7 Signs He’s In Love But Is Scared to Admit It

Has the energy between you and a certain someone been…strange lately? Do you think he might like you but is afraid of admitting the truth? Maybe he’s shy…or maybe there’s another obstacle that prevents him from telling you how he feels.

Then again, if you’re wrong about this, it’s sure going to be embarrassing! No one likes to be that one girl who hears from the guy, “Uh thanks but I’m not really interested in you.”

No wonder most women will never take that chance! It’s better to remain dignified and lonely than to be rejected AND embarrassed, right?

Well, let’s just say both options are miserable. But what if there was another way?

What if you could do some detective work first? What if you could find out IF the guy likes you, and be about 99% sure that he does, BEFORE you go out on a limb and ask?

It might help clear things up in your own head. Knowing that the guy likes you for sure, rather than guessing, may give you that surge of confidence you need to confront him. Or at the very least, to give him an opportunity to admit his feelings.

Let’s discuss seven signs that show you a man is in love with you…but deathly afraid to admit it!

1. He is always alive and enjoying himself when he’s with you.

It’s hard to fake enthusiasm…and most guys will not bother doing it with a woman they feel indifferent about. On the other hand, if he’s always trying to be near you and comes alive whenever he gets to talk to you (especially if you since he’s showing off or “selling” his good qualities) this is a sure sign that he likes you. In fact, he may even give up other social opportunities just to hang out with you.

2. He actually remembers things you say…especially little comments you made.

Do you really want to know if a man wants you? Then test his memory. Not only does a man in love with you remember important things (like dates or stories you told him) but he also makes it a point to remember little things—like factoids you told him, or details about your preferences and lifestyle. If he actually goes out of his way to say he remembered something about you, that’s a huge sign that he’s trying to impress you. He’s proving his attention to detail!

3. His eyes are saying something else.

Does he look at you when he thinks you’re not looking? Does it seem like he’s staring at you but not quite having the right words? When he looks into your eyes and smiles, is he actually saying anything sweet and caring…or is he just awkwardly looking at you and feels too scared to speak his mind, but too enamored to stop looking? Or does he stare at you for a noticeably long time and then suddenly break eye contact? Someone has a crush on you!

4. He tries to make you laugh.

It’s not just that he’s a funny guy in general…he’s actually putting forth effort to make you smile. You tell him you’ve had a bad day and he wants to lift your spirits. Maybe he tells you a joke or flirts with you, or maybe he even sends funny memes on Facebook, hoping to get a laugh. Men really don’t put much effort into their “friendships” unless they feel something beyond “like.” Just because he won’t say he loves you doesn’t mean he’s not falling in love with you!

5. He talks about a future with you in it…somehow or another.

A man who plans his future with you in it is a man in love. A man who likes you or “tolerates” you will not discuss the future at all. He likes the “now” and living in the moment. The idea of settling down with you may even scare him. A man who’s in love with you, however, is not afraid of the idea. In fact, the idea of having you in his future is comforting to him. He plans things with you in mind. He plans to be available to help you.

Even if he isn’t talking about marriage or moving in together, he may still be suspiciously “concerned” about your friendship. Will you always stay friends? Will you still talk on a regular basis, the way you do now? Such an obsessive interest in the future indicates he wants a future with you…even if he can’t quite pinpoint how that’s going to be possible.

6. He jokes around about having a thing for you.

Poor guy…he’s so terrified of admitting his true feelings he will resort to weird humor in order to show his attraction without committing himself to you emotionally. Guys do this a lot and will have very different ways of showing it. Some will joke around about liking you but then laugh it off as if he’s just clowning around. Other guys may accuse you of liking or stalking them. Others may even tell you how beautiful you are—without giving you that “moment of truth” stare.

He wants to tell you how he feels but is resisting the idea and then laughing it off before things get too serious. He’s scared of how much he loves you!

7. His friends know…his family knows…why don’t you?

This may be the most obvious sign that he’s in love with you: his family and or friends know it! Remember, you only see the side of him that he shows to you. But his family/friends see his behavior on a regular basis and they know what’s on his mind. They hear every mention of you and sense how their boy really feels about you—beyond just what he says! If you’re constantly a topic of conversation among his social circles this implies that you’ve already claimed part of his life. He thinks about you, plans things with you in mind, and makes it a point to stay current with all the latest developments in your life. Sounds like a very close, if somewhat undefined, relationship!

Before you make a scene by confessing your feelings or asking him how he feels, make sure you notice all of most of these signs first. If he is sending out those signals, even against his own judgment, he has an intense love for you. Maybe he’s scared at what could happen…but he’s constantly dreaming about it. With that knowledge, approach him and calmly inquire. Don’t demand a commitment or tell him how he should feel. Don’t try to define what this is between the two of you. Simply let him speak and see what he is willing to admit. His answer may surprise you!

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