Should I Break Up with Him Quiz

The decision to break up with somebody you care about can be life-changing. The trouble is, you never really know if it’s for better or for worse until AFTER it happens! This leads many to second-guess whether they really want to end the relationship or if they should just hold out a little while longer and wait until things improve.

How do you know if you’re going to regret losing him? Is there a way you can know for sure if the two of you are doomed? Might the relationship be saved with just an attitude adjustment?

We’ve got the answers right here! We’re going to try a relationship test that will show you how you actually feel about yourself and your partner, and what, if anything, you’re actually waiting for.

For all of the options you see under each question you are assigned a value of 1 (for A) all the way to 5 (for E). Keep track of your score and read the very end to see whether you should hold on a little longer or if it’s time to get out ASAP!

1. How happy are you on a day to day basis?
A. I’m always miserable and a nervous wreck!
B. I’m really only happy when I drink. Or when I’m at work.
C. “I am stressed a lot because of various issues. My partner doesn’t seem to understand.”
D. The only real conflict is a lack of sexual satisfaction.
E. I am for the most part happy. We have our ups and downs, but we rarely fight.

2. How many times do you think about breaking up with him?
A. Well, in addition to my own obsessive thoughts, my family and friends tell me to leave him.
B. I come so close to leaving him every day. But something holds me back.
C. A lot lately, probably because of major life changes we’re going through.
D. I think about leaving him a lot and enjoying being single again.
E. Sometimes. But I can never see myself doing it because I know I would regret it instantly.

3. Do you already know what the “fix” is for your relationship?
A. I have to just accept him, even if his behavior hurts me time and time again.
B. Yes, he has to change or else it won’t work.
C. Yes, we need to both make major life changes.
D. I don’t know. But I can’t imagine life without him.
E. Yes, we both just need a little bit more ___!

4. How do you feel about yourself?
A. My partner makes me feel worthless. He’s so mean!
B. I feel fine about myself, I just get so sick of him.
C. I don’t feel sexy. I feel unloved.
D. I have self-esteem issues and I sometimes project that onto him.
E. He makes me feel great about myself. I just wonder sometimes…could I do better?

5. Do your values (life goals, outlook, major motivations, etc.) match his?
A. We have literally nothing in common.
B. We see opposite on many things and he gets angry when we disagree.
C. We have similar goals but different ideas on how to achieve those goals.
D. Mostly yes but I feel as we have different hobbies entirely lately.
E. Yes, we really are very much alike but we’ve been fighting lately.

6. How independent are you?
A. He controls every aspect of my life and gets mad if I don’t cooperate.
B. I can’t live without him.
C. I’m not as independent as I used to be and that upsets me.
D. Mostly independent but the relationship still taxes me.
E. We live independently but still fight about various things.

7. How is your sex life?
A. Pretty sure he’s cheating on me. Or I’m cheating on him.
B. Great…but he still treats me terribly after we’re done.
C. I’m not attracted to him at all or vice versa.
D. We seem to want very opposite things in bed.
E. Not very exciting as of late.

8. Make a list of all your partner’s best and worst qualities. What is the result?
A. There are so many more negatives!
B. There are more negatives than positives.
C. About even both ways.
D. There are more positives…I have every logical reason to stay.
E. Nothing negative to say except one or two irritating things.

Now add up your total score.

The fewer points you have, (8 being the lowest, 40 being the highest) the more likely it is you are chronically miserable in the relationship. Your relationship is a dysfunctional one, one that you can never seem to repair, no matter how hard you try. You may lose your mind trying to fix something that is irreparably broken.

If you have a low score (about 16) then it’s possible you are either in an abusive relationship or you are suffering from low self-esteem that your partner is contributing to, knowingly or unknowingly. It’s very important that you break these unhealthy patterns if you want a future together.

If you have an even score (about 24) then realize that much of your relationship lately is characterized by stress. Stress is not the reason to leave a relationship. What determines if you stay together is how hard you want to try to reduce that stress. You really need to sit down and discuss these issues with your partner.

If you have a fairly high score (about 32) then understand that while you may be generally unsatisfied, you don’t despise your partner; you don’t fear your partner. You do love your partner but lose yourself in fantasies. While you may be happier as single woman for a while, there is also a very good chance you may regret losing this partner later on. This may happen after you realize that all relationships are only as enjoyable as the effort we put into them. Try talking things out with a partner and seeing where you can make adjustments.

Lastly, if you have a high score of nearly 40, understand that while you have some aspects to improve in your relationship you are about averagely happy – about as much as any other couple out there! Every couple experiences financial hardship, sexual frustration, family drama and heated arguments. Every couple fantasizes about being single and independently sexually adventurous. But based on your answers, you have a lot to cherish in this relationship and deep down, you know that. Maybe it’s time to spice things up and focus on pleasing each other rather than calling it quits.

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