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5 Signs He’s Starting to Fall In Love

Who can possibly know what a man is thinking or feeling? It’s hard to read a man who’s entire life goal has been to “Not show weakness!” and “Act like a man!”

Men are constantly battling the need to express themselves with the inner desire to withhold—to not feel, to not show “weakness”. They want to be “alpha”, they want to be successful and of course, to look tough to their fellow men and to women who they want to attract.

But deep down, men are just boys who want attention and who want to be nurtured. They want to express themselves. And yes, they are just DYING to fall in love! I guarantee you that, no matter how bad he thinks he is or how tough he pretends to be.

He wants to fall in love and he wants to be loved.

The question is, do you see these very subtle signals that he is sending? Or are you waiting for a man “unmanly” sign that he’s just not going to give you? Pay closer attention and you might be surprised to see just how deeply he’s falling for you…even if he is scared to death to admit it!

Here are 5 signs to look for…

1. He actually listens to you and remembers what you say!

I hate to point the finger at my own gender but let’s face it—men usually DO NOT listen to women, unless they really love you. A man will fake interest, absolutely. He’ll nod, smile and take mental notes to prove he’s listening. But oftentimes a man that pretends to be interested offers nothing of value to the conversation. He just wants to entertain.

But a man in love with you, the real you, is listening closely. He’s empathizing with you. He’s trying to figure out how he can help you, provide for you, solve your problem. That’s what a man instinctively thinks he should do. So if you notice he’s always really listening when you talk, congratulations—you’ve done the impossible. You have a man that actually listens(!)…and one that has strong feelings about you.

2. He slowly goes from “I don’t care” to “Are you okay, babe?”

When you first meet a guy who is attracted to you, he is usually carefree, rebellious and a little guarded, right? Of course, he’s trying to impress you. And frankly, he’s not afraid of screwing things up because at this stage he has nothing to lose. He might as well make an impression rather than bore you.

But when a guy becomes emotionally invested in you, he starts to care. He starts taking the relationship seriously, not wanting to screw things up. The risk of losing you and all that he’s invested in this relationship becomes real.

That’s why he starts giving you only the behavior that he knows you like. He challenges you less. He considers your feelings and your comfort. Some men go so far as to minimize their conversations with other women, not wanting to give you the wrong idea. And yes, a man who loves you always contacts you first. He simply can’t wait to spend time with you. Every moment he’s away from you drives him a little crazy. He wonders what you’re doing, who you’re with, and if he’s slacking off and losing the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Simply put, he now seeks your approval…not just interaction.

3. He is proud for you to meet his friends and family.

Men who aren’t in love really don’t want you around their friends and family. Too many awkward moments, forced pleasantries. But when he’s in love, he realizes this is a MAJOR step in your relationship and he’s excited (maybe even a little nervous) to introduce you. He wants his parents to like you. And he wants his guy friends to like you (or maybe even get a little jealous). He is slowly making you part of his extended family. Only a man in love is willing to combine those worlds.

4. He is slowly but surely taking an interest in having children or at least a pet!

Men who are not in love are scared to death of marriage, commitment, children and even talk of getting a hamster together. Now that all changes over time. And in fact, when a man is in love with you, he is willing—dare we say eager—to talk about these taboo subjects. He may not be comfortable, but in his own giggly nervous way he is actually willing to consider it. He may think about names, or show more interest in holding his sister’s baby. If he’s really commitment phobic, maybe he’ll start showing some affection to a pet that he would like to have, along with you. What matters is that he’s demonstrating his fathering potential—even if it’s one baby step at a time!

5. Before he says the words “I love you” he will look the part.

That means yes, he will say “I love you” with his eyes. Men who are in love have a special look. They don’t always openly show it (like a creepy guy who is stalking you!) but they do give themselves away. Look for longer eye contact, softer smiles, lingering glances and even yes—staring at you when they think you’re not looking.

You may also want to get a friend to drop by so she can analyze his “look”. Sometimes friends can pick up on little physical things that you miss. If he’s head over heels in love, your BFF will know within one meeting!

As you can see, men are very subtle. They go through a lot of internal conflict before saying “I love you” outright. Everything has to be planned, logical, and comfortable. But if you’re attentive you can see him building up to this great moment!

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