5 Signs He Wants You to Be His Girlfriend

It’s easy to tell if a guy likes you, right? He gives you “bedroom eyes”. He finds reasons to talk to you, to touch you, to make you laugh. A woman can just sense when a man is vying for her attention.

But when it comes to a guy who really likes you – as in “like-like”, or a guy who’s looking for serious girlfriend material – it’s a different story. Men can be very hard to read.

Is he just being polite? Is he mindlessly flirting? Has his attitude changed since he’s slept with you?

Yes, reading a man’s signals is challenging work and a degree in Male Communications would be ideal…but unfortunately, that’s not a curriculum offered anywhere. Who could possibly understand the esoteric science of the male mind?

Oh for sure, it’s challenging. But take heart—I’m going to explain how to read a man’s level of interest, his signs, and what he’s really thinking. I’m breaking down the codes for you so that you won’t have to guess how your guy honestly feels about you.

First, understand that if a guy does like you, he’s probably wondering if you like him back and whether or not he should tell you how he feels. Most guys probably won’t rush to say “I like you” or “I love you” if there’s any doubt—especially if he’s been hurt before.

But there are specific patterns and behaviors to look for that are positive and definite signs of personal attachment. If you see him performing any of these gestures or behaviors, then it’s time to start reeling him in!

1. He wants to know who you really are…he doesn’t just want you to talk.

Guys will always have questions. Even the most lying and manipulative player out there will want you to talk, because the more you talk, the more he figures you’ll start trusting him and will eventually sleep with him. So yeah, all guys want you to talk. Talking is no big deal.

But a man who’s actually interested in you, respectful of you, and who wants a serious relationship, will be genuinely curious about your life. Your family, your upbringing, goals and hobbies. He will find your life fascinating, and more to the point, he wants to know the way you think.

He won’t be content to just listen to whatever you say and nod or crack a joke. That’s what all guys do, regardless of interest. But your guy will be very curious about who you are as a person. He doesn’t just want to hear you talk. He wants to know everything. He wants the “in betweens” and the personal stuff you’re not inclined to want to talk about. He finds the mystery you project irresistible. He wants to learn more, he wants to discover who you really are.

2. The passion between you two only grows!

A man who sleeps with you and satisfies his curiosity quickly loses his desire. On the other hand, a man who is fascinated with your personality, your passion, and everything else about you wants more. Not only do you have great sex, but he frequently spends the night. He may even spend days at a time with you, such as a romantic getaway on the weekend. You can tell he doesn’t want to leave you because the goodbye is always so prolonged.

3. He calls or texts you all the time just to check up on you.

Guys that aren’t serious but casually dating might text/call you often…when they want to hook up. But a man who’s interested in you for the long-term will call just to check in. He’ll want to know what you’re doing, what’s new in your life, and sometimes just to let you know he’s thinking about you.

He’ll be interested to know how your job is going, your personal projects, family dramas, news and the whole nine yards. He’s not just acting like a dude anymore but like a close friend. He’s invested in you and wants to be involved in your life.

4. He either leaves personal items at your place or gives you keys to his kingdom.

Trading possessions is always a major step in building trust. When you first meet a guy, the last thing he wants is for you to go through his things, look through his phone or handle any of his home valuables! Even when you get to know each other better, he still doesn’t want you to know who he’s dating, what his secrets are, or what his work life is really like.

When you start to actually bond, however, and become good friends, he lets his guard down. What starts as familiarity and comfort evolves into trust. Eventually, he realizes he has nothing to hide from you. You know his past, you know his thoughts, his life and the way he thinks. He is faithful to you and so he has no problem leaving things at your house or even letting you stay at his place and snoop as much as you want. Leaving you a set of keys is the holy grail of relationship trust! He’s invited you into his life, or dare we say, his heart.

5. He’s not weirded out about you meeting his parents. In fact, he’s excited.

Parents are gold! A man who’s mostly interested in sex and as little bonding as possible, is not going to be comfortable introducing you to his parents. He’ll be weirded out at the introduction – “Umm this is my friend…my casual dating friend…my buddy…the woman I occasionally ummm, you know.”

Awkward, right? Awkward means AVOID at all cost. He won’t want you anywhere near his parents if you’re just a booty call. The last thing he wants is to answer questions about “how serious are you with her, son?”

But a guy who likes you is excited to bring you home to meet mom, dad, siblings and friends of the family. He’s proud of you. He’s not ashamed of the friendship you have and the emotional intimacy you’ve already reached. He trusts you enough to be kind to his parents, arguably the most important people in his life. He thinks you’re special and he wants to test the chemistry between his family and his potential wife.

In other words, going to see parents is good—and especially if they’re farther away and it takes a few hours to make the trip.

As you can see, these are all positive signs of emotional attachment. Even tough badass guys turn a little mushy, a little soft, when they meet the right one.

He wants to provide for you, he wants you in his life and he wants to be a part of yours. It’s a bonding of identities. This is when he falls in love!

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