8 Funny Nicknames for Friends

It’s fairly easy to find a nickname or pet name for a boyfriend or even your best female friend. Why so? Because when you love someone dearly, nicknames just come naturally. A touching moment becomes a feeling and you carry that feeling with you, by repeating a friendly pet name. Like “honey”, “boo” or even “the wind beneath my wings.”

Now here’s the challenging part. Finding a funny nickname for everyone else! You know, good friends you have that are NOT the center of your life. You like them, you may even love them. But you’re not extremely close and you don’t really confide in them too often. In other words, you do like them and do enjoy getting together, but there’s still an emotional distance there. You’re not soul mates, lovers or best friends.

But…on the other hand, you do like the idea of giving them an affectionate name to prove just how much their friendship means to you. Maybe this friend of yours is a guy, someone you really like but are not yet intimate with. Or maybe he’s a guy you’re not really attracted to, but you still enjoy his company. Maybe it’s a woman or a friend of a friend that you’ve really enjoyed hanging out with…but let’s face it, they are not “love muffin” or “honey” material! They need a nickname in between cutesy and formal.

As usual, you’ll notice that the secret to creating a good, catchy nickname is to focus on positive aspects. Nothing negative and nothing confusing. Pick a name that’s rather obvious and yet complimentary in some way. Here are eight examples to consider.

1. Buttercup

This is a fine name and not just because it has two famous pop culture references, respectively, in The Princess Bride and Powerpuff Girls. Buttercup is a type of flowering plant called Ranunculus, identifiable by yellow petals. It’s sweet without being too naughty or too romantic.

2. Bambi

Bambi’s a wonderful name, not only because it has a heartfelt Disney connotation, but also because it favors people who are shy, quiet, sweet and well, fawn-like. It may not work for an extroverted friend, but if you have a reserved friend that’s always been supportive of you, Bambi’s a great compliment.

3. Peaches or Cakes

There are a lot of “sweet” nicknames for friends, but few are as endearing as Peaches and Cakes – two very sweet food items that also imply qualities like happy and enthusiastic. Usually, when one gives a food nickname to a lover, it’s something that tastes good and smells good. Obviously you want to avoid any nickname that’s too sexually suggestive for a platonic friend – such as “sexy chocolate” or “honey bun”. So choose something slightly less sweet and syrupy but still delicious.

4. Poker Face

Do you have a sexy friend that always teeters on the line between platonic and romantic? Then reward him or her with a name like “Poker Face.” The joke here is that they’re hard to read and so they have a “poker face” when it comes to sharing feelings or romantic attraction. Most friends will like this nickname, since mystery is considered a sexy quality.

5. Sourdough

I love this nickname because it’s a perfect fit for a sarcastic, cynical and hilarious friend that always has a smart-ass thing to say. We all have one of those friends and we love them to pieces, don’t we? Well just because he or she is a little “sour” doesn’t mean they are off the buffet. Everyone loves sourdough bread! Or if you’d rather go for a candy name, Sour Patch Kids and Sour Skittles do the same trick. In this instance, “sour” is not a negative but treated as a positive. This is an identifying mark that your friend prides himself or herself as having.

6. Volcano

I know, some natural disasters don’t make good nicknames for friends. But whereas tsunami or earthquake have mostly horrific images associated with them, a “volcano” is universally seen as something beautiful, huge and majestic. It’s also associated with island life, such as Hawaii, Bali and so on. So here’s an idea. If you have a friend that has a short temper, or has a badass, rebellious personality, then reward them with a funny nickname that shows respect and admiration this trait.

They know they can become “explosive” sometimes, but they’re usually not ashamed about this quality. In fact, their strength, fearlessness and outrageous sense of humor may be a quality they feel great pride about having. That’s why volcano, or even something like Volcano Victor or Volcano Vanessa works like a charm. (Just make sure they have a good sense of humor before assigning them this one!)

7. Gangsta Baby or just Gangster

Everyone likes to be considered tough, sexy, rebellious and a little dangerous. So why not let your friend feel good about himself or herself, by giving them the distinction of “Gangster”? Not only does it give them some “street cred” for being cool and tough, but you can also give them a shot of confidence, since Gangsters are usually considered sexy and attractive people.

8. Brown Eyes or Bright Eyes

Anything to do with “eyes” is generally a good, funny nickname for a friend. You’re actually complimenting your bud, reminding them that they have beautiful eyes, whether you identify them by color, brightness or beauty.

All of these nicknames are based on the dynamic of showing great affection to your friends. Just because your friends are platonic (currently or forever) doesn’t mean you can’t spoil them with some love. Pick a quality that you know they have and that they value and base your nickname off of that quality. Whether it’s their eyes, sense of humor, crazy and wild behavior, or deep knowledge about a given subject, what’s important is what you’re SAYING by inventing this nickname.

Are you celebrating their good qualities and finding reasons to like them? Avoid any names that are just mean-spirited or insulting. Funny (at any cost) is not always what we’re going for. Rather, it’s a combination of funny but wholesome. You show love and respect to a friend who’s there for you and whom you deeply admire.

That’s why we create pet names, to celebrate friendship!

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