5 Man-Melting Phrases That Men Love

Men are suckers for a woman who has a way with words. You don’t have to be poetic just to melt a man’s heart. You just have to stroke his ego in just the right way. Hone your texting skills and melt his heart and mind with some of these phrases.

1. “I love when you…”

Great way to conjure up intense feelings without an actual commitment. You’re showing him that his actions make you happy, satisfied and eager for more stimulation. He knows what he needs to do to keep the relationship hot. And yet, the ball is still in his court, for escalating the relationship.

2. “I’m your girl…I can’t resist you!”

Use jealousy in positive ways for a man-melting pay off. Men want to feel as if they are “winning you”. That they are besting the competition and he is slowly building a place of security and trust. On the other hand, you can also use jealousy to tickle his ego, saying that even though other women find him attractive, he’s YOURS.

3. “You make me feel safe.”

Men are providers at heart. So when you (having already established yourself as a strong independent woman) tell him that he makes you feel safe, you validate his desires to protect and provide for you. He wants to be your hero and needs that validation to keep chasing you.

4. “Have you been working out lately?”

Men are always eager to hear physical compliments because they do feel self-conscious at times, just like women do. Besides, It’s not just that men want women to notice their bodies…it’s also because men love it when women pay attention and offer compliments on things they actually do! General compliments are tossed away. Specific compliments acknowledging effort go along way.

5. “I SAID I want you…”

Men literally melt when a woman becomes sexually aggressive. While it’s true that men feel funny about women being aggressive in dating courtship, the opposite is true about sex. Men really do fantasize about women being outspoken and confident in bed. This is because men are accustomed to women passively responding to sex. When she is in control, it’s a new dominant side…something new and dangerous!

Remember that men like to be rewarded and inspired by how hard they chase. The reward should always merit what attention they give you. If your crush tries extra hard, make their heart melt in appreciation!

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