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Has it been a while since you’ve been out on a date?  Hey, there’s no shame in that.  Personally, I think quality is better than quantity, especially when it comes to romance.  Just because you COULD find a man at the local tavern or fix-it shop doesn’t mean that’s what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Let’s be honest.  You want to find a man that you click with, someone that understands you.  You want to find good chemistry and something serious, maybe even a relationship that will one day lead to marriage and a family.

So don’t ever feel bad about not having many dates.  You’re choosy and particular in looking for a partner and that’s a good thing.  That means you have standards.  You’re not going to compromise your standards just so you can say you have a boyfriend – a boyfriend you’re not happy with and who gets on your nerves!

If you want to find real love, you must have standards.  You must be able to identify what you want in a relationship (in terms of personality, lifestyle, values, etc.) and also what you don’t like, or as you might call them “deal breakers.”

Once you identify what you’re looking for, specifically, (and you adhere to this list without compromise) it will be easier to find the relationship you want.  Don’t settle, find exactly what you want and work towards that goal.

On the subject, here’s something I hear frequently.

“I’m attracted to black men.”  Or white men, or Asian men, or Latinos.  Or any other race.

Perfectly natural, right?  And yet some people feel guilty about this.  Maybe they think preferring one color or one race/ethnicity is a racist thing to do.  Or maybe they think, “Well if I’m attracted to a lot of men who are of another race, then it’s just lust.  It’s not real love.”

Let’s find some balance though.

There’s nothing shameful about finding one particular race or ethnicity attractive.  And frankly, if there’s no LUST in the relationship, it’s not going to make for a very happy marriage.  It’s okay to follow your heart and to follow your naughtiest fantasies for a man that turns you on.

In fact, you could make an argument that what “turns us on” sexually might actually have an evolutionary component.  We’re attracted to what benefits us.  We’re attracted to mates who bring out “our best”.  That feeling of being “weak at the knee” or “butterflies in your tummy” indicates you and the other person have matching pheromones.  It’s a good thing.Of course, that comes with a word of caution.  Lust is not ENOUGH to make a long-term relationship.  Finding an interracial romance will be a dual challenge.  It will mean finding someone you’re attracted to and someone with whom you’re also emotionally and intellectually compatible.

It’s not always easy to date locally, especially if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.  That’s where the miracle of dating apps comes in.

Using an app or a website on your PC, you can find local or statewide matches for a low cost.  You can even take your search internationally with some of these apps.  Have you ever used one?  How do you begin?  Which sites are safe and sure to bring results?

Well nothing’s for sure.  However, I did make a list of the 10 most reliable interracial dating apps/sites out there.  You’ll notice the absence of well known general sites like Facebook, Reddit, Craigslist and Twitter.  Just don’t bother with those…general searches never seem to get you the results you want.  And there happens to be a lot of toxic people frequenting those sites.  Go fig, right?

If you want to get serious about finding someone compatible then take a chance with one of these options:

  1. Adult Friend Finder

If you’re looking for a fling and nothing serious, Adult Friend Finder is possibly the most popular and somewhat discreet site online.  It allows you to search by race/ethnicity, as well as a number of other factors, including NSA, long-term, FWB, one-night stand and so on.  Unlike many other apps out there, this one seems to have good feedback.

  1. Black White Interracial Dating App

This app is programmed specifically for black and white interracial matches.  It focuses on local matching and is available on Apple and Google operating systems for a prescription price.  You can also match according to qualities as well as photos and location.

  1. com

One of the oldest interracial dating apps (started in 2001) and one that goes beyond just black or white and embraces all races and ethnicities.  It also has verification features to eliminate spam users or fake users.  Lifestyle matching is also offered, in addition to searching and swiping.

  1. E-Harmony

Probably the most accurate site for matching according to values and qualities.  Unfortunately it doesn’t cater specifically to interracial relationships.  What you can do, however, is filter out the searches to only include your preferred rate.

  1. Fetlife

A more mature site, since it caters to the BDSM community.  While many long-term relationships are explored here, be aware many of them are experimental and polyamorous in nature.

  1. Afromance

Afromance is a cleverly designed niche dating site, catering not only to black singles but also according to faiths, Jewish, Muslim and Christian singles, or age demographics.

  1. Plenty of Fish

Works similarly to Tinder and other fast-dating apps, but with more enhanced search and chat features for a premium price.  Plenty of Fish offers some limited free features, including the ability to message anyone – but only if there’s a match.  Paid membership lets you message anyone regardless of matching.

In closing, remember that there is no guarantee on these sites, “guaranteed match” offers aside.  They may promise to find you a match or a relationship but will it really be on your own terms?

The secret to finding the interracial romance of your dreams is to determine what you want, and what your values are, and then proceed to meet men in a place where you can find those shared values.

There’s no question that online dating might be the ideal environment for that, since it’s not always easy to find local dating opportunities.  Now that you know the place, it’s time to focus on what you truly want in a man and in a relationship.  Because ultimately, you’re the one who creates and maintains your relationship.  You have that power.  Don’t dream…go find the relationship you want!



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