6 Sweet Long Messages for Him

Have you ever encountered this problem before? Let’s say a guy is obviously into you…he’s sending you messages, trying to make you laugh, and definitely sending flirty vibes your way. It’s time for you to reciprocate, to let him know that you like him.

You get by with a few choice words. You laugh, you compliment him on his knowledge, maybe you even show appreciation for his unique qualities.

But…you’re still not sure what to say. What can you say to a guy you like, who’s obviously wanting something back from you? He wants to know that you like him as much as he likes you. If he’s very smooth with words and you’re not, it can be twice as difficult to start a long conversation. Maybe you’re worried about sounding stupid, or too clingy, or too cold.

Not to worry. Creating sweet long messages is not as difficult as you think. And no, you don’t have to come up with brilliant, passionate or embarrassingly poetic quotes just to keep his attention.

In fact, I advise against coming on too strong in the beginning. If there’s an attraction between the two of you it’s best to take things slow and naturally. Don’t jump into a commitment obviously, but don’t play so hard to get that you discourage him from trying. These sweet long messages are his “reward”, his bonus for trying extra hard to entertain you.

Remember then, when coming up with sweet messages, to consider the point of the text. You want to accomplish four specific goals:

  1. Be sincere. Nothing hokey or flattering. This should be about what you feel.
  2. Reflect back the same energy level and enthusiasm that he shows you.
  3. Encourage him to keep “chasing” you.
  4. Challenge him with a new thought.

D is the most interesting and the “firecracker” you need to advance the relationship. He will appreciate the sincerity and honesty. He will like that you’re encouraging more chasing behavior. But what really gets him excited mentally is when you challenge him to go “deeper.”

Let’s look at 6 examples to see how effective this strategy can be.

1. “You seem so far away. But I think of these messages between us like real conversations. I imagine talking to you in person, looking into your eyes and giving you a real hug like you deserve. But maybe that’s just me.”

This message makes him feel the intimacy that you have and that he also feels. Even better, you challenge him towards the end, wondering if this chat feels as “real” to him as it does to you. Usually, guys will rush to say, Yes and continue that deep conversation.

2. “You are such a brave knight, sir. You treat women so gently. You’re bold and brave. Hard-working and so smart. But you have a mysterious and sexy quality about you. They really broke the mold when they made you. You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met before.”

A very romantic post that just stops short of being commitment-minded. You’re just telling him how you feel, how close you feel to him. You’re rewarding him for showing his best side and reminding him of how unique he is compared to most other guys – something all men want to hear!

3. “We’ve known each so long. You’ve been there for me a lot. We’ve seen a lot, shared a lot. I don’t think you understand just how positive an influence you’ve been on my life. I want to thank you for that.”

Great quote because it not only compliments him, but also challenges him to define your special relationship. Why have you been friends so long? Why have you shared so much? Has there always been a secret attraction between the two of you? Thanking him also prevents from reaching in too far, but still putting the idea into his head.

4. “I know sometimes I seem cold or detached. Maybe it’s because I’m not entirely comfortable sharing my feelings with you. About you. I control myself a lot, when I’m around you. But sometimes I wonder why I have to do that. We’ve spent so much time together. I think about you a lot. Wondering what you’re thinking and if I ever cross your mind.”

This paragraph is a little bolder than the others, but it’s a great one to use in case you’re dating a shy guy – or at least the type of guy who hides his feelings. You’re challenging him by admitting that you have an attraction to him, but that you’re not sure what it is you feel. This may motivate him to come forward and admit his attraction to you too.

5. “I really wake up and get all excited when I read your good morning texts. You make me laugh or think or just come up with the craziest things. You’re always a bright spot in my day, even during those terrible Monday mornings when I don’t want to wake up. You make me smile and sometimes that’s really hard to do…but dammit, you’re just so amazing.”

This is a nice and comforting paragraph that actually gives him the lovely visual of “waking up together”, as in a more intimate relationship. You compliment him and also explain how he makes you feel – a great aphrodisiac. The best part is, you let him know that he cheers you up! His messages are sometimes the highlight of your day. You’re encouraging him to keep on going, keep trying and to continue being a source of inspiration.

6. “Well don’t take this the wrong way. But when I’m around you I sometimes get nervous. I have that weird butterflies in my stomach feeling. You’re just so smart, so handsome…so real. Down to earth. You’re intimidating to people, I know. But I see you for who you really are. A kind, compassionate and sweet man. You’re my angel.”

One way to break the ice (while firing up some sexual tension) is to admit that he makes you nervous. Explain why – what about him attracts you Then, compliment him, reminding him that you see a deeper layer or “side” to him that other women don’t see. If he seems receptive, you can even challenge him to confess his own private thoughts about you.

Challenge him to go deeper and form greater intimacy and even more exclusive trust between both of you. You will soon find that HE will be eager to advance the relationship towards a serious commitment…your boyfriend to be!

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