4 Things Men LOVE About Women

If men and women are going to get together, stay together, and have relationships worth being in, I think we need to stop talking about what’s wrong with the opposite gender and start focusing on things we love about each other instead.

Here are four things that men love about women…

1. Men Love Your Soft And Nurturing Side

This is something that’s very feminine. And men absolutely love it!

There’s a part of it that connects to a man’s heart. There’s something there that makes him feel more alive and more connected.

2. Men Love The Way Women Smell

In the middle east, there’s thing that that they do there where women will dance and stick their hands underneath their armpits.

Then men come around and they wave their hands around a man’s face so that he can smell her body odor…

While this may seem weird or gross to some, your natural scent is a lot more attractive to men than you probably realize.

3. Men Love The Way Women Look

Everything about it: the curves of their bodies, their hair, their eye lashes, the feminine parts like the boobs, the butt, their feet.

Women are very beautiful. To a man that’s a very precious and sacred thing.

4. Men Love Women Who Are In Touch With Their Emotions

There’s a misconception out there that to men emotions equate to drama.

That’s not true. It’s usually emotions mixed with expectations that men think of as drama.

Without the expectations, your emotions can be very attractive to men, especially the expression of those emotions done in the right way.

Men are known for being a bit more logical and it kind of pulls us into our hearts.

It’s the real connection that men get to have with women. And it makes men feel like they’re alive.

That connection is really powerful.

Like I said earlier, I think our society places too much of a focus on this “us vs. them” mentality when it comes to men and women in relationships… the battle of the sexes is ripping us apart!

If you want to have a better relationship with the man in you life, focus more on what brings you together, what you love about each other, and how to deepen the spark and connection that you have with him.

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