Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend.

Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend

Isn’t it such an intoxicating and amazing feeling when you finally connect with someone emotionally, physically and spiritually?  Whether you call him a soul mate or a twin flame or just the best BF in the world, it’s the most important relationship in your life.  Who knows?  Maybe someday this will be the man you marry.  Everything about the relationship is great.  There’s passion, trust, honesty and…

Uh oh.  Something’s missing!  What is it?

Relax, I just meant you need a cute nickname for this amazing guy in your life.  That’s right a cute nickname is one of the best things about a new romance.  You get to call each other cutesy names and use those heartfelt expressions to your heart’s desire.  It doesn’t matter what other people think because this moment is between you and yours.

Now the question is what kind of nickname should you give your beau?  (And no, Beau doesn’t count!)  You could choose any name that has special meaning or just a snappy name that makes you smile.  Some people like to use references to things that happened the first time you met.  Sometimes they just use likable names they heard on TV or online.  Or maybe you just like the way a word sounds or how two names sound when spoken together, like boo-boo.

In general, you want to choose a name that is positive (reflects well on him as a man), cute or funny, sweet or romantic, or perhaps an inside joke that you two of you have.  The name might work better if it’s short, a one or two syllable name, if you like to call him by his nickname frequently. However, if you just enjoy getting a laugh or a smile, the nickname can be longer.

What I’ve decided to do is publish a list of cute boyfriend nicknames that might catch your interest.  Feel free to use any of these or improve upon them with your own spin.

