How to Attract a Great Guy Even If You Can’t Get a Date.

How to Attract a Great Guy Even If You Can’t Get a Date

Bonnie had spent the last eight months on various dating apps, swiping left and right, messaging back and forth, hoping to find a meaningful connection.

But no matter what she did, she just couldn’t seem to get a man to go out with her….

Not a single date in 8 months.

Bonnie was ready to delete her profiles and give up on love.

When you’ve wasted that much time, tried a million things that don’t work, and you feel like you’ve given so much… it’s easy to start blaming things, many of which are outside of your control.

And that’s what Bonnie got sucked into… blaming men, blaming apps, blaming her weight, blaming the hookup culture.

But none of that blaming got her a date.

That’s when she came to me…

Since Bonnie had been single for several years, we needed to work on her mindsets, her confidence, and prepare her for attracting the man she wanted.

We focus on things that were inside of her control… and there are three main areas to work on…

The first is something I call, Inner Alignment… you’re aligning your inner world with what you want to attract in the outer world.

We showed her how to screen men for the best types of men…

Like most women who come to us, she was over-screening to protect herself and focusing on the most superficial traits of men because that’s what naturally happens when you use dating apps.

We showed her how to use the Value Screening system, which quickly weeds out the wrong men and gets to the right men faster.

We went through her profile, her photos, her messaging and showed her exactly what to change in all of those areas to attract better men.

And then we showed her how to connect with a man’s emotional needs to make him want to meet up, keep going out, and build an amazing relationship together.

This is something I call, The Connection Code.

Within six weeks of joining our program, Bonnie had met a man who would leave her little love notes, drive over to her place just to cook her breakfast, and treats her like a queen.

Bonnie was finally experiencing the kind of romance she had dreamed about, the kind that made her say, “I’ve never been happier in my life.”

Sometimes, there are just a few little shifts that you need to make in order to attract a really great guy.

Dating apps aren’t natural. They aren’t designed to get you a quality man. They aren’t designed with human connection in mind…

They force you to focus on the most superficial aspects of a man when choosing him, which leads most women to picking all the wrong men.

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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