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50 Truth or Dare Questions (18 Over Text)

Truth or Dare – everyone played it as a kid or at least, heard about other people playing it. It’s a kid’s game, right? Actually, no! It’s an old game but it’s one that works even better as an adult.

Why so? Well, in the immortal words of Doctor House, everybody lies. Or at least, they like to keep secrets and lie just a little bit to protect the sensitivities of their friends!

That’s why Truth or Dare is such a delight as an adult. You “force” everyone to be honest, no white lies, no avoiding the question, and no need to be polite. Just brutal honesty and that’s what makes it funny, sexy and outrageous.

You can play with a crush or even as a group of friends. In case it’s been a while, here’s how you play in a group setting. You choose a question, usually something that’s in the “none of your business!” category. The player has to answer honestly, no matter what the question is, or can perform a dare.

Now traditionally, you had to choose Truth or Dare before you actually knew what the truth/dare challenge was. But for more relaxed games, you can actually make the choice of truth or dare AFTER the challenge is issued. For example, if someone says Truth and you really don’t want to confess the answer, you can say Dare. Maybe the Dare will be less embarrassing. Then again maybe not! Then it’s time to be truthful. Either the person issuing the challenge creates the Dare, or the group creates the dare.

So dares are pretty easy to come with, just go for EMBARRASSING and hilarious!

But the Truth questions is where it gets tricky. Because some “none of your business” answers are actually easy to confess. That’s why you have to pick questions that are wildly invasive and lend themselves to shocking visuals. I’ve written 50 examples of adults-only, over 18 questions for groups. Try these for your next Truth or Dare challenge!

  1. If your partner wanted a threesome and told you that you had to pick someone else in this room who would it be?
  2. Can I see (and announce to the group) your last week of Internet history?
  3. If you could do one illegal thing (that doesn’t involve drugs) what would it be?
  4. (Not counting your partner) Who is the person in this room you’ve fantasized about the most?
  5. What is your usual masturbation routine?
  6. What is your most taboo sexual fantasy (yeah that one you’re thinking)?
  7. Name a teacher (or some other authority figure) that you used to fantasize about when you were younger?
  8. Name three people in this room (not your partner) and choose Marry, Sleep With and Kill for all of them.
  9. Name a same-sex fantasy (or gay dream) you’ve had recently.
  10. What is the worst date you’ve ever had?
  11. Have you ever faked an orgasm and what does it sound like when you do?
  12. What’s the worst one night stand you’ve had and wish you could take back?
  13. What is the most shocking “off-limits” crush you’ve ever had?
  14. When is the last time you cried real tears?
  15. What is the worst case of friend-zoning you’ve ever experienced?
  16. What’s a role play scenario that you’ve done or thought about doing?
  17. Who here deserves a spanking the most and what would you spank them with?
  18. Name something your parents don’t know about you…and would be scandalized to know?
  19. What was your most embarrassing “passing gas/accident” moment in your life?
  20. Who is the “one who got away?” / aka your first love?
  21. What is a non-sexual pleasure that you want someone in this room to do to you (not your partner)?
  22. Have you ever been attracted to a family member?
  23. What is something you still feel guilty about doing in your past?
  24. What is the nickname of your penis/vagina?
  25. What are some examples of “dirty talk” you’ve recently used?
  26. What is your grossest habit that you do when no one sees?
  27. Who is the most boring or unattractive person in the room?
  28. Reveal one of your “secret thoughts” about someone in this room?
  29. Who in this room do you want to slap the most?
  30. What song describes your life and mind the best?
  31. Not counting anything sexual, what’s the first thing you’d do if you suddenly reversed genders?
  32. Name a dollar amount. Choose someone in this room. Choose a sex act that you would pay (dollar amount) to do to (Name).
  33. When’s the last time you shaved your privates?
  34. What is a sex act you haven’t tried yet but want to? Who in this room would you pick if you had to choose one?
  35. When’s the last time you were caught doing something sexual?
  36. What’s your favorite porn/erotica book fetish/category?
  37. What would you do to turn your partner on?
  38. What would your proposal be if you wanted someone to marry you?
  39. What is a lie you’ve told to someone that you still remember?
  40. What are you most afraid of in life that you’re ashamed to tell other people?
  41. What nightmare have you had that you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone else?
  42. What is the meanest thing you’ve ever said to someone?
  43. What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
  44. What’s something super lame that you did to impress your crush?
  45. What’s something your partner could do that would end the relationship?
  46. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done while drunk or stoned?
  47. If you could have three wishes that benefited only yourself, what would they be?
  48. What’s the most annoying habit your partner has?
  49. What’s the grossest thing you can think of?
  50. What’s the most dangerous or illegal stunt you’ve ever pulled?

The key to having a fun Truth or Dare party is to mix the questions up so that there are some easy ones and then some really hard ones. Also, take some time to write down some great dares! Make the dares next to impossible so that your friends will quickly learn to always choose Truth!

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