6 Signs Taurus Man in Love with You

Taurus is the sign of the bull and you might be right if you think dating a “bullish” guy presents some challenges. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and if your crush was born between the dates of April 20 and May 20, you may notice that your man has very specific characteristics.

Rather than “wing it”, if you notice these qualities and behaviors, it’s best to react in ways that Taurus enjoys. Otherwise, this bull will fight you back away from a long-term relationship.

While do we know that Taurus gets along with Scorpio and Cancer, he is compatible with other signs. Rather than list each match one by one, however, let’s focus on getting to know Taurus as his own unique persona.

Who is Taurus?

Taurus Men are known as reliable and practical-minded people. Some of his best qualities include patient dealings with others, devoted family man, and a stable lifestyle. Unlike some other signs, Taurus also tends to be responsible when he is given authority. Along with Taurus’ positive bull qualities, however, comes some challenges.

He is stubborn and possibly the most stubborn of all the signs. The reason being is that he doesn’t like sudden changes, nor does he like when things complicated his easy life. By nature, Taurus can also be possessive. After all, how can he trust his partner if she has the capacity to change and upset his life course?

This gives Mr. Taurus a reputation for being unyielding and unwilling to meet people halfway. Of course, his hesitance to change doesn’t mean he’s a boring sign. He loves what he loves, whether that’s cooking, working on the garden, being romantic or playing or enjoying good music. He’s practical in life, so he is in touch with his own needs. He wants what makes him feel good, what’s beautiful and what’s reassuring to him.

Mr. Taurus also tends to be sensual in the way he approaches all things, whether it’s being a foodie at a restaurant or being a very passionate and explosive lover in bed. When it comes to money matters, he is reliable, not scatter-brained, and can see things through – a great quality for a family man.

The reverse side of stubborn is commitment, so once Taurus decides he likes you, he’s not going to easily fall always because of temptation or distraction. The problem is, it’s not always easy to lure Taurus out of his routine.

How Do I Know Taurus Likes Me?

First, understand what Taurus wants from you, his lover and partner. Sex is not as easy as you might think because Taurus has to feel safe, in control and in a positive environment before he can express himself sexually and sensually. Taurus men can even become needy over time because they are so stubborn and emotional once they find someone they like.

When it comes to attracting this sign of man, don’t be surprised if he’s resistant to the idea at first – especially if he feels you’re not an obvious match. His practical mind thinks that you should share some commonalty first, whether it’s the same social life, or the same career field. Some have said Taurus is a conservative and more traditional, even while remaining smart and focused on important things.

This means Taurus is looking for someone who will fulfill his expectations and be practical-minded just like he is. Taurus is occasionally prone to anger if he feels that his life has become TOO predictable. So he’s not obsessive and unwilling to change, just slow to change.

If he is interested in you he will make it known, but not in a traditionally romantic way, like other signs. Here’s what you should for:

1. If he starts off as a friend but then suddenly becomes shy around you, he’s into you.

Taurus has a little trouble trusting others so will act conservatively in dating. He will be shy and may even avoid eye contact in the beginning. He wants to see evidence that you like him too before he asks you out or initiates conversation. In fact, it can appear at times that he’s ignoring you altogether. This is very suspicious behavior – especially if he starts distracting himself, looking at other things or concentrating on something totally unrelated to the conversation. He has a hard time controlling himself around you and so wants to feel in control again.

2. He will be emotionally distant at first.

Even when Taurus falls for you, he will seem to back away from you. He’s more afraid of showing his feelings and embarrassing himself than he is of talking to you and admitting his attraction. You must be patient and NOT assume that his evasiveness is because of disinterest.

3. It’s all in the eyes!

Taurus can’t hide the look he gets when he falls in love. No wonder then that he tends to avoid eye contact. The eyes give it away. (That fawning, attentive and nervous look that boys get when they meet the prettiest girl in class)

4. He will be more of a gentleman than a lover.

When you do engage in him conversation he will be concerned about your safety, (showing protectiveness as a provider) and be more traditional in his dating approach – such as doing you favors or buying you gifts. These gifts might be creative and expensive, or at least very unusual, since Taurus is dramatic in his gestures once he starts to like you.

5. He will remember your opinions and tastes and start to talk about you.

He’s very impressed with his compatible partner and might start to mention you to others, or even quote things that you have said in the past. He is showing his “worship” of you and will even adopt some of your beliefs.

6. Finally, he confides in you – a major show of trust!

When you do go the distance and earn this sign’s trust, Mr. Taurus will start to open up and confide his very personal life to you. Trust is what he’s most afraid of, and yet what he desires the most. Once he confides something, (oftentimes something he thinks is shameful about the past or something distressing) he has taken a big leap of faith. He is expecting you to protect his confidence and give him reassurance that you love him, accept him and want to bond for the long-term.

You have to be patient with Taurus, it’s true! But if you can earn his trust and be patient with him, you will discover a sensual and committed lover that is downright “stubborn” about his love for you.

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