6 Witty Headlines for Dating Profiles

It’s time to talk about dating pet peeves. And let me assume the mind of the “average guy” online. Let’s also assume he’s a reasonably successful guy, fairly normal, and not insane. That’s always a plus, right? And if you’re thinking right now, “Why can’t I meet someone like THAT?” I hear you…

All right so a successful man is searching the online ads, keeping an open-mind. Maybe he uses apps like Tinder, (or one of a thousand Tinder imitators) or free sites like Craigslist or Facebook, or maybe even paid dating sites if he’s that serious. At this stage he is paying attention to only two things.

A. Is she attractive?
B. Does she have an interesting headline?

And here’s the peeve: using the headline as a qualifier.

When I say the word “qualifier” I mean women that use the headline to declare something.

Declaring something in a headline is a peeve of most men and is actually going to drive the best quality guys away from you. Qualifier headlines might be something rude or sarcastic (which is used to scare certain types of men away, yes I get that), or it might be bragging about one’s self, or it may simply report information, such as where you live or what you do for a career.

All of these headlines suck. In fact, they’re opposite of what a good headline should be—which is a headline that communicates your high-value and how attractive you are.

Why is the headline so important? Because first impressions matter. Even if you post a great photo, if the headline is disappointing, some men (especially the smart and successful man you’re looking for) may think twice about answering.

Men are very easily put off by dating profiles that seem too vapid, too pretentious or too snarky. Sure, there’s always that one guy that’s not intimidated by bad headlines…but then again, he’s usually not the type of guy you’re looking for. The type of high value man you’re looking for wants a high value woman.

That’s why we’re going to review six high-value headlines I’ve read recently that make a great impression with men. Try them and they’re going to get you lots of responses, likes and “swipes”. We’ll also discuss why these headlines work.

1. New hippie girl in town…need fun, cool guy to show me all the fun spots!

I like this headline because it immediately establishes a topic of conversation. First conversations are usually awkward and at very best can seem “forced.” With this headline, however, you’re stating upfront that you’re new around town and would enjoy meeting someone that can introduce you to the local community. You come across as friendly and open-minded. That communicates high value.

2. I make the best homemade pizza you’ll ever eat. Will you be my ninja turtle?

What I like about this one is that you are focusing on a unique talent that you have, but doing so in a way that doesn’t alienate your readers. Too many people that try to “stand out” just namedrop as a qualifier, like vegan, or religious or non-religious or gamer…and yet they’re not creating attraction. On the other hand, someone who identifies a unique quality (whether it’s cooking, art, mechanics, or anything that makes you unique) and decides to GIVE to someone, to do something positive for other people, comes across as a very high-value person. When in doubt, focus on the positives and don’t inadvertently use your unique traits as a way to scare people off.

3. I believe in the existing of UFOs, dragons, garden gnomes, good honest men and other mystical creatures.

I love this one because it makes a guy laugh and also reminds him of what you’re really looking for – no games, no impossibly high standards, just a man who is honest, attractive and in control of his life. The fact that you believe in something “rare”, but still quite possible, means you haven’t given up your search because you know he’s out there. I much prefer something like this to the old cliché of “are there any good men left?!” which is incredibly negative and off-putting.

4. Wonder Woman looking for her Superman in tight jeans.

What I really love about this one is how it’s basically reversal on the old cliché of “waiting for my knight in shining armor.” I love how this advertises you as an empowered woman who saves herself but still wants the companionship of an equally strong and successful man.

5. So I went on a blind date last week and you’ll never guess who I met…

I admit I (and probably many men) love headlines that start a story. What I frequently tell people to do when creating a headline and profile is to stop focusing on “telling them what you are” and instead just describe an experience that makes the same point. It’s so much more interesting than just listing hobbies or careers. What’s one story that was really exciting or hilarious that you could share, starting with a weird headline?

6. I’ll tell you my favorite movie but you’re going to laugh! Maybe you should tell me yours first.

This one’s nice because it immediately shifts the conversation to cheesy, funny movies (or it could be any hobby really) that you can talk about rather than focusing on awkward beginnings. It’s also a variation on the old “random fact” headline, which I happen to think work great, because it encourages conversation, rather than the typical “just the facts profile” which chases guys away. Random facts and funny little zingers encourage him to talk naturally and not so stuffy or aggressively-flirty.

Remember, the focus here is to welcome him in conversation, letting him know that you’re not going to auto-reject him or judge him prematurely. He’s welcome to try to talk to you and he’s going to find out what a great conversationalist you are. This is the high value he is seeking and it gets results in online dating.

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