Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

At the heart of a nickname is trust – your mutual trust for each other. For every silly word that we come up with, whether it’s schmoopy, pookie or bae, we’re actually saying something beautiful. I trust you. I have a bond with you that is completely open and loving. I can be vulnerable with you and always count on your kindness

Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Of course, with all that trust comes what you might call greater responsibility. We owe it to our partners to value their feelings, even in little things. After all, if we can’t respect someone in “little things”, are they really going to trust us when it’s time to make a major decision?

You can see then why choosing a cute nickname that you’re both happy with is a big deal. He doesn’t get to call you whatever he wants, in case you don’t like it, and vice versa. The question is, what makes a nickname undesirable?

Isn’t anything cutesy okay to use? Well, keep in mind that a lot of guys are sensitive about nicknames, especially names that could imply something that they see as negative about themselves.

Notice I said “imply”. I would assume you never would imply anything negative or derogatory about your man on purpose. Of course not, you love him! Most girlfriends don’t aim to hurt a guy’s feelings. But just because you’re not trying to hurt his feelings doesn’t mean that he won’t accidentally get hurt!

Yes, men are sensitive! As tough and masculine as they act, sometimes words hurt and so any nickname that does sound accidentally negative, or embarrassing, should be avoided.

So before we discuss some of the cutest nicknames for guys that they actually like, let’s discuss some names they don’t like and why…

1. Size-Based Nicknames

Men are visual and so anything you nickname them should be based on something very positive about their body, personality and unique identity. Everyone remembers Mr. Big from Sex and the City, but it’s unlikely a guy is going to love this nickname in real life. A penis is a penis. Many men are average-sized and not “Mr. Big”.

Not only might they find the exaggeration insulting, they will definitely not be amused at anything like shorty, tiny, little guy, shortstop, or anything related to their size – speaking of either height or penis measurements!

2. Chief or any Exaggerated Title

I know this has been used colloquially in the past but I don’t think any man particularly has a fondness for “Chief.” It’s a condescending term usually used among males, coworkers, (especially bosses to their subordinates) and acquaintances that typically use it in a patronizing way. It’s just a good idea to avoid anything like Lord, Master, Chief,

Now, let’s switch over to nicknames that are complimentary, loving and sweet. (No negative implications to be found!)

1. Food Names

You can’t go wrong with bakery-related names, such as sweetheart, sweetie, sugar, pumpkin pie, apple pie, or less imaginatively, “Honey.” If you want to try something new, name your boyfriend after a dessert plate you personally love. How about Cookie, Sugar Pie, Honey Bun, Muffin, or even Twinkie?

2. Sex-Related Names

Hey, no guy will ever mind being called something like Stud, Handsome, Too Sexy, Sex God, Lover-Boy, or Sex-Boo. When in doubt, flatter his ego just a little bit, referring of course to his amazing lovemaking skills, not his penis size. Although I have to admit, one of the nicknames I found was hilarious – “Pennis the Menace”. (Don’t try it!)

3. P-Names

How could a sweet guy not like the name Pookie? Or Pooh? Or Prince Charming for that old fashioned sweet guy who still believes in romance? How about Pillow for the guy who loves to snuggle? Just don’t name him Porky. No good can from that one!

4. Animal Names

There is something very sexy and uninhibited about calling a man “Tiger” or Lion. Perhaps it speaks to the raw passion you feel for each other! Why not make it even more interesting by avoiding the fierce animals and instead going for something unique – like Rhino, Gorilla, Panther, Jaguar or Wolf or Coyote. Just avoid Hippo. He probably won’t take that as a compliment!

5. Super Names

While we all know Superman and Spider-Man are cool names (and what girl doesn’t want to date a superhero?) let’s go one step better.

How about choosing a custom superhero name for your boyfriend? Instead of stealing one of Marvel or DC’s originals, nickname him something that befits his personality. Is he Justice Man (a lawyer), Super-Cop, Marathon Man (for the runners out there!), Super Mechanic, the Illusionist (for the magical artist), or my favorite…Love Ninja!

6. Rhyming Names

You can’t go wrong with cheesy rhyming names! Slim Jim, Silly Willy, Chester the Jester, or even Jake the Rake. Go figure, most guys don’t mind if you tease them about being a womanizer. Men like to think they’re very charming, seductive and a “lady killer” when they try to be.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to naming your boyfriend (or husband) cute nicknames, then it’s best to invent some good public nicknames and private nicknames and NOT use them so interchangeably. Obviously, a man will feel embarrassed if you use your sexy or kinky nickname for him in public. He might also blush if you use an overly sweet name when you’re around his friends.

The best option for a public sweet nickname is to call him something flattering, something manly or masculine (if he’s into that, which a lot of men are), or something complimentary to his artistic or intellectual qualities – such as Brainiac, Professor, Doctor, and so on.

Nicknames are all about building him up, and reminding him that he’s a desirable man, a good man, and a strong man that you’re honored to call your own. If he feels the same way about you, this is a solid relationship and you’re only going to grow in love and trust over time.

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