How to Have “The Talk” With a Man Without Freaking Him Out

How to Have “The Talk” With a Man Without Freaking Him Out

Today, we’re going to discuss “the talk.”

Now, this is the first talk you should have with a man… a big mistake that a lot of women have made and you may have made in the past is this:

Talking about the wrong thing during the talk!

Let me explain what I mean…

You need to make sure you don’t attempt to jump into a relationship too quickly.

The first talk is about exclusivity.

You’re not talking about “labels” (like girlfriend or something like that).

And you’re not talking about commitment.

If you try to have the commitment or the “what am I to you” talk with a man too early, it feels to him like you’re attempting to lasso him and wrestle him to the ground like cowboy catching a runaway donkey.

And by the way, that isn’t a good thing (at least not while you’re having the talk). While getting lassoed may sound like a good time to you, he doesn’t want this.

Just trust me on this one…

If you screw this one up, there won’t be any more talks in the future. So you need to get it right the first time around.

The first time you have “the talk,” it shouldn’t be about commitment. If it is, you’re either having that conversation too early or you’re way behind the power curve.

Nope… the first conversation is about setting a boundary for yourself. It’s about letting him know what you want without making him feel like you’re smothering him.

And let me make this clear:

If you don’t have this conversation, it is not assumed.

You cannot assume that a guy is not seeing another woman. You can not assume that he wants to be exclusive with you if you don’t have this conversation with him

Here’s how you do it…

1. Say what you’re doing.

2. Say the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing.

3. Ask him to inform you if he plans on doing or does something different.

Let me give you an example:

“While I’m sleeping with someone, I don’t sleep with anyone else. I just don’t feel like there’s any reason to sleep with someone else if I’m getting my needs met from one person.

I want to make sure you’re doing the same. Will you let me know if you plan on or do sleep with someone else so I know where we stand?”

To a man, this feels like you’re giving him the freedom to do whatever he wants… just so long as he’s honest with you about it… instead of forcing him into something that he has no control or say over.

His answer to this will let you know where he stands with you. If he says anything other than “Yes”… as in if he says, “Sure…” then ask him if he’s unsure about it.

And this doesn’t have to be about sex… it could be about seeing other people in general or whatever aligns with your values in this area.

The point is to make him feel like he’s got a choice rather than making him feel like he’s locked down.

This is the way to have the exclusivity talk without freaking a guy out.

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