9 Signs You Have A Connection With Your Soulmate.

9 Signs You Have A Connection With Your Soulmate

We use the expression “soulmate” a lot today. It’s a very romantic notion, the idea of having a soulmate. Colloquially speaking, a soulmate is someone who understands you, maybe even someone that you’re destined to be with because they match you so well.

But what is a soulmate, at least by the classic definition? According to karma, and this article from The Huffington Post, a soulmate is someone that fits us, as if they are the one who has the lock to our key. We unlock our true self and that’s when we can be honest about who we are.

Yes, it’s interesting to note that soulmates are not necessarily romantic lovers, at least in the karmic sense. Soulmates come into our lives to fulfill us, to help us grow, and to make us feel complete. In contrast, the “twin flame” is the missing part of yourself, your opposite, that you can only truly understand after a lifetime (or two) of quarreling.

Of course, the point that the karmic expert was making in the article is that sometimes people settle in relationships and end up with a “life partner” that doesn’t feel like a real soulmate, twin flame, or anything.

We grow up and throw away idealistic ideas like soulmates because we’re afraid of being alone. Sadly, many people do lose their idealism and figure that good chemistry, attraction and most importantly, emotional engagement, are just not that important.

Maybe they feel this way because they’ve lived through dysfunctional relationships and have given up on the idea of having both a strong attraction AND a peaceful relationship.

That’s also unfortunate because passion thrives when there is true emotional and spiritual connection. When you don’t have passion but “settle” for someone who meets the bare minimum requirements, you sort of give up on life. You give up on romance.

Then you probably start to wonder about the person you’re with, and whether he’s a man that completes you. Like a soulmate, someone dear to your heart.

How do you know if you have that spark, that passion, or are just settling for a guy who’s convenient?

We’re going to review 9 signs that suggest you do have a connection with your soulmate and that it’s not just a relationship of convenience.

1. You are best friends in life.

Soulmates are characterized by strong feelings of friendship. You balance each other out and fit each other. Even though you’re different, you usually never clash. You’re always happy to be a part of each other’s life and that’s a wonderful gift.


2. They make you feel calm and in control.

Whereas other good friends could bring out the worst in you, this friendship always feels calm and peaceful. You seem to find solace in each other. Even early on, you sense something familiar and comfortable about your soulmate.


3. You always respect each other and are attuned to each other’s feelings.

Some people say that soulmates really do feel each other’s pain. They’re so closely attuned with what the other is thinking and feeling, that it’s like your souls are intertwined. It’s not uncommon for one soulmate to pick up on the grief of their partner, their anxieties, and other hidden feelings.


4. You have the same goals in life, career, hobbies, etc.

Soulmates are almost always aligned closely with their values and life goals. They can’t help but hop onto the same bus, because they’re always heading in the same direction. Soulmates are rarely ever conflicted or polar opposites. They usually compliment each other.


5. You can always be yourself.

It’s a great feeling to know that you can say anything, express any thought, and always communicate your feelings with your soulmate. You can’t not be yourself because your best friend always knows if you’re holding something back, or lying, or if something is bothering you. It’s refreshing to have a friend that communicative.


6. You’ve seen each other at your worst but still do love each other dearly.

It’s safe to say that for some people, when you see them at their “worst” the whole dynamic changes. Maybe they’re a mean drunk, or an abuser, or they have some other difficult personality trait.

Well not so, with your soulmate. You have seen your soulmate at their “worst” but it’s never too much. You can always deal with it and offer help to that person when it’s needed. You’re there for the best and worst times of the friendship and that makes it special.


7. You’ve learned so much from each other.

Even after a disagreement or a quarrel, you still grow in mutual respect and understanding. You and your soulmate always learn from each other. You have something to teach each other in this lifetime. It’s never a lecture though; just a mutual curiosity and a great discovery that you make together.


8. You are physically drawn to each other.

Soulmates are always physically drawn to each other – frequently touching each other because they feel that intimacy and cherish that bond. They don’t always think of touching as sexual or even romantic. They simply touch because of love, understanding, and empathy. It’s a very sweet gesture and part of a special bond that you don’t get with many people…at least, not in this lifetime.


9. You know in your heart this is your match.

Soulmates do just “know” when they meet their match. Their heart speaks and their mind speaks. They feel something profound, almost spiritual, and they know they’re never going to meet anyone like this ever again – someone who completely gets them.

