9 Toxic Red Flags Men Have That You Should Avoid At ALL COSTS!

9 Toxic Red Flags Men Have That You Should Avoid At ALL COSTS!

Understanding the red flags in a potential partner can save you from a lot of heartache. It can help you determine whether a relationship might turn toxic, or if it’s heading towards a fulfilling, happy future.

I’m Matthew Coast, and today I’ll guide you through 9 key warning signs of a toxic man. These red flags indicate that your values may not align, he might not be ready for a relationship, or perhaps there’s a better match for you out there.

  1. He resents women If he often speaks negatively about women, labels them as ‘crazy’, or shares damaging stories about women from his past, this might indicate unresolved issues. A healthy relationship requires a man who respects women and sees them as equals.
  2. He doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother His relationship with his mother can offer insight into how he’ll treat you. A positive relationship with his mother or fond memories of her, if she’s passed away, can be a good sign. If not, he should ideally have addressed these issues in previous relationships.
  3. He speaks poorly about his exes How a man speaks about his exes can give you a sense of his maturity and perspective on past relationships. If he demonizes them or plays the victim in all scenarios, this might be a red flag. Ideally, he should be able to discuss his past relationships respectfully, acknowledging that they simply weren’t a good fit.
  4. He tries to control you A controlling man who doesn’t consider your feelings or needs can be toxic. You should never feel the need to tiptoe around him or his feelings. A healthy relationship requires a leader who values and prioritizes the needs and desires of others.
  5. He tries to isolate you from friends If a man attempts to separate you from your friends, consider this a major red flag. It’s crucial to maintain diverse connections and relationships in your life.
  6. He rushes the relationship A man who wants exclusivity or a deeper commitment too soon might be hiding something. It generally takes around three months of consistent dating to truly get to know someone.
  7. He is hot and cold Inconsistency, such as disappearing for weeks or fluctuating between extreme emotions, can be a warning sign. You want a partner who is consistent and communicates clearly about his normal behavior.
  8. He talks about other women excessively or tries to make you jealous If he constantly talks about other women, he might be seeing others, be a player, or still hung up on an ex. A man who tries to make you jealous may be manipulative.
  9. Your friends dislike him If you have mature, healthy friends and they strongly dislike your man, that could be a red flag. Sometimes, people outside of the situation can see things more clearly.

If you spot severe red flags, it’s best to walk away. Trying to fix him or manipulate him is a low-value pattern. If the issues are mild, set clear boundaries and watch for patterns. If it’s a one-time occurrence, ensure you’re using both your head and your heart in making your decisions. Can you see how understanding these signs can be beneficial to your dating life?

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