6 Paragraphs for Your Crush

Texting is not just mindless flirting. And there’s definitely a full stage BEFORE sexting starts. Your intent is to write full paragraphs of text so that you can entice your crush to talk on the phone, or go meet up for coffee. Actually, it’s best to not be so boldly romantic in the beginning, since you don’t want to scare him away by being too commitment-focused. The best thing to do is to continue flirting with him but to write out some longer paragraphs that not only make him smile but also get him thinking. Here are six early dating examples you can steal or rework into your own paragraphs. Notice the paragraph and the reason why it works.

1. “Sometimes I fall asleep and dream weird things about our conversations. Like the other night, I dreamed we were at a baseball game. It was pretty realistic because I even remember who was playing, the Yankees and the Mets. Then I woke up and was like, ‘Awww too bad it wasn’t real. That would have been fun!’ It would have been nice to hang out at least once.”

This introduces him to the idea of a date, in a non-confrontational manner. He can easily follow the text by directly asking you out or agreeing to go out sometime in the future. It also shows him that you’re thinking about him in a way that’s slightly beyond friendship.

2. “It’s hard to believe there are billions of people on earth. Most people we’ll never meet or even see. It’s kind of strange how we ended up friends, out of all the possibilities of people we’ve ever known. The funny thing is though, of all the people I could be friends with you’re the only one I really look forward to talking to. It’s like you’re one in a million.”

A bit of an existential paragraph that will fascinate him intellectually. But the real point of the text is that you’re letting him know of all the men you could be going out with, only he interests you. He has something special and the two of you enjoy a unique bond that can’t be duplicated. That boosts his ego!

3. “I am slightly addicted to you. Our conversations…I always enjoy them. I think about the stuff we talk about. The deep stuff, the funny stuff, all the questions we ask and answer. Sometimes I wish we could talk more often. You should have a podcast and I’ll call in every week and we’ll discuss topics. Nah, not really. But it’s just fun to have a friend where you can just talk about anything, you know?”

A nice paragraph that escalates sexual tension and reminds him that his conversation (something he actually invests effort to do) is what keeps the attraction going. Let him know what works and keep him chasing you!

4. “You know when I first met you I was intimidated by you. Your smarts, your good looks and attitude. I was shy at first because I didn’t know if we would get along. But now, I’m really happy that we both took a chance and started talking. You’re one of the highlights of my day.”

Lets him know that you value the relationship and gives him credit for being an attractive man. You’re glad your friendship has reached this point. It’s up to him to pursue something further, but at least he knows you’re welcoming to the idea.

5. “You give me inner peace. I like that I can talk about anything to you and somehow you clear all my worries and questions away. It’s like you’re a warlock and you cast a spell that removes all the anxiety and doubt inside. I like that we can talk like that because most people I meet I don’t feel the same trust. It’s a relief off my mind to chat with you.”

Great way to encourage him to think and communicate deeper. You’re letting him know that the bond between you is safe. You can tell him anything and he can tell you anything. This level of honesty is actually well beyond a platonic friendship, but there’s no need to pressure him like that. Just let him know his efforts to make you a close friend have paid off and that it’s something special that must be kept alive.

6. “I guess my whole life I’ve never thought about finding ‘perfect’ because I never thought it existed. All my relationships in the past were settling, because I just never figured the perfect or ideal guy was ever going to come my way. But then you came along. For the longest time I thought I was going to find something wrong with you. You were too good to be true. But you kept surprising me. You showed me that there are good, decent men out there. And that something close to perfect still exists.

A more forward message, this one letting him know that you do like him very much and consider him an amazing person. But notice that you don’t actually suggest you should get together. You’re still holding back by not pursuing romance directly. He has to be wondering why. He’s more curious to know why you’re keeping a safe distance…and he’s more determined to win you over.

As you can see, writing longer paragraphs is all about expressing how you feel towards him, but just falling short of asking him for commitment. As always, I encourage you to let him lead in the relationship, so that he always feels that commitment is what he wants – not what you’re pushing him to do. Get his attention with a simple sentence and then build on it, sharing your thoughts and being vulnerable with your words.

Stop short of anything too romantic, but definitely drop the hint. Give him just a hint of romance and then let him earn more, with his future efforts. You will be surprised at how much he opens up in return!

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