Does He Want to Date Me? Here Are the Signs…

Are some guys really THAT shy? Is it possible that a man could really like you and yet be too intimidated to make a move?

Is there such a thing—especially if we’re talking about a successful and confident man who’s always so expressive. There’s no way a guy like that could be shy, is there?

Well shy might not be the right word. It’s true that confident men are not as afraid of rejection as shy men are—these cool guys seem to thrive on a challenge. They want to impress you, they want to test you. They may even be natural extroverts.

But it’s still very possible your guy crush is intimidated about WHEN he’s going to make a move, rather than if. He wants the timing to be right. He may be building up to a big revelation. Or maybe he enjoys the casual conversations you’re currently having and doesn’t want to mess up the smooth dynamic you have going on.

But at the same time, he doesn’t want to come on TOO STRONG. Why? Don’t women like men who take charge?

Yes and no. It is nice to meet a man who’s romantic, charismatic and sexy, right? But on the other hand, no woman wants a man who’s pushy, crude or hypersexual, or “rapey” in the vibes he puts out there.

A lot of men have really been affected by talk of rape culture, feminism, as well as recent scandals involving celebrities accused of sexual harassment. And you know? It’s a good thing. It helps men think about their behavior and be more conscientious as to what a woman is feeling, and not be solely focused on their own selfish pleasure.

But at the same time, this means some men may not be too overly aggressive in making a romantic move on you. He may be casually flirty but not be initiating sex. Or he may not be flirting at all and may just be platonically attracted to you.

The question is, is he feeling attraction? Is he waiting for the perfect time to ask you out or make a move? Is he stalling for a specific reason?

Or is he just NOT INTERESTED in you and could you possibly be misinterpreting all of his recent behavior?

It’s a good idea to analyze the situation objectively and determine if he’s really interested or just being nice. If you notice any of these behaviors, there is a very good chance he likes you and wants to date you. Maybe there’s an “if”, “and” or “but” involved. But the good news is he’s thinking about you.

So pay close attention and look for these signs:

1. He never talks about other women…he’s always single, looking, lonely, or not serious about someone.

A man who only has eyes for you is definitely not going to bring up other women. He won’t say anything about being attached or interested in someone else. In fact, he probably won’t even check out another woman while he’s with you. If he wants to date you he gives you his full and undivided attention.

2. He wants to spend time with you, on the phone, through texting and in person.

I got news for you—a man who actually goes out of his way to see you or interact with you definitely feels attraction. He may be content just to hear your voice, ask one question, or just ask how you’re doing. He wants to touch base with you. In contrast, a man who isn’t interested in you romantically, can go days or even weeks without touching base. He has other offers, other women, he’s not that interested in you.

3. He seems interested in more than just sex.

Men who want sex don’t actually talk about sex all the time. They make you laugh. They talk about exciting and sensual things. They may talk about your beauty, your unique talent, or your fashion sense. They may talk about themselves a lot, or may even ask you how you’re FEELING. But you know what they won’t do?

They won’t ask you about your job, your passion in life, your friends, your family, your memories—all the stuff that involves a real relationship! A man who does this wants to get to know you better and is far more “patient” at slowing the relationship down. In contrast, men who just want sex will get frustrated by the second date.

And of course, a man who doesn’t feel attraction or romantic interest will seem completely aloof—and will seldom retain any information you share with him.

4. He says, in so many words, “I’m ready for a relationship.”

Men who are ready to seriously date tend to SAY IT. Men who are right in the peak of their sexual experimentation won’t say things like, “I’m ready for a serious relationship,” Or “I’m tired of the dating game”. The statements suggest a man is serious about wanting to settle down and leave the tiresome bachelor life behind. They also show it in action, sometimes by introducing you to their friends and family members. Perpetual bachelors will always try to keep you their dirty little secret, hidden from their other world. A man who really likes you, however, will be eager to show you off.

5. He actually confides in you and reveals information about himself.

A man who likes you will not just chat about superficial things. He will always keep the conversation “real” – he will talk not just about his achievements or career, but also his fondest memories, his passion in life and his unique worldview. The more he gets to know you, he will start to confide in you very private things that he would never tell anyone else—including his parents and long-time friends. He will start to see you as someone that understands him inside and out. He’s emotionally vulnerable and he likes the way trusting you makes him feel.

While most men do take a while to reach this “bonding stage” it’s unmistakable when you finally see him lower his resistance and show you his heart.

Be patient…look for these signs. If you notice him giving off any of these good signals, it’s very likely he wants to seriously date you. He may be waiting for the perfect moment, but you are definitely on his mind!

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