5 Things That Men Want But Will Never Ask You For

Some women are just masterminds at attracting men. They always seem to have five guys chasing them at once and just have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to dating. They’re never alone and even when they’re in a relationship guys just chase after them like they can’t control themselves. Why? Are they born with something special?

Believe it or not, I say no, there is no genetic miracle going on here. These amazing women are, simply put, very good at giving men what they want. Whether that’s a learned skill or something innate to them, who knows. But the fact is, if you learn what men want and learn how to give it to them, you will never be alone. And you will have your choice of men, any men, or at least most men. (I won’t lie to you, doesn’t look like you’re going to end up with Buzz Aldrin)

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Well if only men told me what they wanted so I could do that better!”

That’s the funny thing, it never works that way. There are so many unspoken rules in relationships it kind of drives you nuts. But not to worry. I’ve put together five things that ALL men want from women, but which they never ask for. Learn these secret five things and you will instantly notice men acting gaga over you and trying that much harder to impress you.

1. He wants to be noticed for his masculine qualities.

This is particularly true in a long-term relationship, as we often neglect little flirting behaviors when we live with a partner. But whether the relationship is new or a lifelong one, men ALWAYS want to be complimented, noticed, and ego-stroked just a little bit. Now it’s also true that they don’t want to be excessively flattered.

They want the praise to be real, which is why subtle usually works better. They want to feel as if you are so uncontrollably attracted to them that you unconsciously flirt with them. You happen to mention in passing that he’s handsome. You look at him and then look away. You actually notice when he does something with his hair or when he’s working out or losing weight. Noticing what the masculinity that he has, and also what he does, is a great way to make friends with a guy. And no, of course, he will never tell you this. He wants YOU to notice.

2. He wants you to respect him for who he is and what he does well.

Forget men who demand respect simply for being male, they’re posers. Real men do want respect from women, but they want it to be genuine. They want you to respect them for what they DO, in life, in their personal time, and in their career. They want someone to notice their high moral character, as well as the great strides they make in art, mechanics, hobbies, charity work, and the like. These are the things that matter. So while they do want to be noticed sexually and physically, they also want a woman’s respect for their hard efforts to be the best at something. Paying attention to what a man talks about, how he spends his time, and what makes him happy can give you ideas as to what his passion is in life. Show him respect for the effort he puts forth. He will be amazed that you notice his efforts, especially since most people (including his friends, siblings, and parents) never really give him the credit he wants.

3. He wants your unending support and loyalty.

No man is going to ask you to stand by him when he’s feeling alone or feels as if life is KO-ing him once and for all. But what he wants the most is your support, especially in the bad times when he’s struggling and when he’s not sure of himself. Ask any successful man what really made him succeed and don’t be surprised if he thanks his wife or girlfriend for sticking by him and helping him to believe in himself. Your man wants you to believe in his ability to succeed. Not just being there when things are going great, but he wants a woman who will be there for him 24-7 even when he has to pick himself up and try again.

4. He really, REALLY, needs his space.

All men go through bouts of independence and sometimes even brooding moods where they seem cantankerous and moody. The best thing to do is to give them what they want and let them be. Arguing, getting in their face, and demanding full disclosure is a bad idea because this just pushes them away. What men really want, and what of course they’re never going to tell you (because they barely understand it themselves), is that they want the right to have their own personal space.

He doesn’t love you any less just because he wants to be alone and not talk about what’s bothering him. He needs to always feel in control of himself and that he is still the strong independent man he always was, even before the two of you got together.

Hey, sometimes a man just has to get in touch with his inner cowboy!

So now you know, it’s not that popular women just disdain and ignore men. They only give a man attention when the man works for it.

5. He wants to be able to tell you anything.

What a man really wants, even more than a wild sexual partner that “tries anything once” is just for a woman to listen to him without judging him. Half the fantasies a man has, he probably wouldn’t even try in real life unless it was through roleplaying. But he will always want to feel like he can tell you anything. He needs that unfiltered rapport with someone he trusts, where he can joke without being super polite, and he can express his thoughts (even the dirty ones) without being shamed for it. This honest form of communication is sort of like sex to a man. He craves the ability to say what he feels, think aloud what he desires, and for you to listen objectively and not judge him for it.

A man may never tell you what he wants, especially these “secrets”, but rest assured, that’s what he wants. Women who give them all the right kind of attention, even without having to be told what to do, ALWAYS seem to get more attention from men. Now you know why.

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