9 Signs He Wants You Back

Why are some men too proud to admit their mistakes? A man might never admit that he’s in love with you. An ex-boyfriend or husband might even refuse to admit that he messed up, or that he regrets losing you and desperately wants you back.

First of all, why do men do this? It could be a number of reasons. Pride might be in his nature. Or it could be the opposite and he’s feeling insecure, fearing your rejection of him more than anything else. Maybe he feels unworthy. Maybe he’s in another relationship but knows that he’s still in love with you. It could be anything.

Here’s what’s important though: the evidence of his interest in you. Regardless of whether he admits it or not, he will SHOW that he wants you back by his actions. If he shows any of these eight signs that he wants you back, then get ready. He might be very close to making a move. Or he might be waiting for you to show more interest, before he starts chasing you again.

You might be able to win him back if you keep calm and improve your communication. Here’s what to look for, nine signs that SHOW he wants you back.

1. He is always texting you!

Let’s be a little Captain Obvious. If a guy is always texting you, or always commenting on your social media page, or calling you, he is definitely interested in you! An ex who is over you or still resentful will not chase. A man chases when he wants. Persistence is definitely a strong sign, even if he doesn’t come out and say it.

2. He is so confusing!

Men who desperately want you back will not only text you frequently but will also give you very mixed signals. He might text you a lot then completely ignore you, then slam another 20 texts the next week. Why? Either he’s wrestling with complicated feelings for you, or he’s just playing games. But either way, that’s a strong sign of interest that he can’t stop thinking about you.

3. He is dating someone else…and is inclined to tell you about it.

A man preying upon your jealousy by bragging about his sex life is childish behavior…and a very strong sign that he’s still interested in you. Why? Because not only is he trying to make you miss him, but he’s also trying to convince himself.

The truth is that rebound relationships tend to last a lot longer than we think. After a breakup, men either become serial daters, or they jump into a long-term relationship with a woman that they’re not really compatible with. They secret miss you. A man who’s serious about getting over you doesn’t rush into a new relationship. He takes his time to recover and reevaluate his life, figuring out new plans and new directions.

A man who’s still “under you” will play games until he gets you back.

4. He wants to reminisce…all the time!

What better way to get you to miss him, than by talking about the past? He wants to remember the old days, focus on the positives, and get you feeling nostalgic for the good times you had together. He misses that intimacy and gets a taste of it back when he chats with you about yesterday.

5. He still keeps in touch with your family.

There is no legitimate reason why he would remain super-close with your parents or siblings or any family member, unless he still had some feelings for you. He still wants to be in your life. He misses the family that he had when he was with you. He wants it back, but might not know how to go about apologizing.

6. He still compliments you.

Men usually don’t give away genuine compliments for free—unless they’re gaga over a woman! It takes a lot of guts for a man to compliment his ex. It’s also sending a clear message: I admire you, I miss you, I’m testing your reaction to see how you respond to me. He might be subtle at first but he is gradually building up to stronger emotion.

7. He still keeps your things – especially items of sentimental value.

When a man is still in love with you, he will have great difficulty parting with things that remind him of the old relationship. In his mind, they’re symbols of you, your presence in his life. If he’s serious about getting over you, he will ditch everything. The more he keeps, quite literally, the more he refuses to let go of these symbols, these feelings, that are still going strong.

8. He is becoming the man you always wanted him to be.

If a man is chasing a woman he will start to “project” being the perfect man, in order to attract her and keep her attention. When the man’s your ex, he already knows what you want. He projects the best side of himself, while also showing you evidence of how he changed for the positive. He doesn’t just “tell you”, as if he’s persuading you to believe him – he shows. He wants to demonstrate how far he’s come and all to win you back.

9. He actually owns up to the mistakes he made and what he would do differently now.

This is perhaps the best sign you can hope for. A man who’s over you might actually admit that he made some mistakes. So that part alone is not a telling sign. BUT if he keeps talking to you on a regular basis, AND talks about what he might do differently with you (or relationships in general) then that is a very good sign that he’s serious about getting back together.

Remember that renewing the old relationship on the same old terms is doomed to end in the same way. However, if you’re both serious about trying again, then you’re going to invent new rules, develop new attitudes and live new and better lifestyles that will help you to stay positive. These new relationship standards will help you stay intimate with each other and eliminate some of the obstacles that doomed the old relationship.
If he wants you back, he won’t just do the minimum to get the old relationship back…he’ll do the “max” to start a brand new love that will last a lifetime.

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