of who you are.  

2. Learn to be a good giver AND a good receiver.

Most women are fairly good at giving.  They know what a man wants and so they give him everything.  But the real issue is, “Are you also a good receiver?”

A feminine woman is receptive to men.  Not only that, she is a GRACIOUS receiver.  She can receive a compliment with grace and sincerity.  She receives a gift with excitement and appreciation. She encourages a man to keep giving, by rewarding him with the attention he craves.

What you don’t do is REFUSE someone else’s gift to you.  Don’t refuse compliments. Don’t refuse favors. Don’t do anything that shows you’re not a gracious receiver.  

This is where a lot of women fall short and also where problems with confidence begin.

Don’t mock yourself or put yourself down when a man expresses appreciation for you. Don’t explain things so that you minimize the compliment.  Don’t say no to someone’s kindness just because you feel guilty. Be a good receiver because that’s what a man wants from you, when he GIVES.

The philosophy behind this statement is that most men ENJOY GIVING.  They enjoy giving compliments. They enjoy doing favors. They enjoy providing for you, in some way.  That’s what motivates them.

So building on that attraction, being more feminine, means to be a GOOD receiver and give men the attention and praise they are looking for.  Not, it doesn’t mean you’re guilted into sleeping with them or going out with them. That’s a perfect example of a girl being a BAD RECEIVER and trying to overcompensate for the man’s attention.  Be a good receiver and be appreciative of the kindness he volunteers.

Men are attracted to femininity by nature.  That means the more receptive you are to men, the more feminine you come across to them.  Attention is not a debt. Giving them attention is simply rewarding them for a job well done.

On the other hand, if you reject their attention, their gifts, their compliments – then attraction decreases.  If you’re in a relationship, then intimacy actually suffers.

3. Be enthusiastic about life!

Being feminine is one part pride, one part good reception, and one part enthusiasm for interacting with men.  Because feminine behavior is magnetically attractive to men (who are providers), you must SHOW them that you appreciate the effort, not just in words but in receptive body language.

Feminine body language is not necessarily fastidious and proper, as in Elizabethan manners.  What’s actually more important are qualities like playfulness, joy, a spirit of fun and creativity.  These are feminine replies because they are expressive – they are the “opposite” of male behavior, which tends to be logical, analytical and determined.  When you start flirting with this dynamic you complement each other’s energy.

You create more intense attraction, you have more spontaneous and enjoyable flirting.  It’s the “natural way” to respond, as opposed to sending more confusing signals – namely, two masculine energies (or two feminine energies) competing against each other.

Alter your dating approach just a little bit, with these tips in mind, and you will notice a big difference!

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