9 Love Paragraphs for Him

If you feel awkward about writing love letters and romantic paragraphs to your partner, you are not alone. You could even say a lot of men tend to be more expressive about romance and love than do women. Men “chase” after all. Women feel more, but sometimes they keep it inside because they don’t want to come on too strong early on in a relationship.

If a man is into you, you’ll know soon enough. He might write long fantasies, long romantic letters, or who knows…maybe even dedicate a novel to you. Men are expressive when their hearts are involved.

But if I’ve taught one thing about men, is that they are puppy-like in the way they love. If they work hard for your approval, then you have to give them the love that they yearn for.

If you become complacent and stop responding to their giant texts of love poetry, then they’re going to be less enthused about sending any more.

That means it’s your turn to write some long love paragraphs and keep the conversation going – and of course, getting much hotter as the days go on!

But how do you write love paragraphs? It may not be as hard as you think.

You’re not actually writing poetry or script or a Jane Austen-like literary letter. All you’re actually doing is expressing your innermost thoughts. Rather than just using a few sentences, as with a text, you’re following through on those thoughts. You’re using a few sentences to start with a basic thought and then expand it with more details with each new sentence. Each sentence is connected in the same continuing thought.

Here are nine samples…

1. When we were first together I felt “like”, lust and an obsession with you. But I know it’s real love because those same feelings never went away. They just became more intense. I only started to love you more intensely as I got to know you and learned first-hand what a kind man you are. Don’t ever change…I love you just the way you turned out.
2. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for always believing in me, supporting me, and helping me to become the person I always wanted to be. You are my knight in shining armor. You are the warrior who fights for his queen. I will never stop appreciating you or rewarding you for making me the happiest woman on earth.
3. You always know just how to make me laugh. I love your sense of humor. The way you see the world, so funny, and yet so honest. You are a man who inspires me and inspires others. You’re a natural born leader. Charismatic and destined for greatness. I can think of no greater honor than to stand at your side.
4. You will always be the man I think of, right before I go to bed, as I wake up in the morning, when I feel sexy, when I feel sad, when I feel happy, and when I feel anything. I want to share my life with you. I wouldn’t change a thing about you or about this life we live. I am in heaven when I’m with you.
5. I know the real you. I see the real you. I believe in you, everything, from the things you say in public to the quiet thoughts you don’t share with anyone. I know you have doubts, dark thoughts and demons…like we all do. But I also know you have a wonderful heart and the genuine desire to help everyone be their best. That’s why we love you. That’s why I love you.
6. I love you more than I can describe. I love the feeling of cuddling with you, under sheets on a cool wintry night. I love to snuggle you so close and fall asleep on your chest. Listening to your heartbeat calms me. It reminds me of how close I am to your heart…and how our lives will always be connected. Hug me. Touch me. Kiss me. Remind me that you’re mine and that this moment is real.
7. You are my best friend and my best lover. You’re the man I trust the most. Sometimes I can’t even put it into words…the way you make me feel, the emotions you stir inside me. Sometimes when I look at you, I send that passion to you, through my eyes. You can feel it. You can sense it…how much I desire you. I can’t resist you…I never could. And now I never have to resist you ever again.
8. Even when we argue, it’s always done in a spirit of love. You love me and I love you. I never want to hurt you. In fact, all we ever seem to fight about is loving each other too much. I always respect you. I think about you constantly. Even when you get angry, you’re still so adorable. I can never stay mad at you for long because within minutes, you’re back to being the same funny, caring and amazing man you always are. I’m very blessed to have you in my life.
9. We don’t always have money, but I think of myself as the richest woman in the world when I’m with you. You buy me gifts, romantic gifts, sweet gifts that show your undying love. Even more importantly, you give me your time. You take care of my emotional needs and even my most forbidden wants. You give so much of yourself to make me happy. Sometimes I go days without saying it, but I never mean to…so here it is: Of course I notice all the little things you do for me. It just makes me fall in love with you all the more so.

In closing, remember to always speak from the heart. Writing longer love paragraphs is all about amplifying the original thought. Start with a strong feeling and then elaborate, providing more details and more imagery that go along with the original thought. Practice on some longer paragraphs (without sending) and develop some confidence before you try them on him. By the time he reads your final messages, he will be amazed!

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