Creative Dating Headlines That Attract The Men You Want

It’s easy to understand why writing a good headline encourages clicks or magazine sales. The headline “sells” the story. But when it comes to online dating, you might wonder is the headline really that big of a deal?

Let’s say you’re an attractive woman. All you have to do to attract attention from men is post a good picture, right? The headline could read “wubalubadubdub” and guys would probably click on it.

Well, there’s just one problem with that. When you invite everyone to a party, you might not like who shows up. And I believe that you’re not interested in finding “a man”, but rather a high-value, successful and amazing man – someone you can build a long-term relationship with. A man you can love!

This is why I believe in “qualifying” these online bachelors. That simply means creating a profile that attracts the right type of man and politely discourages the wrong type of man. There’s no need to be rude. But yes, telling your audience of single men basic information will help to attract the right type of man. That means conversations and in-person dates will be more productive.

Listing information in the profile description, such as what kind of relationship you want, and your demographics, location, career and hobbies, is one way to qualify these single guys.

But you can also qualify these prospects using a more creative dating headline. Attract more successful and confident men by making your headline stand out. When you write a creative headline you’re letting a man know that you’re something different from the norm, something valuable and mysterious. Someone worth meeting and getting to know!

So let’s discuss a few ways to make a headline more creative, why it works, and some examples to use or adapt on your own.

1. Paint the image of an attractive “type”, someone he immediately understands.

Successful who use dating apps look for “categories” of women, mostly as a way to avoid bad matches. So if you’re a career woman looking for a career man, it’s okay to say “Established Executive Searching for an Intelligent, Sweet Mind”.

You can also highlight your unique talents or skills if they’re not implied by your career. If you’re an expert at something and you let your audience know, it will help you stand out. For example, “Sexy Chef Seeks Food Taster, Lover, Long-Term Partner.”

2. Let men know that good conversation is a benefit – and a requirement.

If this isn’t about sex, then let men know, you’re all about talking, friendship and emotional connection. Easing men into a conversation is a great way to break the ice and release all that dating pressure. Conversation is a benefit that comes from dating you. But at the same time, intelligent, maturity and depth is expected.

Using a headline like, “I just came back from Indonesia and well…” certainly provokes conversation! You’re not just saying you’re single and expecting him to charm you. You’re inviting men to talk to you, to relax, and open up. That’s a great way to qualify the more intelligent and attractive bachelors out there.”

3. Intrigue them and appeal to their sense of mystery.

Teasing a man by openly flirting and making sexual innuendos is too easy. It ruins authentic chemistry. But teasing him with curiosity and mystery is the real challenge. It’s no coincidence then that successful men LOVE women who project an air of mystery. They’re not easy women, but they’re not rude either. They are difficult to figure out. They require more effort to learn, to seduce, to charm, to love.

That’s the type of woman you are and by using an intriguing headline you can project that attractive quality.

For example, “I’ll tell you something that’s going to shock you!” or “Some people chase dreams. But I found something better.” Or, “Someone once asked me what I love the most. My answer surprised them.” I also like “There are three things I’ve never told another living person.”

The real incentive is to continue the conversation. That’s what attracts him to you and as long as you keep that sense of mystery, he will find you even more fascinating than just a sexual encounter.

4. Appeal to his sense of humor and his gut-level attraction.

If you want to challenge a man and let him know you’re a handful (in a good way), then you want to project the qualities of funny and approachable. Men love women who are funny, sure! But if you really want him to feel attraction then you want to come across as a little bit of a bad girl. Someone unpredictable. Someone with a dark side, so to speak.

For example, “I’m the one your mother warned you about” or even something like “I like to out, but sometimes I stay in. PS I’m in jail.” is good for a laugh. It also provokes a response from him, which is the first step to starting a back and forth dialog.

5. Direct but mature honesty.

I think most guys do respect honesty, even if it’s a rejection. Many guys will get triggered if you’re brutally honest and stop the conversation. I’ve found in my research, however, that women who take the time to explain their perspective usually get a better reaction from guys.

So the usual qualification process goes something like this:

“Don’t be a bore. I only respond to guys who aren’t losers. I will ignore you if you just type ASL.”

It doesn’t start the conversation on a positive note.

Consider though, this headline.

“Here’s why I delete 99% of all my inbox messages…”

From there, you go on to explain in the profile why you and certain types of messages turn you off.

This is direct honesty and there’s nothing snarky about it. It’s actually just you taking the time to explain what you want and why many men fall short of those high standards. This evokes a big response in men. Mature and intelligent men respond, because they want to qualify. Even less desirable men might respond, but up their game and try harder to impress you.

This is a great approach and much more positive. Stay positive, stay intriguing and share the joy you have with other singles. You will get more responses and higher quality responses at that!

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