6 Twin Flame Symptoms (Know For Sure!)

The concept of the “Twin Flame” is one older than most modern religions and yet even today, many people misunderstand what it is and how it will affect you. Now in this discussion, I’m not saying that we all have literal souls and that there actually is a psychic realm. What I will do is explain the universal concept and then discuss it in practical terms. Whether you believe in literal “twin flames” is up to you. But I think there’s a lot to learn about relationships.

What is the Twin Flame?

Twin flames refer to twins, which are literally two beings that become one. When they are split in half they both feel incomplete. At one point, they were both one but became divided. This is why they cannot find happiness, because they are away from each other and what these twins want the most is to be reunited. Now according to legend, when one finally finds the twin flame, their lives become harmonious and bliss follows.

But this is not always what happens in relationships! Far from it…

Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Kindred Spirits

Understanding the differences between these types of intense emotional connections will help you discern the purpose of each one. Kindred spirits, for example, are people that have the same frequency as you do. You’re attracted to them, while being repelled by opposites. You get along great with this person for some reason. Why? The right energy!

But they are limited in the sense that they are “supporting” characters in your life story. They provide support and comfort, but will not be as intense as other relationships. Maybe they are TOO SIMILAR to you in personality and energy and that’s why the relationship is limited.

Soul mates are the people you connect with very deeply so much so that they become your best friend. You can share everything and expect a totally open relationship of honesty and love. But soul mates are also developmental characters, not the most intense relationship you will ever find. You might also have more than one of them in your lifetime.

Twin flames are more intense because whereas other kinds of beings are similar to you, these relationships REFLECT BACK your own qualities. Your twin flame is you. You reflect back both positive and negative qualities. The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to work on yourself, change for the better, and become better than you are.

Why Are Twin Flame Relationships so Explosive Then?

Because nothing comes easy! Twin flame relationships can be volatile because they require many years of work to repair and remerge. Because you are linked with this person, you also carry the baggage of being separated from them. You must repair the damage that has been done and sometimes that spells dysfunction.

How Do Twin Flame Loves Start?

Signs of a twin flame relationship seem to follow a very specific pattern:

1. Almost instant attraction and consummation

There is very little wait time. Your attraction is intense and you feel as if you’ve known each other forever. This guy seems very familiar to you but you’re not sure why. You don’t want to wait and learn him…you’ve known him forever, or so it feels.

2. A strange set of circumstances

Most twin flames reunite in unusual circumstances, not the typical meet and greet of a normal relationship. They are drawn to each other, in an unusual place. You might also act in an uncharacteristic way. This strange happening is what brings you together.

3. You separate again after being reunited. But it hurts more.

The relationship goes bad for a while but you don’t forget this time. You can’t move on with the twin flame because the pains of losing him and feeling alone without him are too intense.

4. You seem to know what the other person is thinking and feeling.

Call it a strong and almost psychic connection! Not only can you anticipate what the other flame feels…you also find it easy to speak your thoughts and “say anything” without fear of offending them. Communication is very open and intimate.

5. They teach you and awaken something in you.

One reason he is so hard to forget is because he expands your horizons and changes the very way you view life. You learn new things about yourself and the world. Even if the relationship is volatile, the things you learn are mostly positive.

6. A feeling of completeness and love

As the relationship calms (usually getting back together after a split) you feel complete with each other. You reach happiness and become comfortable with the deep connection and intimacy. You learn to co-exist independently, but you also learn humility and compromise. You may even discover a new calling in life once you figure out how to make the relationship work.

Are twin flame relationships dysfunctional? They can be, especially if both partners are stubbornly holding onto old attitudes and are unwilling to learn and change. Until they make efforts to improve themselves individually, they will never be able to come back together form a successful partnership. If these attitudes never change you may have to wait until the next life to make things work…or so they say.

Now here’s the practical application. All relationships, whether infinitely linked by souls, or strictly in the secular world, must be based on an equal partnership. Both partners must commit to the idea of a team, rather than just looking out for their own pleasure or survival. They commit not just to each other, but also to the goal of being a united family and finding joy in that comfort.

So it may not surprise you to know that finding happiness within your relationship is a matter of both partners coming together and working on themselves – changing their perspectives, learning, and focusing on self-improvement. This is not only a principle of the twin flame theory, but also a great reminder on how many couples have found the secret to staying together for a lifetime.

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