5 I Love You Paragraphs for Him

Isn’t it such a powerful moment when two people say “I love you?” It is such a great relief, a wonderful rush of emotion – to know that you both feel the same way! To know that it’s not just lust and it’s not a mistake. This is a real relationship and the two of you are in love. Wonderful!

But don’t be so shocked if you experience a brief period of PANIC after you both say those words. Panic, why panic?

After all, things are going so well…that must mean the worst is about to happen, right? Maybe he’s hiding something or you’re hiding something. Maybe after a terrible misunderstanding you’ll break up again. Maybe after a few months, he’ll get bored of you or you’ll get bored of him.

All sorts of horrible scenarios are going through your head…

And they’re all nonsense!

This is known as catastrophizing – a strange quirk that people do, when things are going so well that they develop an irrational fear of a catastrophic future.

This may especially be true if you’ve had a history of bad relationships in the past. In the back of your mind, you’re wondering, “Am I going to mess this one up too? Is it going to end badly like the others?”

No, it’s not. Because ultimately, YOU decide that you’re happy in the relationship. It’s not fate. And YOU decide that it’s time to stop worrying about the future and accept happiness in the present. It’s as simple as that. Start enjoying, start living, start feeling joyful. Worrying solves nothing.

And so there’s only one thing left to do…EXPRESS LOVE! Isn’t that wonderful? There’s no need to worry about tomorrow. All you have to do is be expressive. Give your boyfriend some validation, letting him know that he’s free to say whatever he wants to you, no need for embarrassment or restraint.

And when he’s eager to hear some good stuff from you, don’t worry. We’ve got five “I love you” paragraphs that you can steal or adapt for your own personal letter.

1. “Commitment”

I’ve never felt so faithful to anyone before. I love you more and lust you more than any other man I’ve met. I want us to explore this fully, this amazing feeling that we both have right now. Every time I learn something new about you it just makes me yearn for more, more intimacy, more honesty, just more – deeper into your thoughts and all over your body. I just hope you can handle me because once I decide I want something as badly as I want you, well…I’m insatiable!

2. “Memories”

I can’t even pick just one amazing moment we’ve shared together because we’ve had so many! I think of the first time we met. Our first date. The first time we made love. The first time I cooked for you and then you cooked for me. The first time we met each other’s friends and parents. Each moment is still fresh in my mind because they were all so wonderful. Now, I can’t even imagine myself dating anyone else. I can’t imagine anyone else being half as interested and as amazing as you.

3. “Marriage?”

I don’t know what our future holds. But I kind of like just living day by day and learning with you. Being surprised by you. Every weekend, we have a new adventure. I love your unpredictability. Your joy, your wanderlust. I know one thing. No matter where we go in life, that’s going to be an exciting life! You’re the only person I would even fathom building a life with…because you have that special quality. Whatever the future holds, I don’t care…as long as I can keep talking to you and having this incredible connection.

4. “How much?”

A few days ago you asked me “how much” do I love you and I thought that question over a lot. I can’t describe how much I love you, because there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how I feel about you. I just know that every waking moment, you’re on my mind. Every morning, I think about you. Every night, you’re the last thought. I snuggle up to my pillow thinking about how it felt to be close to you, in bed, in each other’s arms. You make me smile just by being alive. Every day I just think about new reasons to love you and new ways to show you how much I love you, (NAME).

5. “Appreciation for Him”

I think sometimes in life we take people for granted, sometimes the best people, because they’re so good at what they do. We start to think, everyone should be this good…everyone should be this honest, this wonderful and kind. And yet, you outlast everyone else I’ve known (NAME). You are kind, amazing and wonderful even when other people “check out” and go about their own lives. You’re caring, self-sacrificing, hard working and the most sincere man I’ve ever met. You spoil me with your great love. Sometimes I even wonder (and God knows I’m not the most humble person, lol!) what I’ve done to deserve you. But maybe that’s just it. We deserve each other. We deserve happiness. We appreciate each other and this is why our unique relationship works. You’re my soul mate and am so thankful that our lives crossed paths. You’ve made me so happy!

When writing these longer love letters just remember this formula: focus on complimenting him, on identifying his BEST qualities, and on showing appreciation for the effort he’s put forth to love you. You can also mention the feelings you both have for each other as well as the wonderful experiences you remember.

You can give him that validation, that encouragement, by mentioning details. What you remember, what you feel, what you most love about your man. Be sincere and don’t hold back. When he finally decides he loves you, it’s time to celebrate!

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