200 Contact Names for Your Boyfriend

200 Contact Names for Your Boyfriend

Isn’t it a great feeling to have a new boyfriend and have someone that you can talk so intimately with on a regular basis? He’s someone that understands you, feels what you feel, and worships the ground you walk on. It’s a wonderful sensation and it makes romance fun.

So why not celebrate your love with some cute nicknames? Are you worried about your boyfriend’s reaction to your nicknames? Or maybe concerned about what your friends might think if they knew you called him “Doctor Sexy?”

Hey, don’t worry so much about it. After all, if you keep things secret nicknames away from your friends, or even away from your boyfriend, you don’t have to answer to anyone. You can just keep these cute contact names as an inside joke and see it every time he calls you. Imagine seeing a funny name or a sexy name every time the phone rings?

It’s your little secret so feel free to take some risks. In fact, I’ve compiled a list of cute contact names for your boyfriend, from funny to sweet to sexy. What do you think? Can some of these ideas inspire you to come up with your own cute contact names?

1. Schmoopy
2. Big Guy
3. Cuddles
4. My Dom
5. My Angel
6. Big Boy
7. Baby Boy
8. Baby Bear
9. Country Bumpkin
10. Captain Hook
11. The Sex God
12. The Girlfriend Whisperer
13. Big Poppa Pump
14. The King
15. He-Man
16. The Terminator
17. The Time Lord
18. Dr. Who
19. Mr. Mistoffelees
20. Yolo
21. Ass-Man
22. Cuddle Muffin
23. Big Cat
24. Wolf Pack
25. Baloo
26. Tarzan
27. Duck Man
28. Batman
29. Cringer or Battle Cat
30. The Master
31. Detective (Name)
32. Goofy
33. Huggles
34. Puppet Master
35. My Love
36. My Beloved
37. My Lover
38. Gigolo
39. Sheriff
40. Zombie-Killer
41. Spider-Killer
42. Horny Toad
43. The Master Chef
44. Muscle Man
45. The First Jedi
46. Sith Lord
47. Hakuna Matata
48. Prince Charming
49. Incubus
50. Shorty
51. My Little Smurf
52. Donkey Kong
53. My Valentine
54. My Future Husband
55. My Stress-Reliever
56. My Nasty Boy
57. My Boo-Boo
58. His Excellency
59. My Partner in Nerdiness
60. The Wizard
61. My Magician
62. The Illusionist
63. Smarty Pants
64. Superstar
65. The Hugster
66. His Kiss
67. My Rebel
68. The Whopper
69. The Babe
70. My Monkey
71. The Comedian
72. Funny Boy
73. My Unicorn
74. My Greaser Baby
75. Mister President
76. The Snake
77. The Muffin Man
78. The Sexy Plumber
79. The Ultimate Fighting Champion
80. The Lion Tamer
81. His Sweet Lips
82. His Beautiful Eyes
83. His Sexcellency
84. Butter Bean
85. The Cute One
86. My Little Pony
87. The Wolf of (Your Street Name)
88. My Love Story
89. My Main Squeeze
90. The Dreamer
91. Spartacus
92. GI Joe
93. Slick (NAME, and add a Y, as in Slick Johnny or Slick Mikey)
94. Bunny Ears
95. Fire Lips
96. Hot Sauce
97. The Dude Abides
98. King Snuggles
99. Sexy Pirate
100.The One Who Spanks Me
101. Kanye
102. King of the World
103. My One True Thing
104. Passionfruit
105. The King of Smiles
106. Mr. Fantastic
107. The Alpha Male
108. Ramen Noodles
109. Cherry Pop Tart
110. The Mango
111. Cow Bell
112. My Moo-Moo
113. Eye of the Tiger
114. Mister Mic Drop
115. The Light at the End of the Tunnel
116. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
117. My Munchkin
118. Slim Jim
119. Mahna Mahna
120. The Final Countdown
121. The Life of the Party
122. My Sweet Boyfriend
123. My Bae-Boo
124. Ginger Baby
125. Shades
126. Mister Postman
127. The Mother Hugger
128. Mister Sunshine
129. The Good Cop
130. The Rookie
131. The Snuggle Werewolf
132. The Shapeshifting Hug Moster
133. Tight Pants
134. White Socks
135. The Closer
136. Rocks My Socks
137. Crocodile Hunter
138. Mister Amazing
139. The Serial Hugger
140. The Kiss Stealer
141. Thoughts and Cuddles
142. The Agony and the Ecstasy
143. Summer Time
144. Hammer Time
145. Sweet Dreams
146. Me and my Lama
147. Sweet Baby of Mine
148. TLC (Tender Loving Care)
149. My Dominant
150. Kung Fu Hustle
151. The Wise One
152. Yummy Yum Yum
153. The Owl
154. Hugs, My Hero
155. The Dark Knight
156. Yes-Man
157. Poopy
158. Buster
159. Here Come the Judge
160. Magnetic Man
161. The Fire Breathing Dragon
162. Leo the Lion
163. He’s a Lumberjack and He’s OK
164. Mister Bean
165. Dick
166. The One Who Misses Me
167. My Soul Mate
168. My Twin Flame
169. Action Jackson
170. The American Ninja
171. The Hugger from the Black Lagoon
172. The Director
173. The Dance Instructor
174. My Hot Date Tonight
175. The Red Hot Chili Pepper
176. Snuggly Puff
177. Hugs the Magic Dragon
178. Spanky McFarland
179. Old Rough & Ready
180. The Mambo King
181. The Last Hug on the Left
182. The Love Psychic
183. Happily Ever After
184. My Honeysuckle
185. Mister High Society
186. The Guru
187. The Red-Headed Stranger
188. Sugar Hugs McGee
189. Sweet Potato
190. The Hug Fairy
191. The Unstoppable Hug Machine
192. The Brain
193. The Man Who Laughs
194. Snazzy Dresser
195. A Sharp Dressed Man
196. The Man in Black
197. Mister Wonderful
198. Admiral Cuddles
199. The Slobber Monster
200. Future Dad or Future Husband

As you can see, there’s no special art to creating a nickname. Just use a word that feels cute and romantic. If there’s a quality that you associate your boyfriend with, or an idea, or a feeling, then that’s a great source of inspiration. In general, try to choose something complimentary so that just in case he sees the contact name he won’t be insulted. Besides, if you love that silly guy it should always be your instinct to massage his ego and make him feel good about himself.

Have fun with your own nicknames and strengthen the bond that exists between you and yours.

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