Cute Names for Boyfriend in Your Phone

You may love the thrill of calling your boyfriend by a cutesy name. He might like it too…only thing is, when his friends come over, or your friends come over, it’s natural to feel a little embarrassed.

Sure, sometimes friends tend to laugh at you if you have a funny or kinky nickname for your significant other. Maybe they’re jealous! Or maybe they’re just being friends…and mocking your cutesy nicknames is just a rite of passage among bros and sisters.

No matter…you can always keep your most intimate and special nicknames private and use it in non-public conversation. Then, when other people are around you can have a different nickname that works in public and that isn’t as personal.

For example, if Mitchell and Dawn are dating, they might call each other “darling” or “honey” in public. There’s no fun in ridiculing common names like that. But when they’re in private together, they can use nicknames like “cuddle butt” or “sweet cheeks” and have their own secret wordplay.

Another outside-the-box option is to nickname him privately, but hide that nickname from public view. For example, creating a cute nickname for each other in your smartphone allows you to constantly use his nickname and see it on the display when he calls, but still hide your intimate words for public view. Now your nicknames can be as colorful as you’d like, because only you’re going to see them, assuming of course, you don’t let just anyone use your phone!

So let’s consider 20 great nicknames for a hot boyfriend that you can easily type into your phone for your eyes only.

1. My Secret Lover

Why not choose something scandalous? Your secret lover that no one knows about, aka your boyfriend? He’ll get a kick out of it and it’s a funny prank to play on someone who’s spying on your phone.

2. My Gigolo

Just as before, nickname your boyfriend gigolo, or sex toy, or sugar boy. Most men won’t take offense at this, but just in case he is a little sensitive, run it by him first to see if he laughs.

3. My Beloved

A more traditional nickname and the highest honor you can give to a man, when he is your one immortal beloved.

4. My Cupcake

Sweet snacks aside, cupcake is such an affectionate term. He’s sweet on the outside and delicious. But inside? Well, he has an even creamier inside of pure love!

5. Firecracker

Is he a rowdy boy? A troublemaker? A tease and a flirt? Firecracker seems appropriate since he always loves to put on a show.

6. Marshmallow Man

Marshmallow is gentle nickname for a big guy who’s sweet, soft and a natural pleaser when it comes to making his baby happy.

7. Mister Muscles

Is your guy always hitting the gym? Give him some credit for working hard to stay in shape. Mister Muscles or just Muscles is a name he’ll get a kick out of. But of course, once he has those super sculpted abs, maybe he’d prefer Iron Man, Hulk or Thor?

8. My Little Night Light

If you’ve always been afraid of the dark, then nothing feels better than seeing your nightlight. Well let him be your night light. Another alternative would be my “blanket”, someone who covers over you and always helps you feel safe and warm.

9. Bullwinkle

You’ve heard Rocky before, you know the hard fighting persistent champ. But what if your guy is big, tall and goofy? Bullwinkle the Moose! Classic cartoon and the geekier guys out there will get the reference and dig it.

10. Dean or Winchester

Forget Twilight…how about a name based on the show Supernatural? If your boyfriend is a hard working, studly monster-killer like Dean or Sam Winchester, he might appreciate the vote of confidence. You might even bestow an honorable title like “(HIS NAME) Winchester, the long lost half brother.”

11. My Soul Mate or Twin Flame

“Soul Mate”, or even better the “Twin Flame” (two of the same person split in half, looking for each other) is a very sweet and deep nickname. Your love is something well beyond this lifetime. In every life, you find each other again.

12. Ninja Turtle

If he’s a fan of the 1980s and an avenging but adorable superhero, try something a little more quirky like Ninja Turtle.

13. Viking

If he’s got any red freckles, then he’s bound to love comparisons to Vikings, including the mighty Ragnar Lothbrok from the popular cable TV show. And if he’s the more eccentric type, well naturally, Floki!

14. One in a Million

Remind your lover that he’s one in a million. It’s the best compliment you can give a guy, to remind him that of all the men you COULD have, he’s the only one you want.

15. Sugar Bumps

You’ve heard of sugar before and sweety, but here’s one more sweet nickname that’s hard to resist. Sugar bumps means he’s a bumpy ride on account of his edgy personality…but you got to love a guy who’s passionate about life but still sweet as candy.

16. My Phantom of Music

Or just “Phantom” it’s hard to imagine a man NOT appreciating this sweet comparison. In The Phantom of the Opera, Christine goes back and forth between two lovers, the nice guy Raoul and the dark-minded but brilliant outcast, Phantom. In the end, they make wonderful music together. If he’s a well cultured individual (or has a taste for theater and music) he’ll love the nickname.

Choosing a phone nickname for your boyfriend can be a lot of fun since you don’t have to share the name publicly with friends or family, but you still get to giggle whenever you see him calling or texting you. Be creative and yes, be a little bold! Games like these only help you to increase the intimacy and trust you have for each other. Your love will grow stronger over time, especially the more nicknames and memories you make together.

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