7 Proven Ways to Attract The Man You Truly Desire.

7 Proven Ways to Attract The Man You Truly Desire

How can you magnetize the man of your dreams? This article is here to enlighten you on that very topic. Hi, I’m Matthew Coast, and today I’m going to guide you towards achieving the relationship you desire. If you’re eager to discover the secrets to attract the man you truly want, let’s delve right in.

Stop Investing in the Wrong Men

An important axiom to remember: Stop inflating the worth of men who underestimate your value. I’ve noticed a pattern among women who believe men only desire casual flings and avoid serious relationships. Upon exploring their past encounters, it often transpires that these women have dismissed red flags and entangled themselves in scenarios they knew were not fulfilling from the start.

You deserve a man who is genuinely enthusiastic about fostering a relationship with you. He may approach with a dash of caution, yet he’s someone who envisions a shared future.

Activate His Biological Drive

It’s inherent in us to experience an almost immediate attraction when certain biological triggers are activated, even if we don’t consciously acknowledge them. One of the most potent and accessible methods to stimulate this drive is through sensory appeal.

Sight can motivate him to pursue you. The color red can ignite arousal, while clothes that flatter your body contour can highlight your allure. Smell can elicit the most potent emotions. Avoid unpleasant odors and instead, choose a signature fragrance that is reminiscent of you. Like many things in life, balance is key—neither too much nor too little.

Demonstrate SOME Interest

Contrary to a common myth, showing interest does not diminish his attraction. This might hold for overtly assertive men, but research indicates that about 65% of men won’t approach a woman unless he perceives signs of her interest. The same principle applies to dating—if he doubts your interest, he may withdraw out of consideration for your feelings.

To stimulate his pursuit, offer him a goal to chase. Show him some interest. Maintain eye contact as an early sign of attraction, grace him with your smile, and indulge in some lighthearted flirting. Signal your interest and then allow him the space to chase you.

Incorporate Playfulness

Continuous dating and playfulness could be the secret ingredients in long-lasting relationships. Ever noticed those couples who’ve been together for decades and still emanate love? Their shared element is playfulness.

Playfulness breeds attraction—it propels us from overthinking into experiencing the joy of shared moments. Remember, when you’re lost in thought, the connection suffers, but when you engage your heart, a connection can flourish.

Exude Positivity

A man gets into a relationship based on how he FEELS about a woman. He may not remember every detail of your date, but if you can establish an emotional connection and make him feel good, he’ll associate those positive feelings with you. If you wish to pique his curiosity and spark excitement, strive to create a joyful atmosphere.

Over time, people associate others with the emotions they evoke. That’s why constant disputes can lead to residual anger. You want your partner to associate positivity with you. A positive attitude enhances your attractiveness, while negativity detracts from it. It’s okay to express negative emotions occasionally, but persistent negativity can be problematic.

Display Kindness

A study found that men rated kindness as the most attractive trait in a woman. Men perceive kind women as more feminine and intriguing. This doesn’t only apply to being kind to him, but to everyone around you.

If you’re the type of woman who helps an elderly lady cross the street or treats waitstaff with respect, you’re exhibiting kindness. However, if your fun involves causing discomfort to others, consider saving that for a different setting. If you wish to repel him, appear cruel. But if you aspire to a long-term relationship, show your kindness.

Appreciate His Sense of Humor

Both genders highly value a sense of humor in a mate. The difference lies in that women often seek men who make them laugh, while men seek women who appreciate their humor. Allow yourself to enjoy his wit. The better time you both have, the deeper the attraction.

Try to laugh more—laugh at yourself, at life’s quirks, and most importantly, at his jokes. You don’t need to be the comedian if you can appreciate his humor.

Maintain a High-Value Attitude

Don’t be easy to win over, be worthy of winning over. Set standards and establish boundaries. A man will not value you if he can easily manipulate you. Men appreciate what they work hard to earn—be worth his effort.

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