How To Let Him Know He Should Kiss You

6 Places Men Like to be Touched

Have you ever felt awkward about how to be an affectionate with a man? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I just don’t feel sexy!” or “I don’t know how to turn a man on.”

Well that’s completely natural. Most of us are not born charismatic and extroverted. We learn these communication skills later through time. We learn how to flirt by watching other people. We learn about body language from school or by reading on our own.

So don’t fret if you feel awkward or cold when you’re around men. Just putting forth a little conscious effort to be more expressive – and give the signals men are looking for –
will help.

Men like to be touched. It’s one of the best ways to immediately convey intimacy, friendship, and maybe even a hint of romance. But are you sending the right signals to your crush?

Consider six places men like to be touched by women.

1. The Hair

Whether it’s touching a man’s hair and admiring his haircut, or running your fingers through his hair in the afterglow, this feels intimate. His scalp is very sensitive and touching him in such an intimate way will sends tingles, especially if there’s already sexual tension between the two of you. Have you ever had a head massage? It feels great! It relaxes you and nourishes your head, which turn stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck, as well as each hair follicle. No wonder it feels so intimate!

During sex, hair pulling, hair gripping and hair stroking is a part of any passionate lovemaking routine. If you’re intimate with each other, remember to take the time to appreciate his hair and his scalp.

2. The Neck

Necking is not just something guys do to women…it’s something guys themselves cannot resist! There are so many nerve endings here that a lot of guys are actually ticklish right around the middle and lower neck area, as well as beneath his ears. Simply kissing him or rubbing your lips and tongue over this sensitive area will leave him blushing.

During sex, the neck is often neglected. Now porn stars and BDSM dungeon masters have figured out that the neck is a lot of fun to grab…but that’s kind of extreme for most couples. But this proves the point that the neck is a highly erogenous zone that when stimulated can enhance orgasmic feeling. So instead of choking or gripping, simply TOUCH his neck during sex with your fingers, lip and tongue for a new sensation. Woman-on-top, side by side and missionary are ideal positions for more intimate front body touching.

3. His Fingers

Touching your fingers with his or really any part of his hand will instantly create a feeling of warmth and affection. Playing with each other’s hands may be early date behavior but as you progress in the relationship, your connection becomes more intense and so you hold hands. You caress each other’s hands. You may even flirt by kissing or sucking fingers.

Even during sex, holding each other finger to finger as you clasp hands together is a great way to share an orgasm.

4. The Chest

Touching a man’s chest shows a guy that he’s not just a friend to you. Touching him on his elbow, arm and shoulder might be expected and a bit too subtle. Finding an excuse to touch him on his chest will send him a clear signal—that you enjoy touching his body!

Fast forward to sex—not only is rubbing or scratching his chest in bed kind of hot, but focusing attention on his nipples will drive him crazy. Most guys never even think about a woman playing with their nipples. That makes it a bit of a forgotten erogenous zone. Touch, lick and suck his nipples slowly and then create a pattern of touch, like a circle or a back and forth motion. He will be pleasantly surprised that nipple play works on a man.

5. His Lower Back (and Butt)

Maybe it goes without saying that a man likes to be fondled in the butt, but think on AND around—namely the sacrum or lower back position. This triangular bone is located in between two hip bones and is very sensitive to the touch. Not only can you subtly work this in during courtship (such as giving him a hug) but it’s also a fun move to try when you’re kissing in public. Better yet, grab hold of his sacrum and butt during missionary sex and watch him sizzle.

6. Not Just the Penis—Above, Below and Around

All right, we’re assuming you know a man loves it when you play with his, er, love stick. But did you know the areas above, below and around the shaft are actually the most sensitive? The frenulum, is that loose section of skin right under the head where it connects to the shaft. This is where you should tease him slowly during oral sex…think of it as the male version of the clitoris.

You might think the testicles are extremely sensitive—and you’d be right! But this is precisely why a little stimulation goes a long way. Learn to gently tickle, stroke and caress his scrotum (the sack that protects the family jewels) with fingers and a tongue and he will think you’re a sex goddess. Just remember to avoid putting pressure on the “balls” themselves, but generously explore the pouch around them.

On the other hand, the perineum, which refers to that thicker area of skin in between the testicles and the anus, is highly sensitive and one of the most sensitive erogenous zone. That might well be because it’s right outside the interior male prostate—which is another sensitive area of stimulation that he may or may not go for, considering its located in the anus. But simply stimulating his perineum with fingers, fingers tips or even knuckles (very lightly) is enough to tickle his prostate gland and lead to more explosive orgasms. Chances are his last girlfriend didn’t even know this, so take advantage of her ignorance and blow his mind!

Sure, you can learn how to touch a man from having lots of sexual experience…but hey, that’s not the only way to learn! You can also prepare yourself for a GREAT first sexual experience by learning from the experts, taking mental notes, and doing more of what men say they like.

Practical doesn’t always make perfect. But learning what drives men wild always works.

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