7 Romantic Good Night Messages He’ll Love

The romantic good night message can be delivered in person, over the phone or even via text or email. It’s a message straight from the heart. When you write a good one, he appreciates it. He falls deeper in love and then he writes you back something just as sweet.

But when it goes bad, it can actually stall the growing relationship. A bad good night message could scare him, depress him, or get him to friend-zone you in a hurry. So it’s not always a good strategy to say what you’re feeling or thinking, at least not too early in the relationship.

The question is, how can you write a message that’s romantic and one that wishes him good night, but also avoids coming across too dark, too clingy or too strange? How can you be sweet and at the same time, not scare him away?

The good night message has a few motivations you ought to keep in mind.

● It should show him that you value his friendship and appreciate your time together.
● It should let him know that you’re thinking about him, right before bed, which shows very close intimacy.
● It makes him happy, makes him laugh, and leaves him positive associations when he thinks of you. Your sweet text might be the highlight of his day.

Now that said, what are some examples of good text messages…and why do they work so well?

1. Whenever I feel a gentle breeze, I imagine it’s your fingers caressing my hair. Or your kisses gently pouring over me. I like the feeling of being in your arms. I imagine it to be very, very warm and comforting. Good night and sweet dreams.

Nice imagery and giving him details of the foreplay (not the sex) will leave him wanting more.

2. I know it’s late. But I just wanted to text you to have a good night. And I hope you have a great day tomorrow. You deserve one, hon.

Great one to use if it’s late and neither of you is up to talking long.

3. As I’m going to bed tonight, I feel that something’s wrong. You’re not here with me. You’re on my mind and yet so far away. Maybe by sending you this good night text message, I’ll make the both of us feel a little better. You’ll read my words and I’ll read yours and then we can say good night.

This is a nice message to send IF there’s already strong attraction and you’ve talked openly about dating each other. You’re telling him that you desire him but that the time isn’t right yet. Maybe if he keeps chasing you that dynamic will change.

4. I wish you were here. Or I was there. Maybe we should describe to each other what our rooms are like. So we can imagine being together in person. Go on, give me a good night present. Describe to me what your bedroom looks like.

A fun thing to say, asking him to describe his bedroom, and then following up with a description of your own. Share things, in addition to ideas. Little details that make your conversation feel more real and emotionally evocative.

5. For some reason, when I think of you, the way you look at me, the passion in your voice…it calms me. Soothes me. Sometimes I just want to listen to you talk for hours on the phone, or in person. Even now, texting you makes me feel at peace. You have a good night sleep, you handsome devil.

Men are always flattered when a woman compliments their voice. If his voice calms you and makes you feel safe, tell him that. He will feel more closely bonded and may even try to talk you to sleep.

6. It’s time to say good night, my friend. I think I must kiss you (again or for the first time). Kissing you is on my bucket list for this life. Just one or two or a few more times. I want to close my eyes and imagine what it would be like to have you on my mind and to feel your lips on mine. Even if it’s just for one moment, I would like to know how you kiss. Because if it’s as pleasant as our conversations, it will be a wonderful night.

Brilliant line to use, especially if the relationship is intense, but he hasn’t made the first move. You’re not defining a relationship…you’re just expressing your desire for him. No strings or attachments, but curiosity and attraction. He will suddenly be the one who wants more out of the relationship.

7. I don’t know what we are, (NAME). But I am so thankful for our chats. You’ve always been there for me. Always such a good friend, but more than just a regular friend. Even when we’re apart or living different lives, you’re always in my heart. It feels so good to have someone I can count on and who cares for me the way I care for him. I’ll always have your back, come hell or high water! Have a great night and a good long sleep. You deserve it.

I like this message because it kind of hints that there’s an attraction beyond platonic, but once again makes it his call – not yours. He still has to express what he feels, even though you’re inviting him to come out and say it. Men like to feel in control, but be “reminded” of your great desire for them. And hey, good nights are the best time to carry those romantic feelings over.

As you can see, the theme here is sharing feelings, rather than laying out rules or talking too much about the relationship. There might not even be a real relationship yet in his mind. If he still thinks you’re just good friends then you must naturally progress to a deeper friendship that goes far beyond platonic. But if there’s sexual tension between you two then he will love the art of the tease. If he seems unsure or very quiet in his responses (indicating disinterest or frustration) cut down the number of good night texts, maybe just once a week.

If he’s interested he will start to text you back and restart those late night conversations. Then you can send him more heartfelt and more frequent messages.

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