Online Dating Profile Tips For Women

Online Dating Profile Tips For Women

Big surprise—you post a picture of yourself on a dating site and you’re bombarded with attention from guys.

Of course, it’s usually the wrong kind of guys.

And you can tell upfront that most of these guys who contact you are completely wrong. Call it a sixth sense…or maybe the fact that all they do is send dick pics and one line questions like “What’s up?”

But here’s a little tip that I think will jumpstart your online dating life for the better. Why not create a profile that filters out the WRONG type of guy and attracts the RIGHT type of guy? Just think of how much better dating would be if you could call more compatible men to you and only attract the ones that meet your highest standards?

There is a way to do this and by following these online dating profile tips, you can maximize your love life and spend more time getting to know the guys that best match you.

But first, let’s get this out of the way: take GREAT pictures. Several pictures, in fact, a whole gallery’s worth. And don’t just concentrate on sexy—showcase your personality with several of the pictures. Essentially you use photos to showcase the best aspects of your personality, like a sense of humor, intelligence and wisdom, reflection, happiness and so on.

Now that we’ve focused on the most well known item, let’s consider some lesser known tips on creating profiles that capture imagination.

1. Give men a little help in thinking of what to say.

I know this seems a little contrary to the whole “make a man chase you” concept, but consider this: a lot of really good quality guys will PASS on a profile where they have no introduction, no “angle” to play. They see your gorgeous pictures but get flustered when you don’t give them any information or any idea of how to approach you. They figure, “I have to be entertaining to get her attention, I know that…but I got nothing!”

This is what you want to avoid. So instead of just providing the basic facts about yourself, invite them into a conversation by saying something like “I love mountain climbing. Ask me about the time a giant bird tried to kidnap me!”

(No don’t say that…but you get the idea. Giving them something to ask you will let the guy feel comfortable, natural, and not as pressured to “try hard” to keep your attention.

2. Don’t just describe the stuff you like…focus on the details and on the EXPERIENCE—what it would be like to be on a date with you.

Men don’t know what to do with a statement like “I like watching movies.” Yeah no kidding, so does everyone. So instead, preview a date with you by describing the type of movies you like (horror, romance, comedy, Oscar-winning dramas etc.) and how you like watching them (in bed on a winter’s night covered in blankets, or with friends in a theater). Make them visualize how fun it would be to actually be there with you, sharing this experience.

3. Avoid negativity—men do not like chatting with women who they think have an attitude.

Of course, I understand why women do this. There are so many creeps online that don’t have the slightest idea how to treat a lady. But a lot of men do…and so when they come to a profile that devotes most of the text to negative statements like:

I hate guys that ___!
Don’t write me if you ___!
I will not respond if you ____!
I do not like men that ____!
Please don’t ____!

And of course everyone’s favorite…

“I am not attracted to Black/White/Asian/Latino men, not racist, just saying…”

All of these negative statements are just pushing away the men who thrive on positivity and fun conversation. You start the conversation on a negative note, usually negative energy follows. He’s either going to dislike you immediately and pass, or stay just long enough to neg-hit you (insult you in a funny way) and then disappear.

When I doubt project qualities of fun, happy and curious. Don’t do jaded. Everyone does jaded.

4. Ask for help in a cool, casual way.

No, don’t be needy and ask a man for clarity or attention! But yes, by all means…ask for recommendations. Men love to be helpful online and are far more likely to message you (and talk about intelligent things!) when you ask for ideas. It also helps to choose a hobby or pastime that you enjoy, so you can get right into the stuff that really matters. Looking for new restaurants or clubs in town? Ask for that. Looking for good books to put on your Goodreads list? Ask for that.

5. Show—don’t tell.

This is usually advice we give in writing, but it actually applies in writing online dating profiles too. Too many times, women go into great detail “telling” why they deserve a good man. “I’m funny! I’m strong an independent!” But then don’t actually SHOW it. Actions always speak louder than words.

Instead of assuring a man that you’re funny, stage a funny picture and give him a laugh. Instead of saying you like to travel, show him a recent picture from your African Safari. (Er, maybe that’s not quite you…I dunno)

Here’s an easy way to do it. Take that statement where you describe your positive qualities and then figure out a way to show it without the clichéd phrase “I am ____” or “I like to _____”. Pictures showing what you mean work wonderfully. Describing specific experiences you’ve had instead of generalizing works great.

And of course, building a “theme” to your profile also works. This is something we do in business quite a bit known as “branding”. You associate yourself with a niche, a specific “thing” that you are, that men will easily identify and feel as if they know you already. Maybe “The Adventurous Girl” or “The World Traveler” or “The Artist”.

You’re showing them why you’re special by focusing on your passion, your qualities that make you stand out from other women—other women who probably don’t give much thought to making a profile interesting.

Spruce up your dating profile with some of these tips and see how it affects the caliber of guys and the number of interesting responses!

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