You’ll notice in this article I didn’t always describe a soulmate as a “him” and that’s because soulmates are not always romantic lovers. Sometimes they are friends or family members.

They can be romantic or platonic but that doesn’t change the level of trust, intimacy, and love that they share.
Of course, when you do find your soulmate, and it just so happens to be a lover, it’s such a great feeling! You get the best of both worlds: a partner who fulfills you and matches you mentally and also one who protects you, cares for you, and shares everything.

No wonder that soulmates who are also lovers are truly connected and living in their own world of happily ever after. If and when you find that special bond, don’t ever let it go. It is a phenomenon that comes around rarely – probably just once in your life.


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23 thoughts on “9 Signs You Have A Connection With Your Soulmate”

  1. I am being totally blown away these days! I just met a doctor who shares the same interests, down to the smallest detail. We both love photography, but he is going to teach me more. We both own pool tables! I love to dance and yet can’t partner dance, but he took lessons and wants to teach me. I was married to a horticulture teacher and love gardening. He is a Master gardener! We both have a waterfall/pond. We both love animals. He just asked me if I like…my favorite singer!! It goes on and on! Physically we both love to be touched, and his exwife hated it. I just hope I can keep up with him.

      1. Yes, a soul mate may not last a lifetime. They may pass on, or leave, and even be in another country. They are s person who you connect with on all levels, but you may only have them until you’ve learnt what they came into your life to teach you.

    1. I guess you could once your both in Heaven why not. My mother and father are both in heaven and they were divorced but my Mom said we will always soulmates we will be rocking in the rocking chair in heaven. I hope I answered your question.

  2. I love my best friend we are in long distance relationship.we share the same taste in songs and in many other things too.i really feel he is the one for me with whom i can spend my life with no doubts..he also loves me too but his parents will never accept our relation… I dnt knw what should i do..it really hurts..

    1. I am in a similar situation in a long distance relationship. We are so connected and feel each other even though we are thousands of miles apart. His parents will never accept our relationship. He is from a different culture. I would love to share with you privately since it’s a situation we have in common.

  3. Have you advised someone who is “spending time” with a divorced Pastor? We have been spending time together over 2 months. I feel I’m “dating 2 separate identities”. The “usual” routine is you meet, date for a period of time, decide to move in/“relations”(to put it delicately), buy a house/marriage..I’m open to any advise.

    1. If you find yourself sincerely asking this question then you are most likely not with someone of soulmate material at this time. Soul mate relationships are easy and reassuring in themselves. You should not find yourself questioning how your partner feels or if they feel to the same level of intensity as you do. You’d just know this by the way you organically interact with him.

  4. I just meet my soul mate over three weeks ago now we both love the some things but he’s already in a relationship with someone else but we talk alot on line share the some interested we both have passion for music I love making music he loves to sing .. I
    Not sure if he feels the same way about me

    1. Sorry honey but that is not your soulmate! He is cheating on his partner to talk to you online!! PleSe wake up and find someone not with someone else. If he really loves you he would leave his relationship right now to be with you.

  5. After 3 failed marriages (2 of which were to the same man) I finally met someone who can totally understand me. Our likes and dislikes are like a mirror image I never met anyone like that , sort of like we’re twins. I noticed that we both were drawn to each other the first time we met. And yes we are constantly touching which has such a calming effect on us both. Not sure where this relationship will lead but I truly feel I’ve found my soulmate.

  6. This is beautiful and profound. Thank you so much for the enlightenment. I totally agree with the 9 points. May you be blessed for all the light and empowerment and the way you are changing and impacting lives

  7. I believe I have found my soul mate but the strange thing is that we have never met because we are in different countries. He has offered to move to mine so that I can remain close to children and grandchildren. We finish each other’s sentences, we have the same values and ideals and love of family and animals. Is it possible for a 70 year old widow to find someone so special this way?

  8. Carlene McGriggs

    I met him january 2019, he left for active duty february 2019, today, two years and some months still together, chatting and spending as much quality time together as time allows between the different time zones. We both have lost our late partners, his wife/my husband, we love the same kind of music, we have the same goals in my for our future, we have a deep connection together, we are both vey romantic, (even oceans apart), he called me his soulmate first, we both realize that we have never loved like this before. Is he my soulmate?

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