Here we go…

  1. My Winner
  2. Babe Cakes
  3. Big Man
  4. Sweet Cherry Pie
  5. Big Daddy
  6. Big Fella
  7. Buttercup Baby
  8. My Rock
  9. Black Beauty
  10. Stallion
  11. The Winter Soldier
  12. Rocky
  13. Winner
  14. Hot Love
  15. The Lost Winchester Brother
  16. The Heartbreak Kid
  17. Mister Perfect
  18. Doctor Sexy
  19. Vanilla Fudge
  20. Smooth Caramel
  21. Cinnamon Bun
  22. Sex Monster
  23. Hot Guy
  24. The Big Deal
  25. Buttons
  26. Billionaire Superhero
  27. The Ultimate Boo
  28. Captain Crunch
  29. Boo Berry
  30. Frankenberry
  31. Count Chockula
  32. Darling, Oh my Darling
  33. Sexy Vampire
  34. Sexy Werewolf
  35. Sexy Frankenstein
  36. Sexy Pirate
  37. The Truth Teller
  38. The Professor
  39. The Bad Ass
  40. Rebel without a Kiss
  41. Detective Schmoopy
  42. Super-Boo
  43. Woody and Buzz
  44. Magnum PI
  45. My Boo-Boo
  46. Iron Boo
  47. The Dick That Won’t Quit
  48. The Human Torch
  49. The Sexy Smurf
  50. Godfather of Love
  51. Gangsta of Love
  52. Crazy Eyed Lover
  53. The Game Changer
  54. The thunder from down under
  55. The Beast
  56. Moby Dick
  57. Muscle Man
  58. Big Guns
  59. Bodybuilder
  60. The Bad Guy
  61. Rhinestone Cowboy
  62. Wiseguy
  63. Macgyver
  64. Pornstar
  65. Ken Doll
  66. Cuddles
  67. Agent Cuddles
  68. The Last Boo
  69. The Mechanic
  70. The Love Poet
  71. My Exotic Lover
  72. The Spice Boy
  73. Sugar and Salt
  74. Vanilla Latte
  75. Dream Lover
  76. Mister Potato Head
  77. Raging Bull
  78. The Fighter
  79. The Good Son
  80. My Dom
  81. My Little Brony
  82. The Candyman
  83. Darth Boo
  84. The Fix It Guy
  85. Too Sexy for His Shirt
  86. My Soul and my heart’s inspiration
  87. The Mastermind
  88. The Little Engine That Could
  89. The Lady Pleaser
  90. The Orgasmatron
  91. Happily Ever After
  92. Prince Pookie
  93. Fonzie
  94. Mister Darcy
  95. Sweet Sugar
  96. Little Whiskey in my Water
  97. Rockstar
  98. Future MVP
  99. The Patriot
  100. Superfreaky
  101. The Texas Tough Guy
  102. Military Man
  103. The Carnivore
  104. The Riddler
  105. The One Who Knocks
  106. Strong Hands
  107. Mister Go the Distance
  108. Simba the Lion
  109. My Golden Prince
  110. Funny Bunny
  111. Bones
  112. Jack Skellington
  113. The Hacker
  114. Red Reddington
  115. Giggity Giggity
  116. Crazy Country Boy
  117. The K Man
  118. Young Blood
  119. My Baby Daddy
  120. Mister Hot Lips
  121. The Love Guru
  122. The Keeper of the Keys
  123. Hard Abs
  124. King on the Iron Throne
  125. Doctor Doolittle
  126. Eyes of the Angel
  127. My Desperado
  128. My Only Sunshine
  129. Sir Boo
  130. My Anchor
  131. Cartoon Character
  132. My Firecracker
  133. My Crazy Clown
  134. The Next American Idol
  135. My Disney Prince
  136. Goofy
  137. Goblin King
  138. Mister Hollywood
  139. My Situation
  140. My Boo with Benefits
  141. Big Bad Wolf with Benefits
  142. Stripes
  143. The Enforcer
  144. The Rescuer
  145. Mister Roboto
  146. My Tasty Sundae
  147. Mister Thirsty
  148. The Wise One
  149. Kung Fu Master
  150. The Karate Boo
  151. Midnight Toker
  152. Cuddles the Clown
  153. Charlie Brown
  154. My Hot Sauce
  155. Blues Brother
  156. The Boo with Two Heads
  157. Funny Boy
  158. Party Man
  159. My Sweetness
  160. The Precious
  161. The Boston Cuddler
  162. The Lost X-Men
  163. My Goober
  164. The Quiz Master
  165. Doctor Frasier
  166. Baby Love My Baby Love
  167. My Cuddle Buddy
  168. President Hugs
  169. King Kisses
  170. The Dog Whisperer
  171. Cuddles McHugs
  172. The Kiss Stealer
  173. The Colonel
  174. The Best and Brightest
  175. Bright Eyes
  176. My Silly Boo
  177. Boo-Man
  178. Spanky
  179. He Who Lifts
  180. The Man Who Drinks and Knows Things
  181. The Silent Cuddles
  182. Smiles
  183. The cutest boy in the world
  184. The Hustle
  185. Saturn’s Rings
  186. Moonshine
  187. King Kong
  188. Donkey Kong
  189. Dong King
  190. Kaptain Kinky
  191. Love Stroodle
  192. The Genie who grants all my wishes
  193. The Magical Boo
  194. Hugs and Kisses
  195. Country Bumpkin
  196. City Boy
  197. The American Ninja
  198. Mister Curious
  199. The Greatest Boyfriend Ever Told
  200. Huggles Wuggles

When choosing a nickname, remember to have fun and experiment with a variety of names for the best impact.  Just because one doesn’t work (either you get bored of it or he doesn’t seem to dig it), doesn’t mean you have to stop searching.  You might find one you both like and then get tired of it.  Or that nickname might evolve over time into something easier to say.  For example, Little Red Riding Hood becomes Little Red, and then Red.  Or the Big Bad Wolf becomes Big Bad and then just becomes Wolf.  Then it’s time for a new brand new nickname!  Half the fun is coming up with something cutesy and yet funny, but making in endearing.  The more you use it, the more sweet it sounds to his ears.

Yes, expect to recycle through a lot of nicknames over the years. You will find the perfect nickname if you keep trying and keep him smiling with those kisses and hugs.

Use your imagination and let’s see what you come up with!

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