5 Great Dating Headlines Examples

If you’ve ever used a dating app like Tinder or even a full membership site like Match.com, then one of the most uncomfortable moments you remember is the notorious Dating Headline.

It’s not only awkward, it can be downright weird! Because at least those guys on Tinder try to come up with something original. Some of the guys you meet on Craigslist or Plenty of Fish have some terrible headlines, mostly consisting of the cringe-inducing cliche “SWM Looking for F – Can Travel” (Please see enclosed dick pic).

Yeah, when it comes to creating catchy headlines, you definitely know when one rubs you the wrong way. But here’s a newsflash: no one really likes coming up with dating headlines. They’re not natural…they all read a bit shallow. And yes, worst of all, these headlines summarize your entire existence to just a few words.

Yes, marketing yourself online is not as romantic as Titanic. Honestly, some headlines are just plain bad – particularly the ones that insult men, scare guys away and are just full of attitude but no real substance. (And as if we didn’t know, sexy profiles with a very negative attitude really don’t attract quality guys – just more lowlifes!)

But here’s a thought: maybe the problem is you’re approaching dating headlines the wrong way. Maybe it’s not about summarizing and it’s not about trying to reflect your true personality in a sentence. Maybe it’s something else entirely. Maybe you should focus on having fun and not being so formal!

We’re going to review five tips on how to create GREAT dating headlines, regardless of what app or dating site you’re using. Along with each point, let’s provide an example of how to write a great headline for your profile that attracts attention and encourages men to be brave and initiate a conversation.

1. This is not a reflection of who you are – this is a great story.

An example of an ideal story headline might be “You’ll never believe why I packed my bags and moved to (Your Location).” Or, “I have a secret and it involves a well known celebrity. Want to know?”

These headlines encourage him to talk to you – not because of the awkward dating thing – but because you’re already starting a conversation! Brilliant, now you’ve already broken the ice and can proceed. The guy is instantly going to like this chat.

2. Eliminate the cheesy pickup line and get right to the point. You want someone to do THIS with.

Er, let’s avoid the rather obvious idea of sex. Think about something more romantic, fun or even random and silly. For example: “Looking for my own personal superhero…to watch movies and read comic books with!” or “Hoping to meet a man who wants to go horseback riding, out to eat, then back home for a quiet night by the fireplace.” Or, “I want a theme park buddy for this summer – being handsome is a lovely bonus!”

Notice how you’re focusing on the activities, the romance, the dates – not the formality of the date. Why does a date have to be so rigid when you can just call it a fun night out with a new friend?

3. Use positive attributes to describe yourself – but in the form of an activity.

According to , most singles preferred positive attributes in the profile heading – specifically words like sweet, ambitious and thoughtful” (for women) and “physically fit, ambitious, and perceptive” for men.

But you can customize your headline to be your own specific qualities – still in the same spirit. For example, “My friends describe me as polite, driven and a queen nerd of pop culture!” Or, “Warning: This SWF Likes to Work Out, Travel Internationally and Talk Books!”

All of these are positive qualities that attract men – because they focus on activities, not just descriptions.

4. List in one sentence something brainy, something cool, and something nerdy.

Why make a boring character summary when you can simply give guys an idea of what a typical “day in your life” consists of?

For example: “I am a doctor, I prefer Guinness and when I’m not teaching I’m playing Red Dead Redemption.”

Or, “I am a pianist, but most of the time i just I like to dance and read Harry Potter-ish novels.”

List your special achievement first, whether it’s a degree, a career or a hobby you love. Then mention a preference, perhaps something you like to eat, drink or do on dates. Then show a little vulnerability and good humor by revealing some of your inner nerd. What’s a show you watch? Or a video game, or perhaps a sport you love to play? Combine these for a quick but strong image of what those future dates will be like.

5. Start the conversation by giving him a cue.

What’s the easiest way to attract guys to you with just a headline? Why of course, do them a favor – give them a cue on what to ask or what to discuss, so that they don’t have to fret about it.

For example, give him clear instructions like: “Ask me about my new pet lizard! No seriously!” or “I just got back from Germany…can’t wait to tell you all about it.”

All the guy has to do is pick up on that cue and start a conversation. It also gives him an opportunity to be calm, debonair and conversational. No need to be a creep or a sleaze – no pick up lines needed. Just two people chatting about something interesting!

As you can see, writing great headlines is not about summing up your identity or projecting something monumental. In fact, the more you build yourself up as something “special” the more intimidated guys will be.

You can attract better quality men by showcasing your conversational skills and your willingness to open a two-sided conversation. You can talk about yourself, but you can also focus the attention on him, asking him similar questions to what you’ve already said. Conversation starts that all important emotional connection – and that’s what everyone’s looking for when they swipe right.

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