8 Sweet Messages for Him to Make Him Smile

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate your feelings for a man without coming across too clingy or too desperate. On the other hand, men do get discouraged if they sense you’re holding back or are emotionally aloof. It’s hard to strike a fine balance between overly sweet vs. sexy and detached!

The more you build an emotional connection with a man, the more affection he wants from you. As soon as he falls for you and you form a strong bond, he wants to feel appreciated, coddled and gently caressed with your words.

What you don’t want to do is jump into talk of commitment or possessive romance. That should be reserved for engagement or after marriage. Remember, it’s important to move at the guy’s pace and not push him forward in the relationship before he’s ready.

Let’s analyze eight sweet messages for him that “walk the line” between casual dating and romantic commitment. Finding the balance and keeping it there is what will motivate him to chase you harder and earn more of your affection.

1. “Thanks so much, (NAME), for always being there for me. Whenever I have something come up I can always count on you to guide me through it and talk it out. You’re the one true friend I appreciate the most.”

This could be misconstrued as “friend-zoning him” but guys like it when you actually separate them from your “many friends” and put you in a special category – one of your best friends! Also, using his name is always an emotional anchor that touches his heart.

2. “You are the most unusual, amazing man I know. You always surprise me with your sense of humor. Your charming way with words. And your sweet heart.”

Too much? Not at all, because you’re simply giving him credit for being a good man, a cut above average, and showing appreciation for his abilities.

3. “I can’t stop thinking about you this morning. Thinking about our last date. I left that night with the biggest smile on my face.”

It’s okay to be a little obsessed with him, just like he feels about you. As long as you leave talk of commitment out of the conversation, he will take the compliment well. Remind him that he makes you happy and that’s enough. It’s up to him to crave more intimacy and more commitment.

4. “I want to see you again. I want to hear your voice. Sometimes I crave a lot more than just your text. I want to experience all of you.”

A nice way of inviting him over and telling him that you want more of him – to see more, to have more of the in-person intimate experience. Texting isn’t enough. Guys do sometimes get frustrated when they try so hard to be interesting, witty and smart via text and yet don’t get that voice or in-person experience. Letting him know that you want him, that his charm does work on you, is a great reward.

5. “I’ve been hurt before. When I first met you I always felt afraid that I would be hurt again. But I see now that you’re not that way. What we have is special. You treat me with respect, with kindness and honesty. I love that about you.”

Not quite an “I love you” but still a powerful statement. You are vulnerable. You are trusting. And you’re open with your feelings about the relationship, whatever it may be. You’re not pressuring him to stay but showing appreciation for the effort he’s put in so far.

6. “You are a blessing to me. Who knows, maybe we’re destined to be close friends. Soul mates, lovers in a past life. I have always felt deeply connected to you in a way that I just don’t feel with most people.”

If your man is into metaphysical theories about life, he might get a kick out this line. Suggesting you used to be far more intimate in a past life is a great way to get him fully interested in the present relationship. The idea of soul mates is old fashioned but still charming if you can have a sense of humor about it.

7. Are you the romantic hero in the romance novel of my life?”

A cheeky and funny line that also puts a sexy idea into his head. Comments like this build attraction and desire, without actually forcing the relationship to get too serious. By framing the conversation to make HIM seem like the pursuer, you give him permission to move at his own comfortable pace.

8. “You make me feel special with everything you say and everything you do for me. You believe in me. You help me to be a better person. When I’m with you, I’ve never been happier.”

This quote is more than just a compliment. You’re telling him that he has a positive effect on your life. He helps you to be better, he makes you feel special, he has faith in you, and so you reach your truest potential. This is likewise how a man wants to feel in a relationship – like you support him, trust him and believe in him. With this quote you’re not just saying something sweet – you’re also showing him how to love you, giving him cues that he can follow up on without any pressure.

Being “sweet” means that you tug at his heart, his buried feelings that he will often try to hide. Men have been socially trained to be macho, avoid talk of feelings and to be competitive and domineering. You might say that by saying sweet things and encouraging him to say sweet things back, you’re helping him to grow. You’re giving him the emotional connection and the soulful nurturing he desires so much. Soon, he’ll realize that if he wants full emotional intimacy and trust, he will have to commit to you.

That’s the way a man wants it! He chases, he wins and he makes it a life goal to keep you happy.

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