10 Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

When does it happen – that precise moment when you create the perfect nickname for your boyfriend? Sometimes, people are unaware of when that moment first happens. You just take a chance, throw a sweet name out there and see if it sticks.

Sometimes it sticks right away. He laughs, you giggle and you start affectionately calling him your “Bae” or “Tiger” for months or years on end. Over time, that pet name seems to fit and so you call him “Shmoophy” or “Boo” for months on end! The name just seems to work.

Of course, if your boyfriend absolutely hates the name then it’s not going to last. True, he might tolerate an OK name, just because he loves you. But rest assured, if you start calling him a pet name he loathes (like for example, “My Pink Little Pony”) then he’s going to object! If you inadvertently pick a negative nickname that only makes matters worse.

So yeah, you are going for “soft”, sweet and affectionate. But the real secret to finding a good nickname is to choose one that uplifts him and shows him in a positive light. Let’s consider ten nicknames to choose from and why he’s going to like them.

1. “My Vanilla Latte” or “Cocoa Latte”

Most guys like being called something “sweet” to demonstrate their sweetness. And sure, it helps when you associate their physical presence with something yummy. No guy wants to be called Dr. Taco or Mister Hot Fried Chicken. So “sweet” works better if you want a yummy sounding name. Personally, I love coffee, cocoa and vanilla. So I think most men will enjoy the coffee reference, especially if you add “with extra sugar and cream.”

2. “Simba”

Hey, The Lion King’s live-action remake is coming out soon. So rather than use a cliche like Hercules, let’s give him a hero’s name: Simba! Or if you really want to be unique, call him Kovu or even Scar – you know, if he’s a bad boy.

3. “The Hugster”

He doesn’t have to be a wrestling fan, but if your boyfriend loves hugs that much, then by all means, turn THAT into an adorable nickname. The Hugster is a clever play on words and will actually encourage him to hug you more often.

4. “Cookie Monster”

If you have to go with a Muppet’s name, you can’t go wrong with Cookie Monster, the most lovable cast member who was just as macho as he was insatiable, and just as kind-hearted as he was full of lust. And hey, that sounds like the perfect guy, doesn’t it?

In fact, you could name him after a Sesame Street monster by adding “Monster” onto any dessert he likes to eat. Cake Monster, Ice Cream Monster, Brownie Monster, Candy Monster. It has a cute ring to it.

5. Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo, Baloo or Smokey, or Pooh

If you’re going to go with a fluffy animal kind of name (speaking about your man’s killer strength but lovable heart) then try a lovable bear! Yogi, Boo-Boo and Baloo would work. And Smokey, well…if he likes to light up I think the connotation is obvious. It might also tickle him to be known as “{First Name} the Pooh”…especially if he loves honey!

6. Prince Valiant

Hey, “prince” may be a little old fashioned but it’s safe to say a lot of guys are cute, old-fashioned and still very dreamy. So why not call him your prince, specifically your “Valiant Prince” who is always dependable, brave and knows how to be kind to a lady?

7. “Fox”, Foxy

Blame the lovable fox from Zootopia for bringing back the popularity of “crazy like a fox.” “Nick Wilde” is the fox everyone loves right now, although many women still prefer the original furry, Disney’s own “Robin Hood.” Oh yes and brooding Fox Mulder is still a compliment, so test this one on your boyfriend to see if it sticks.

8. “The Love Bug” or “Love Magnet.”

In fact, almost any word can follow “Love” to create a catchy pet name. Love muffin may seem obvious, but Love Magnet, Love Bunny, Love Baby and Love Daddy would all work. Or my favorite…Love Ninja!

9. “My Guy”

I know this seems kind of dated, but I’d really like it to be retro-popular again, because it reminds me of that classic Mary Wells song from the 60s, “My Guy.” Come on, singing catchy lyrics like “Nothing you could say could tear me away from my guy, nothing you could do ’cause I’m stuck like glue to my guy!” is sure to put a smile on his face.

10. (Something Sexy in Spanish)

No, you don’t have to be Spanish to use this one. But there’s something very sweet and sexy about calling your partner “Mi Amor”, or “Mi Amigo” or even “Papi.” Translated, of course, they simply mean Lover, Friend, and Daddy. But when you say them in Spanish (with the proper inflection, as if Salma Hayek is saying it) it sounds far more romantic.

The key to making a nickname stick is to call him a name that means something. Don’t randomize it, but rather, base the nickname off an event that feels sweet, romantic and innocent. For example, think about the first restaurant you ate at, or the unusual way you met. Was there a favorite dessert or drink you both tried one day that was “sweet” just like your feelings for each other? Or, was there a special moment way back when when you knew you were falling in love with him? Could you identify something you remember about that magical night and create a name from that?

Try to choose something from that moment to frame your pet name. It will be so much more meaningful then. You can either borrow one of the names we covered or adapt the name to your own unique relationship. Whatever you decide, keep it short, sweet and always focusing on the positive aspects of the man you love.

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