Funny Nicknames for Guys

Funny Nicknames for Guys

Just a little heads up.  When you start to become more confidently feminine and engage men in conversation, don’t be surprised if men always seem to want your attention!

That’s good, right?  Sure it is, if you can handle it.  And it’s a lot of fun because when you project feminine power, men are magnetically attracted to you.  They flirt more, they talk more, they include you in things, and they become good friends with you.

Sure, a lot of them might crush on you, although it doesn’t have to turn into anything sexual.  There are many good platonic friends of the opposite sex.  Flirting is fun.

Knowing that you’re going to receive a lot of attention from guys then, maybe you should start looking for clever nicknames right now.

It’s fun to come up with nicknames for guys in your phone and on messenger.  It’s also fun to give guys a nickname in conversation, since they usually consider it a badge of honor to earn a nickname from you.

Now coming up with a nickname is a challenge because you want to keep it simple, cute, funny, and of course, somewhat flattering.  Few men want an insulting nickname, unless of course he has a kink for being insulted!

On the other hand, you don’t want to give him an intimate or sexual nickname if you’re just platonic friends, since that might give him the wrong idea.  You want something funny – a cute and goofy nickname that everyone likes since you might use it in front of his friends or family.

Here are some funny nicknames for guys progressing from innocent and fun to downright hilarious for that guy who has a dark sense of humor.

  1. Alf or Alfie (Alien or womanizer, that’s the question)
  2. Wiseguy (Is he a funny guy? Funny how?)
  3. The Grinch (Always the pessimist)
  4. Joker (He’s an anarchist, an artist, and a guy who always laughs at his own jokes)
  5. Monkey (And he can be a chimp, orangutan, or even a gorilla!)
  6. Peter Griffin or Quagmire (Does he love Family Guy and does he wear shirts like the notorious characters?)
  7. Bart or Homer (Or if you want to go old school, stick with The Simpsons)
  8. Roastmaster (Is he hilarious with the insults?)
  9. Popeye (Does he have a pipe or does he like to sing? Maybe he just laughs like aagagaga!)
  10. Bright Eyes (Does he have gorgeous blue eyes?)
  11. Gangsta (Is he a goofy nerd who pretends to be a badass?)
  12. Skink (Name him in honor of the lizard-relative who is super fast!)
  13. Mister Google (Why Google when you can just ask your know-it-all friend?)
  14. Kamala (Why name your friend Macho Man Randy Savage when you can name him after an obscure WWE wrestler?)
  15. Pepe Le Pew (Does he love like a French skunk?)
  16. Megatron or Shockwave (Why insult his intelligence calling him Optimus? He’s clearly a Decepticon)
  17. Midnight Cowboy (He’s not only a midnight cowboy, he’s an X-rated cowboy!)
  18. The Gambler (He knows when to hold ‘em, knows when to fold ‘em)
  19. Cat-Man or if he can take a joke, Crazy Cat Gentleman (To put it politely…)
  20. Kramer (Does he have weird gestures and is he always )
  21. Sexy Nerd (Now there’s a backhanded compliment for a player)
  22. Buttons McBoom Boom (Does he like buttons and does he go boom?)
  23. Aaaalvin (He’s the most mischievous chipmunk of them all!)
  24. The Bogeyman (If he loves Tim Burton, he’ll love this moniker)
  25. Oompa Loompa (Less flattering but hilarious!)
  26. Wild Thing (Doubly funny if you sing the classic song whenever he comes into the room)
  27. Spielberg (Is he a future director)
  28. Captain Planet (Is he an environmental hero?)
  29. Thunder in Paradise (A hidden joke for a wrestling fan)
  30. The Purple Teletubby (He’s the funny one)
  31. Banana Hammock (Hilarious name for a player who probably won’t get the reference)
  32. Emo Vampire (If he’s a poet and a brooder)
  33. Lucky Charms (Irish guy or maybe cereal fanatic)
  34. Final Vegan Boss (If he’s vegan and lets everyone know)
  35. The Fox and the Hound (Two friends deserve two fitting nicknames)
  36. Stud Smurf (He’s the smurf who gets around!)
  37. Sling Blade (Named after Karl from Sling Blade)
  38. The Beast (The romantic hero, if he could only control his rage fits)
  39. Garfield or Heathcliff (A fat cat but proud of it)
  40. Steve Urkel (Does he have a geeky sense of humor and interesting fashion?)
  41. Beeker (Redheaded guys do have more fun)
  42. Rick and Morty (Two friends, one obviously a drinker, the other always bailing his buddy out of trouble)
  43. Dirty Rotten Scoundrel (Is he good BS salesman?)
  44. The God Pigeon (He’s like the godfather, only a funny cartoon pigeon version)
  45. Old Gray Mare Ain’t What He Used To Be (Don’t ask…just assume Simpsons fans will get it)
  46. Jar Jar Binks (If he’s a Star Wars fan there’s no funniest neg-hit!)
  47. The Wiggles (If he’s
  48. Meme Lord (Yes, believe it or not, it’s a guy compliment these days)
  49. Rodimus Prime (He’s Optimus Prime’s way cooler and younger successor)
  50. Johnny Cash (Who wouldn’t the comparison as a compliment?)

As you can see, a good nickname doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate.  In fact, if you’re “just friends” and not seriously dating, it’s better to avoid anything too intimate or sweet sounding.  You can always change his nickname later if the relationship advances.

In the early stages though, try to give him a nickname that’s funny and low-commitment, as far as dating goes.  Avoid anything confusing.  Choose a funny nickname that’s obvious, a little teasing, but always a name that has respect for his character.  You want to endear your friend to you, not chase him away.  Men want compliments but they also admire a woman who can make them laugh!

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