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10 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship isn’t Going To Work

Look, I’ve been asked to share with you some bad news. It may hurt…but it’s something you need to hear. (Or read, in this case!)

No seriously, you might want to sit down.

OK, I think there might be problems forming in your long distance relationship.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s done and over with. It just means that there’s a problem and it needs some attention.

What I’m going to do now is share 11 signs that your LDR isn’t going to work out – at least not at this pace. Either you need to start planning for his exit, or you need to turn this whole boat around and start an entirely new relationship, building from the ground up.


Here we go…

1. One or both of you is making excuses not to hang out.

It’s never a good sign when BOTH of you just can’t stand the idea of getting together and undergoing another awkward conversation or heated argument. The idea of doing something else, anything else, sounds more comforting than talking to each other.

Even if it’s just him or just you resisting intimacy, that’s still bad news. Not wanting to talk means there’s a problem and some trust has been lost.

2. You don’t feel as close as you used to.

If you sense something has changed, pay attention to those instincts. Even if he assures you everything is fine, sometimes a woman just knows when the emotion has shifted and he’s holding back.

3. He’s not available when you need him the most.

If he’s not there for you when you need him emotionally, why is the relationship still going at all? Serious relationships address our emotional needs. They’re nourishing and life-affirming.

If he suddenly disappears whenever you need someone to talk to, ask yourself why has this relationship stalled? It’s starting to look more like a virtual friends with benefits situation than an adult relationship.

4. There’s no regular arrangement to meet or any special plans shared.

You’ve gotten so “comfortable” you don’t even bother making plans or arranging for virtual dates. Why would you? It’s more of a “catch me if you can” sort of thing.

And that ultimately means, you’re both still going in and out of the fling-zone, rather than getting serious about the relationship and moving forward toward commitment.

5. He is not telling you personal information anymore or vice versa.

Yikes. If a guy goes from confiding his entire heart into you and then suddenly goes cold, there’s a big problem. Maybe he’s holding back or is just becoming a wall, when it comes to showing emotion or sharing any deep thoughts/feelings.

This sometimes happens because he’s met someone else…

But honestly, it happens more often because something has hurt him and rattled his confidence. What happened and why is the question.

6. Sometimes days go by with no messages shared.

When touching bases becomes a source of stress, or even works just laxes into boring autonomous conversation, that’s a bad sign. Too many negative associations are taking place.

7. The sexual tension and sweet affection have vanished.

If you were hot and heavy before, or all lovey dovey just the same, and then one day just nada?

Something is going on. Is he holding back? Is he afraid of something? Or was there a violation of trust that one or both of you missed?

8. Your “great news!” in life no longer merits his attention.

Terrible sign. You’re supposed to be in a partnership, he should be thrilled to hear your great news. He should find joy and peace in just sharing little moments with you, even if it’s through text. If he’s jealous of you, or even worse, uninterested in your personal victories? This is not a man who wants a relationship. Something has been lost.

9. You are giving way more than 50 percent in this relationship.

If it’s always you building these bridges of communication and feeling, there’s a resistance on his part that must be addressed. There is no such thing as a healthy relationship that’s 90 percent you and 10 percent him. Even 75 percent you and 25 percent him is cause for concern.

He has to meet you at the halfway point. He has to give evidence that he values this relationship just as much as you do.

10. You have evidence that shows he’s lying to you.

Well damn! That’s the final sign that this relationship is sinking. Maybe not beyond repair, but definitely a fixer-upper.

If he’s been lying to you, whether about seeing someone else, or even just in little things, there’s a major trust problem. It can’t be ignored. It can’t be excused. You have to find out what’s really bothering him and why he needs to hide from you rather than seeking you out as a source of love and reassurance.

You Need Love in Your Life!

It’s hard admitting that a relationship isn’t turning out, or living up to the potential you felt it had. It seems strange, really…

How can a relationship that was once so intense and so exciting slowly erode into something so cold?

It’s enough to turn you off of men for good! It’s enough to drive a person to a life of solitude…

But we all know that’s not going to work in the long-run. We are not hermetic creatures. We need other people in our lives. We need love in our lives. No one is an island.

And no matter how much it hurts to trust someone, we must take that leap of faith. Because it’s always preferable to try and take a wrong turn than to never try and to give up on life.

Even if you sense the relationship has grown cold, it’s not too late. Now that you can sense the problems coming, you’re going to be better prepared for the future. Either you can turn your current relationship around and rekindle the love you once had, OR you can find someone else deserving of your attention and start building a stronger foundation.

Remember, signs are not omens of failure. Signs direct you to where you need to go!

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