9 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Starting a conversation with a guy is difficult, right? Maybe it was easier back when you first met, back when HE made all the effort to impress you and start a conversation. But after the novelty of a new romance wears off, you may notice your boyfriend doesn’t seem as talkative as he used to.

No problem, here is an easy crash course in how to be a great conversationalist. In fact, some of these questions are so interesting, and sexy, they might reignite your love life as well as encourage conversation. After all, a stronger emotional connection with your boyfriend is the best aphrodisiac.

Here are 9 flirty questions to remember or adapt to your own personality.

1. “What turns you on the most?”

This is a great question because most guys are just dying to talk about their turn ons and turn offs, like this is a reboot of Taxi Cab Confessions or something. Guys love the opportunity to be honest and to admit what turns them on. Let him know that this isn’t a trick question or an attempt to fish for compliments. Tell him you’re curious about his honest opinion. Then let him bombard you with coming-of-age memories over the last ten years. Intimacy is not just about sex or touching but also about bonding together through conversation.

2. “Do you like when girls make the first move or do you like to make the first move?”

The correct answer, as every guy surely knows, is “Both!” And it’s a great way to start talking about sex – namely, you being more assertive and confident in the bedroom. A guy will almost never object to this. Men may not like women who are too aggressive in social situations. But in the bedroom, anything goes and men love it!

3. “Do you like to dirty-talk during sex? What kind of stuff do you say?”

This may seem like a silly question but it’s damned good at starting a sexy dialog! Just asking simple and “leading” questions is effective at getting guys to open up. You’ve probably already had sex…but you’re just now experimenting. Now is the perfect time to talk about everything and see what he responds to. Get him to share all his kinks about language and ask for examples. Now the next time you’re intimate, you can turn him on by using his own favorite “trigger” words.

4. “What is your taboo fantasy? Yeah that one…the one you’re afraid to tell me.”

Much like the “turn on” question, this allows your boyfriend to share his most intimate thoughts and fantasies with complete freedom. It lets him know that you’re not insecure or jealous – but actually enjoy listening to his fantasies. Now you’ve established trust and a feeling of total honesty. It helps you to bond closely and also spices up your sex life with all sorts of kinky role playing ideas.

5. “If I cosplayed, what kind of character or outfit would you like to see me try?”

Men love it when women play dress up. Cosplay (at comic book conventions) is very hot right now, so indulge his fantasy by asking him who he would like you to dress as. He might have a Catwoman, Princess Leia or Black Widow preference. This topic gets him all riled up while also returning the focus to YOU, your body, and how you can turn him on.

6. “Where’s the weirdest or kinkiest place you’ve ever done it?”

Sure, it gives him the opportunity to brag if he’s ever been a wild man and tried it on a plane or in a dressing room. But even if he’s been a good boy, it only fires up his imagination and DESIRE to be more sexual and take more risks. The point of this conversation is not to review the past but to encourage similar behavior in the future.

7. “Have you ever sexted before?”

Probably yes but even if he haven’t, you’ve definitely shared your views on sexting – yes please! This encourages your boyfriend to be more dominant and horny and to “take the lead” in intensifying your physical relationship. A lot of guys really need that push since they don’t want to risk offending by coming on too strong. Give him permission to sext and let him go nuts with his imagination.

8. “What’s your personal best sexual record?”

While it’s unlikely he’ll tell you that he lasted three hours, orgasmed seven times or stayed up 12 hours for a Tantric marathon, the point of this question is to get him INTERESTED in trying for a personal best record. Many couples suffer “dead bed” in their relationship because they think of sex as a routine or a “hard and fast” activity.

The truth is that lasting hours or making love several times in a day is all a matter of pacing yourself, slowing foreplay down, and living in the moment – becoming more intimate physically and emotionally.

Your boyfriend might be skeptical about the “bonding” thing…but he WILL get excited if you talk about setting records. Every guy loves to brag about his prowess!

9. “When’s the last time you cried?”

Believe it or not, most men will have an easier time talking about crying in the past, than they will actually crying in the present. It’s to be expected…men pride themselves on being tough, mentally and physically. But deep down, they want a partner who they can be emotionally vulnerable with and talk to about anything.

The average guy might resist crying at first, maybe even for months or years, but the real breakthrough will come when he starts talking about emotional things honestly. This is a sign of trust and loyalty. And it all starts with a question.

Remember these flirty questions the next time the conversation drags or your guy seems bored with the conversation. You can always find interesting things to talk about if you just keep your questions open-ended and encourage honest thought. It’s all about piquing his mind and finding out the juiciest details!

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