Sweet Good Morning Messages That Men Love

Are you crushing on a guy and think the feeling might be mutual? Maybe you’ve never started a conversation via text, what’s app, or Facebook. So far, he seems to be friendly in all his replies and that’s good. He might also reply with smiley faces and emoticons…and let’s face it, no guy uses those silly faces unless he’s really into you, right?

Not necessarily. Believe it or not, some guys just like to be polite when they reply. Maybe they even enjoy a little mindless flirting but that doesn’t mean he’s “into you”. If you take a big chance and put yourself out there, you might be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you wait too long he might forget about your chat over time – and any chemistry he feels with you for that matter. You’re right thinking that you should send him a few messages just to gauge his level of interest.

Enter the “Good morning message!” It’s an easy way to attract his attention without coming across as desperate or clingy. Good morning messages are not only there to distract him and put the idea of you back into his head…

They should also be positive, fun and quirky messages so that he will start associating you with positive things – the most fun and interesting person he knows! That’s what men find attractive, especially in early courtship.

In developing your own sweet “good morning messages”, try to find ideas for messages that based on familiar things – things you both know, local things, references you both understand. That personalizes the conversation.

But if you can’t seem to think of anything, don’t fret. Ideas for good morning messages come easy and easy to adapt for your own personal use. Here are a few good morning messages you can steal or borrow to rewrite.

1. Hey, don’t feel nervous about today. You’re going to do great. I just know, I have a great feeling in my gut that you’re going to ace this. Believe in yourself and have a good breakfast. Tell me how it goes!

Great one to use if he’s told you about a big day at work. Show him you care about his life.

2. I enjoyed our chat last night. I haven’t had a good laugh like that in a while. And some of the things we talked about were just fascinating. I almost forgot how much fun talking to someone gets you can be. Have a great morning.

Give him credit for the good chat you enjoyed and admit that you love talking to him.
3. Good morning. Sometime this week I should tell you about the weird and embarrassing dream I had about you. Not sexual, hahaha believe it or not. But really weird!

Appeal to his curiosity by admitting it’s not a kinky dream, but something funny you have to hear in person.

4. Good morning…did you sleep well? Or did you have any freaky nightmares? Any scary monsters under the bed?

Nice way to imply an intimate feeling.

5. Morning! Feeling tired, let me guess? Lol I’m sorry I kept you up talking so late last night. I just really needed to vent. I’m glad you are the way you are. I can tell you anything! (Well almost anything) 😉

Of course, he has no regrets about chatting for that long night. And it’s not so much that you’re “sorry”, but rather you’re reminding him of how much he likes you, because he invested so much time in that conversation.

6. Good morning starshine, the earth says hello / You twinkle above us, we twinkle below. Thought you might enjoy a good morning serenade, sweety.

Good for a laugh.

7. G’morning. I hope your day is full of joy, love and peace. And I hope that your enemies shall be vanquished. Farewell, great warrior.

Nice medieval feel to it and it shows your sense of humor.

8. I look forward to your text messages like reading funnies in the newspaper. Your wit is the highlight of my day, well, unless it’s a day where I get a big promotion!

This is a good morning we will appreciate, especially if he shares a lot of memes or jokes. Let him know you appreciate his ability to make you laugh.

9. Good morning! I hope the weather today is as calm, pretty and sunny as your smile.

It’s nice to focus attention on a man’s beauty and his “smile” is a non-threatening way to do this. It also reminds him to be happy, because that brings out his best side!

10. Good morning. Right now you’re checking your messages and have the most adorable sleepy face. Well wake up! Get some coffee. Be happy to be alive. I know you can give the world that lovely smile.

Let him know you love his sleepy face, since this indicates intimacy or at least the desire to be with him in a more intimate setting. Put thoughts into his head but then follow up with something cute and innocent. He’ll love it.

In closing, it’s easy to see that the best good morning messages are funny, mostly platonic, and very low pressure, when it comes to romance or dating. You don’t want him to think of you as a clingy kind of girl, nor do you want the feeling that you “demand” his attention all the time because that’s only going to cause negative associations.

You want to keep things positive and fun. That means that your messages will be funny, free and easy to read. Leave him with a good feeling. In fact, make him look forward to each good morning message. (Send him just a few a week, so as not to scare him away with daily messages) Learn to be adaptable. If he doesn’t seem like open-ended questions, stick to what works.

As long as he associates your texts with good feelings, you’re slowly but surely winning his heart. Keep up the good posts and reel him in with your positive energy.

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