9 Signs That Prove That Your Long Distance Relationship Is Working.

9 Signs That Prove That Your Long Distance Relationship Is Working

Relax…you worry too much!

I know being in a long-distance relationship can be nerve-racking. Maybe you’re always second-guessing whether he loves you or if this relationship is going places.

But rather than freak out about it, there’s a much better way to evaluate a relationship’s viability. It’s time to pay attention the signs!

I like to say that “signs”, whether on the road or even metaphorically speaking, show us where we’re going. Whether we’re heading in the wrong direction or the right direction, what matters is that you read the sign. Pay attention and prepare. Now that you know, it’s time to either stay the course or turn around.

If you’ve noticed these 10 signs, then your long distance relationship is going well – and it’s time to celebrate the fact that you have something amazing on your hands.

1. You simply have to touch bases every day! (It feels wrong if you don’t)

The most comforting part of your day is reaching out to your man and letting him know everything that happened today! Whether it’s good news, or lamenting about work, or just sweet thoughts of him, you’re always motivated to tell him…

And he’s always delighted to hear from you. That’s a great place to be! (Hey, some couples really can’t stand each other…be happy that you feel so close!)

2. The future doesn’t terrify you. You know you’re going to be together.

You know that sickening feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen because you hate talking about the future? The terrible feeling of not knowing where you stand with a guy?

That’s a problem from ten years ago! That’s an old relationship, an ex, your first boyfriend. That’s NOT what you’re dealing with now.

Now, is something much different. Something pretty cool. You both know you belong together. You talk about the future. Maybe it’s delayed sometimes, but the thought of being with him (and him being with you) is just understood. You don’t want to live without each other. You mean so much to each other and frankly…you both sparkle and glow when you’re in love.

How could you possibly imagine a future alone after finding someone so special?

3. You tell each other everything – and that means everything!

There are no secrets. Why? Because you don’t fear your partner’s reaction. You don’t hide from them and you don’t spare them your true and unfiltered thoughts. He wants to know. He feels relief when he knows what you’re thinking, and you him.

This is a wonderful feeling, that of true honesty – indeed, like you’re both an equal partnership and you wouldn’t even want to keep secrets from each other, because what’s the fun in that?

4. The both of you still enjoy discussing and doing little things together.

You have rituals, routines, little things that you enjoy doing. These routines help you to bond together and appreciate each other. It’s a great sign that even if you get married and stay together 50 years…you’ll still make time to enjoy the little things.

Remember you can keep doing these routines on video chat, or via telephone, so you can stay connected as you experience different “dates” and situations. It’s great for learning each other and the daily routines that make you who you are.

5. You still talk for hours every time.

You’re so close to each other, you couldn’t imagine going a week without a long conversation lasting hours into the night. You’re that much of a comfort to each other.

6. He would still conquer a dragon – and all the other stuff – just to make you happy.

Awww, he would still do anything for you. Maybe not conquer a dragon…but he would still do something embarrassing to make you laugh. He would still do you a favor, even at the end of a tiring work day. He would still make time to listen to you if you need a friend, no matter what sports game is on TV. A self-sacrificing man is nothing to take for granted. He loves you that much – and that means everything!

7. You both have a positive effect on each other.

One of the best indicators of happiness and long-term compatibility, even in a long distance relationship, is that you bring out the best qualities in each other.

You don’t get together online just so you can fight. There are no awkward conversations, because you know each other so well and you can tell when something is bothering him. Just by being yourself you make him happy. He makes you happy just by talking to you, confiding in you, and arranging for these virtual dates.

The final effect? You make each other feel better. Your lives are enhanced because of this relationship, long-distance though it may be.

Speaking of which…

8. You’re never lonely – even when alone, you still love each other.

You may be alone but you don’t feel lonely. You have your own thriving independent life going on. You have your own personal goals and dreams, apart from him, and yet that are completely supported by him. He has his own life. You’re both independent people…

And yet when you come together you both complete each other. You tell each other everything. It’s a comfort, a routine…and yet a great way to unburden yourself and just hug each other’s soul. It’s refreshing to know someone who’s always there for you and who makes sure you feel loved, needed, appreciated, and admired.

So while other people out there might be married and feeling alone? You never feel alone. You feel happy right now, knowing that he’s just a call away – and that he’s always waiting for your call, ready to share his life with you.

9. Your sex life is…uh…pretty wild!

Hey it may be a long-distance relationship, but your virtual sex life is on fire! Whether you flirt all the time and feel that sexual tension – or even if you’ve been together in person and are now just cybering each other’s brains out – it’s all a good sign!

Don’t take for granted physical intimacy, even in a virtual environment. Sex is just a form of love, a way to express affection. If you’re finding ways to enjoy each other and satisfy each other’s lusts and cravings, that shows a healthy and progressive relationship.

Keep that fire going and enjoy your courtship! One day you will be together soon and then you can keep the fireworks going in person, just the way you always dreamed.

In conclusion, remember that a healthy long distance relationship is worth working for. It’s worth putting forth the effort and even making plans, if necessary. If you’re both determined to work through the challenges – because you know this relationship is important and valuable – then you can keep the love between you going strong.

Relationships wither away when one or both partners stop seeing value in each other and in the life they’ve built together. If you’re willing to fight for, and work for, the relationship you appreciate the most? You will turn this online “thing” into a real loving marriage someday, when the time is right.

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