7 Long Distance Relationship Gifts That Bring You Closer Together

Many of us have loved, lost, and even “lost connection” with an Internet flame.  Yes, the long-distance relationship characterized by online dating.  Thanks to the ubiquity of social media, online dating isn’t nearly as weird now as it was 20 years.  In fact, I dare to say that dating online is even more enjoyable than in-person dating, at least for the first three dates or so.

Why?  Because when you text, webcam, and phone chat, you really are seeing the “best side” of a person.  You’re seeing them at their best and the mystery of who they really are in person is only amplified in your mind.  It’s sort of like a Phantom of the Opera type attraction!  You may like a sweet guy from work or from the local neighborhood.  But the lure of the mystery man, the poet, the hilariously witty mind that keeps you texting for hours…he’s the one you’re attracted to!

I even know some friends who fell so deeply in love with each other online, that when they finally met in person they were disappointed!  I guess both of them were trying so hard to be awesome online they forgot to be REAL.

Which brings us to the point: how do you make your online relationship stronger and resist falling out of love because of the distance and lack of physical intimacy?  The key is to make it real and to let your partner feel the love that exists between you.  This is a love that is not easily forgotten or taken for granted.  The time apart doesn’t make you lose interest…it makes you want each other even more so.

One way to strengthen your online bond, whether you’ve already met in person, or you’re going to meet for the first time, is by sending romantic gifts!

But not just any gifts will do.  We narrowed down our selection to seven long distance relationship gifts that bring you closer together, until you are, at last, reunited!

  1. Long Distance Touch Lamps

What better way to keep in touch than by lighting up your lover’s life?  Each of you keeps a lamp at your home base.  When you turn one on, your partner sees the same glow.  This lets you know when your partner is thinking about you.  You get a variety of colors with each touch.  It’s a sweet way to remind your guy, in real time, when he’s on your mind.

  1. Heartbeat Rings

Baby, baby can’t you feel my heartbeat?  That’s the concept here, literally!  With The Touch rings, you can literally feel the heartbeat of your lover on your finger.  You can see and feel the pulse, via Bluetooth connection.  It’s also made from precious Rose Gold material and Unibody Sapphire Crystal.  If you want to splurge all in the name of romance, this is your sign!

  1. Make a set of “Don’t Open Till…” Letter

If you want to go the other direction of $2,000 rings, then go for this free-to-cheap idea that’s still wonderfully romantic.  Mail a stack of letters to your boyfriend that cannot be opened until a certain date.  (Like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.)  Have him do the same for you.  Now you can read these letters together and share your deepest feelings in old-fashioned handwritten form.  To make it even more romantic, including photos, daily journals, tiny little gifts and other miniature gifts to let your lover “read your mind” and experience a connection.  You can create and send your own letters or buy this premade set from Chronicle Books.

  1. Send plenty of selfies.

Still, want to think heartfelt rather than really expensive?  Why not just treat your lover to a number of selfies throughout the day?  If you really miss each other there’s nothing more comforting than getting periodic daily (or weekly) glimpses into what your partner’s doing.  The worst thing about being apart is that you don’t get that visual and audio affirmation.  Why not then treat your long-distance partner with a number of private selfies, private video statements, and even a few sexy stills?  Don’t just limit these selfies to staged glamour shots.  Go out and about and let your partner accompany you on your daily routine: to work, to school, to dinner, to bed and so on.

  1. Make a love book out of your old texts and emails.

Want to go very sentimental?  Make a bound print book of all your old emails and texts.  Include journal entries, text chats, email chats, blogs, and other text in this collage of memories.  It’s all the more romantic if you actually met or partly dated online.  Now your partner can reread all your favorite shared memories…even if you get a new computer or a new phone!  You can print a book out on paper, or from a company like The Book of Everyone.

  1. Music and Wine (and Chocolate)

What’s more romantic than setting aside a special date one day out of the month—to be commemorated with wine, chocolate, and shared media?  Wine.com has a great selection of gift wines to choose from.  Drink at the same time, while you sample a chocolate of the month club variety, and do something fun together.  Of course, you’re going to webcam chat while this romantic date is happening.  But it’s even more fun to share an experience together, such as listening to each other’s new playlist for the first time, or watching one of your favorite DVDs together in real time with each other’s personal commentary).  Make this a virtual movie or concert night and have a blast.

  1. Virtual Physical Love

Let’s be honest…sex is important at this early stage of the relationship!  So why not indulge your partner and give him the more sensual gift of physical (virtual) intimacy?  With the Kiiroo, you no longer have to use your imagination.  Now with the help of two connected his and her sex toys, you can feel each other’s er, love, in real time.  Suddenly, cybering via text only seems so 1999!

Remember, as long as your minds and hearts are connecting on a regular basis, you can keep this relationship going for months or even years on end!

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