5 Phrases That Drive Men Wild.

5 Phrases That Drive Men Wild

If you want your man to be excited about you…

If you want to turn him on and create a more romantic, sensual experience with him…

If you want to deepen physical and emotional intimacy with him…

Here are some phrases that will drive him wild that you can say in person, or even over text message, in many cases…

1. I can’t stop thinking about what I want to do to you

There’s a lot of power in mystery and suggestion…

What you’re doing here telling him something without telling him everything.

He’s going to wonder…

“What does she want to do to me?” and “why can’t she stop thinking about it?”

This will build anticipation and draw him in closer to you.

2. You are what I need right now

If a guy likes you, he’ll get excited about you being excited about him…

And men feel good when they feel like they’re needed.

This phrase is powerful and get him excited to see you and connect with you on every level.

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3. Why do I always think of you when I am trying to concentrate?

This is a really good text message to send to him but you can also say it to him when you’re in person and you’re doing something on your phone or you’re supposed to concentrate on something you’re doing.

This is powerful because you’re telling him that he has a hold on you… it’s even more powerful to show him that you’re resisting it…

You can follow this up with, “you’re so annoying.” or something like that.

This is a tease that then give this, “I’m into you but I’m resisting it” type of feeling.

4. Dream of me…

This is a great thing to say to a guy either in person or over text, in the evening, either right before he leaves you or right before you stop talking to go to sleep.

It’s a flirty way of telling him that you want to be in his dreams in the most exciting possible way.

5. Ask him, “What do you like to wear to bed?”

This question seems very innocent on its surface but it gets the imagination racing for both you and him.

And likely, when he gets finished answering, he’s going to ask you the same question.

And when he does, here’s what you should say…


And when you tell him that, he’s going to start thinking and imagining you wearing nothing.

Then you can ask him if maybe it would be more appropriate to wear something to bed…

Which will just amplify the conversation and take things deeper.

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